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Widow of Highfire
Writer Frances
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Widow of Highfire
Widow of Highfire
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Thoughts of a Dying Husband
Comments ( 12 )
- this chapter really emphasized sidimund's fear of hania, for whatever reasons he had 'til he died :0
3 years agoreply

The Virtual Shadow - Short, but extremely effective and sets the mood pretty well.
3 years agoreply

Frances - Thank you!
3 years agoreply

Aretice N. Treader - This is a pretty haunting chapter. I feel like the characters in this story will be really complex and perhaps even self-contradictory? I don't really know, but that's pretty exciting. :)
3 years agoreply

Aretice N. Treader - I'm also excited to explore the effects of the plague as well as the characters' belief system more.
3 years agoreply

Frances - @Aretice N. Treader, thank you! You are so perceptive, it astounds me. And yes the belief system is very important to the main character of the book. And the consequences of the plague do eventually effect the rest of the book in a big way. I hope this first draft lives up to your expectations!
3 years agoreply

Aretice N. Treader - @Frances, I'm confident it will! 
3 years agoreply

Opal Anne Rochel - I love it. It's just enough to get me completely hooked on needing to read what comes next.
3 years agoreply

Frances - Thank you so much! I was hoping it wasn't distracting
3 years agoreply

Naerie - Hoo boy! That is one awesome start to a story!
What's the virus?
3 years agoreply

Frances - Thank you!! It's a plague, I go a little more into it in the next chapter
3 years agoreply

Naerie - @Frances, You're welcome.
Ha! I noticed that when I started reading, then cringed a little remembering that I'd already asked about it. XD
3 years agoreply