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Widow of Highfire
Writer Frances
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Widow of Highfire
Widow of Highfire
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Revelations by Firelight
Comments ( 7 )
Erica Hilliard - Oh, I thought for sure the dream where she tripped over the skeleton and then saw the bear meant that Brisom was going to be killed by the bear in the woods! SO glad he didn't!
3 years agoreply

Aretice N. Treader - That bear isn't giving me good vibes…

Okay, to be honest, Brisam is pretty awesome, and he does seem to bring out the better in Hania (after he tells her to cut the crap, anyway). Most of the reservation I have with this ship is that it might be a little too soon after Sidimund's death for Hania to truly know what feelings she has for Brisam and the extent of those feelings. I know she didn't have any positive attachment to Sidimund whatsoever, but this is a trying period in her life, and I'm just afraid that she's latching onto Brisam because he makes her feel safe and loved, not because she loves him the same way in return. (I hope what I'm saying makes sense.)
3 years agoreply

Frances - Actually...you nailed one of her flaws on the head....girl, you are good!!
3 years agoreply

Aretice N. Treader - @Frances, Ah, really? Now I'm really worried for Brisam. 😅
3 years agoreply

Heminor - Yes, the drama! The power play! The echoes of conflict yet to come, and the potential for growth both as a character and an animal! These types of stories are luring me in more and more.
3 years agoreply

Frances - Thank you!!! Your commentary means so much! Especially to help me push to the end of the month and reach 50,000
3 years agoreply

Heminor - @Frances,No problem, I'm having fun providing the feedback. It's a new experience expression opinion so openly. I feel like a fangirl except I'm actually being acknowledged by the creator. Plough through those fifty thou!
3 years agoreply