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KDrama Lover Society <3
KDrama Lover Society <3
Society Rules (Folowing Protocol)
Rosemary Dawson
Rosemary Dawson2 years ago
Hello! I'm Aud here, so if your new and you want to know more about this society and you will probably need to read this before even doing anything because you could be the one breaking the rules innocently. And this will be following accordingly to protocol as we speak.

And who those who breaks the rules that are stated below, please tell me and if there are those who are very serious, please report them immediately. To those who broke the rules over 5 times will be automatically removed from this society.

1) Understand the Admin's Power.

Please do not claim to be an admin to scare people away, and do not intimidate to be me or other Admin's as it is the second account.  And if you do have problems with one of our Admin's abusing the power, please PM me as soon as possible. It will be taken seriously.

2) Only Use English.

Some words of other languages may hurt others. And please use English to communicate with each member. Saying things like 'Oppa' will be considered as an approval for usage.

3) Do not swear too much.

Swearing too much would be disgraceful so just follow my rules. :/

4) Follow Penana's Rules and Regulations.

This will not be forgiven if you are who did wrong.

5) Do not advertise your creations in this Society.

This Society is created to share KDrama related stuff. So get along with it. It's not an advertisement society.

6) Anything Else?

If you do no understand anything else or you would like to ask something before you act if you are afraid to break the rules, you can PM me and PLEASE do not comment on this due to everyone's privacy and security.

Thank you.
candysweet1012 years ago
The rules seem pretty easy to follow. Thanks for creating this society! I've been insanely obsessed with kdrama ever since I discovered it LOL
Rosemary Dawson
Rosemary Dawson2 years ago
@candysweet101, Thanks for joining! I have been a fan since 5 years ago! Well, I Guess I could be an old fan by now (old? that sounds old). Feel free to post whatever you'd like!
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