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Update post day : Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Plan Schedule : 3 Chapters / week

Three friends went on a vacation while working on a painting assignment from their college art program in Scotland. As a student, Ren had to minimize expenses as much as possible. Therefore, through a pamphlet found online, Ren was lucky to find a recommendation for a beautiful vacation spot.

The asphalt road beside which there was a Villa. Located on the Perthshire highlands and close to the natural landscape of Tay Forest Park. With fauna that enlivens the quiet park such as deer.

Or if you look to the right, the ground slopes down, offering a stunning view of Loch Tay Lake. The breeze is gentle, and the fish are fresh and large.

The three friends had been worried before. This was because before Ren found the villa's location on the pamphlet, they had already visited 3 accommodations and declined to stay because they were expensive, wandering for three hours just looking at the forest stretches beside them.

However, their worries were alleviated after they found the Villa, owned by Lady De Polcester.


It was during their stay at Lady De Polcester's Villa that their sense of worry began to grow again.

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