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Writer Flow
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By Flow
Comments ( 13 )

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - Hmm, it's from another story, huh? This feels like it should jump straight from an anime or something, or...BECOME AN ANIME!!!!! I-I don't like the insane demon guy, he's scary, glad he got burned up.
2 years agoreply

The Virtual Shadow - I would recommend continuing this as its own thing. Its really good. I would read more of it.

My bad, read Hybrids post. :P

I'll read Finding Mammon when i can
2 years agoreply

Flow - It's a spin off of one of my other works. So, it is actually something I'm continuing. Read my conversation with Lata for more details.

edit: nevermind
2 years agoreply

The Virtual Shadow - @JellyKat, I done derp. My bad.
2 years agoreply

Flow - @lightofshadows,
Meh, not many people read through the comments before posting their own.
2 years agoreply

The Virtual Shadow - @JellyKat, It was that good that I wanted to post how good it is.
2 years agoreply

Flow - @lightofshadows,
Andras used to be a sweetheart, then he watched his wife get brutally murdered before his eyes. And had other shit happen to him.

(Yes, he is a teenager here, because that's how he usually appears. He manipulates his appearance, at this point he's over 200 years old)
2 years agoreply

The Virtual Shadow - @JellyKat, As soon as i'm not busy or making my story, i'll have to read the other work. Sounds interesting.
2 years agoreply

Lata - Is it the original from Fallen? I kinda wanna read Finding Mammon now.
2 years agoreply

Flow - This is Andras. He'll be introduced later. We've heard him mentioned before and notice how he mentions Lilith ;)
2 years agoreply

Seamus Brown - this has the possibility of becoming a full fledged story, would need a fair bit of work and thinking though 
2 years agoreply

Flow - Oh, this is just a spin off of Finding Mammon. Andras is more or less a main character in the story.
2 years agoreply

Seamus Brown - @JellyKat, Oh ok
2 years agoreply