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Widow of Highfire
Writer Frances
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Widow of Highfire
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The Body at the Bottom of the Lake
Comments ( 15 )
Erica Hilliard - Good chapter! Lady Hania reminds me of Margaret Beaufort (sp?), Henry Tudor's mother. Her devotion and dislike of her mother and the 'being sold' or send off to wed an older man. And the prophecy of a kings line seals the deal! Is your story at all inspired by the war of the roses? 
Really good start to this story! I am hooked already.
2 years agoreply

Frances - Bingo! Exactly! It's like a fantasy inspired take off of Margaret Beaufort, I think she's fascinating! Thank you so much (:
2 years agoreply

- This was an awesome first chapter! I loved the tension in this chapter and how the main character reacted to the deaths. You showed her mental state well here. Awesome job!
2 years agoreply

Aretice N. Treader - I think Hania's character is really interesting! I mean, yes, it's a bit morbid that she's learned of two deaths in one day and laughed at two deaths in one day, but she has her reasons, I suppose.
2 years agoreply

Frances - Thank you! She's complicated. Her mother was the one who allowed her to become a child bride and her husband got her pregnant when she was thirteen. It's deeply effected her in everything she does and are the reasons for most of her decisions.
2 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - I must say that the choice of names for the characters in this story is awesome.
2 years agoreply

Frances - Thank you! Most of them are Ancient Gothic, I tried to find ones that hadn't been high jacked by the Romans.
2 years agoreply

Opal Anne Rochel - I love every word!
2 years agoreply

Frances - Thank you!! That's so sweet of you!
2 years agoreply

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