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    Viktoria Fyodorova
    Viktoria Fyodorova
    *85X Featured author (I don't know how.)* *Spotlight author for @WattNeverland, @nonfiction, and @WattpadMilitaryFiction).* *English/Creative Writing graduate as of December 2022.* Wattpad Communities: 1.) Reviewer/Judge for TheGemmeCommunity 2.) Reviewer for CLNighters 3.) Reviewer for SunflowerCommunity 4.) Reviewer for TEEN_FIX 5.) Judge for TheHANCommunity 6.) Member/Judge for the ShutUpAndWriteClub 7.) Judge for TheUtopianSociety_ 8.) Judge for the heather_community 9.) Judge for TheWerewolfCoven 10.) Member of Dumbledore's Army (DA_Community) 11.) Promoter for Rose-Gold_Community Hello, everybody! My name is Viktoria Fyodorova, and I'm so happy to know that there is a website like Wattpad where I can share some of my favorite writing pieces! Ever since 4th grade, I've loved to write. To me, writing is the "Hakuna Matata" of my life. I forget all my worries when I write because I get so lost in my worlds and worlds from movies, books, and TV shows I love. My favorite genre to write is Fantasy, especially Dark Fantasy, but I also like Fanfiction and the occasional Science Fiction. A few of my short stories have been published in magazines, but I'm working toward publishing my first book in the next few years. Currently, I'm writing a couple of fanfics to fill in some gaps while I plan my most anticipated series, Claxton. It's about a young merfairy, Tracey, who learns he's one of the most feared magical beings in the world--a claxton. I tragically lost my older brother in 2021, which left me with PTSD, but it also inspired my memoir, Wait! I Wrote That?. For the longest time after he died, I thought I would never return to writing, but I did--as a coping method for dealing with grief. I'm a 2022 Ambys Awards winner with my short story, Messummer, a Wattpad Outreach Ambassador, and an Undiscovered Wattpad Star. I'm also a reviewer and judge for several communities on Wattpad because I love to help authors improve their craft. I never judge somebody via their writing style because we all have our own. My favorite fandoms are Pokémon, How to Train Your Dragon, and Star Wars (Rey is the best!). I hope you enjoy the stories and fanfics I post on Wattpad! If you can, try to give me tips on how to make my writing better. May the Force be with you! Wattpad Link: www.wattpad.com/user/CroodsGirl Quotev Link: https://www.quotev.com/VikaFromTheMoon Booksie Link: booksie.com/users/viktoria-fyodorova-314375 Scribble Hub Link: www.scribblehub.com/profile/84871/croodsgirl/ DevianArt Link: www.deviantart.com/croodsgirl Tapas Link: tapas.io/vikachristie Royal Road Link: www.royalroad.com/profile/289417 Inkitt Link: www.inkitt.com/TheWritingNerd Webnovel Link: https://www.webnovel.com/profile/4322375003?appId=10
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Messummer (Capstone Writing Assignment)
PG Completed


Messummer's life changes when a futuristic boy stumbles into her ancient world. She must now help him front to his own time, before his love for dinosaurs traps him forever.


Ever since her father's death, Messummer has wanted nothing more than to prove she can survive in her fragile world. She decides to enter her valley's Great Flying Race as a rite of passage. It's a race only the bravest fliers attend. While Messummer is preparing for it one day, she meets a creature she has never seen before. His name is Daniel Matton. He stumbles into her world, after a malfunction with something called a "time machine".

Fascinated by this new species, Messummer kidnaps him (not that Dan has much of a choice) and takes him on a journey like none other. Of course, that's only after Dan concludes she's not going to eat him.

Just when it seems like the two friends' connection is growing, disaster strikes. What starts off as a bonding experience is now a fight for survival.

Will Messummer and Dan escape the horrendous Tyrannosaurus Rex, or will the 11.0-magnitude earthquake swallow them before he can even try to kill them? Will Messummer find the courage to tell Dan who she truly is? Will Dan ever return front to his own time?

Above all, is their friendship going to survive the calamity?


4th Draft

Word Count: 7,000

🏆 Winner | Dinosaur/Prehistoric Stories | The Amby Awards 2022!

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