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    Hi! Our names are Rosa & Anthony, we decided to make a Wattpad account to explore our interest in creating an amazing masterpiece we like to call, "The Crimson Child", we both came up with the idea of starting a short novel but many ideas and writing prompts later we discovered, "Why not turn this idea of ours into a book? Maybe even a Webtoon later on if this becomes such a great appealing piece to a lot of people?" And so, we did! We wanted to bring a thrilling dystopian fantasy idea to life by creating such an amazing eye-catching, adventurous piece! We both dedicated so much time to make sure everything comes out perfect for such a thrilling reading experience to our readers, we can't wait for all the opportunities that may come to us by the hopes of those who may stumble across our wonderfully made book! Thank you for those who take the time to read this dreadfully long Bio on both authors, and most importantly for taking the time to read our book! ???
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The Crimson Child
PG-13 Paid content

In a bleak, dystopian world, humanity is struggling to survive against a relentless fungal infection that turns people into vicious, bloodthirsty monsters. The source of the infection is unknown, and with every passing day, more and more people succumb to the disease. In this world of fear and desperation, a group of scientists' race against time to create the ultimate weapon against the infected: The Crimson Child. But the Crimson Child is no ordinary weapon. It is a living, breathing organism, genetically engineered to resist the fungal infection and to destroy the infected with unparalleled efficiency. As the scientists work tirelessly to perfect the Crimson Child, they must also contend with the machinations of a shadowy organization that seeks to use the weapon for its own nefarious use in taking over the world, keeping it in such disarray.

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