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Carnal Desires
Writer Lunassandra Hughes
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Carnal Desires
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5. Rebellion
Lunassandra Hughes
Sep 25, 2017
24 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!WICt0sAgVnarRh5zs66Gposted on PENANA

4copyright protection83PENANAMhzk7QXEJc

Rebellioncopyright protection83PENANArFU48UwJbr

Nik awoke the next night feeling markedly better than he had before. The thumping was present but it was not angry, instead calm and consistent. copyright protection83PENANA6mSYDYx54E

He felt lighter and freer almost. It took him a moment, but he realized that he was at the later stages of his transition now, as his mortality was slipping further and further away. copyright protection83PENANAMRWlb3c9IV

He smiled at the blonde pureblood wrapped around him. No longer was he constrained by the wretched feelings that had led to his demise, but instead to his own free will and interests. copyright protection83PENANAm9BhdJcJtn

A part of him in the back of his head denied that, but he chose to ignore it.copyright protection83PENANAbAJ4ym26s7

He glanced at the first bed to see his daughter missing. He let loose his senses to scan the house and located her with a tired Fitzgerald and an annoyed Onoe. copyright protection83PENANAKfZHBaKNjs

Nik let out small laugh, stirring the pureblood from his sleep. Before he fully came awake, Nik took his limp cock in his hand and pumped down it’s length till it hardened and caused the blonde to groan. copyright protection83PENANAJFBkWP48zy

Nik rolled the vampire onto his back and straddled his waist, holding his tip at his wet entrance with a mischievous smile before slowly sinking down to encompass his shaft in one smooth move. copyright protection83PENANAwK8gOGCRM5

The pureblood let loose another groan and grabbed onto the incubus’ hips, guiding Nik in his movements. copyright protection83PENANAZxlYeW8YKs

Nik leaned over and took hold of the blonde’s chin, embracing his lips with his own. copyright protection83PENANAru82P5STdr

He took it slow, not really feeling as desperate as he had the night before. The lure took a backseat, only serving to amplify the relieving pleasure. copyright protection83PENANAsKbA00gDR2

Alec thrusted against him and Nik sighed as he felt the constricting feeling in his chest fade more and more. copyright protection83PENANAJRA4PO1YML

The pureblood flipped them over and Nik spread his legs to provide him with better access. He pulled out only to thrust back in a moment later, fully seating himself within the ex-hunter heir before pulling out once more. copyright protection83PENANArefzg5E9YS

Nik let out a slow breath and kissed Alec lightly. The blonde smiled against his lips and thrust again, satisfied when he felt the incubus gasp. copyright protection83PENANAArCL1DMhgD

A knock sounded at the door and Alec pouted, “Do I have to answer that?”copyright protection83PENANAkZvU4kI5jv

Nik pecked him lightly, “Yes.”copyright protection83PENANARKJ7k0cY9b

Alec slipped out of him with a grunt and they both sighed at the loss. copyright protection83PENANARKCuvD7iVo

He stood up and, without pulling on any clothes, he opened the door wide open. Outside was a blushing Hugo and a tired looking Valentine, both of them silent.copyright protection83PENANAWfnrasMTy5

Alec scanned Hugo’s features. He nodded, “Definitely a descendent of my wife and I.”copyright protection83PENANAppQ9xaaJ9k

A look of shock came over Clement’s face and the blonde pureblood laughed at the expression.copyright protection83PENANAV04xuAbCS6

“What? Surprised?” Alec teased, “I assure you, I am much older than I look.”copyright protection83PENANA0OmnfxQ1qo

Nik stepped into the picture as well, not even bothering to cover up his feminine form. Valentine’s eyes widened ever so slightly and Nik cast him a small smile. copyright protection83PENANA7QOYZl995i

Nik turned toward the gaping Clement.copyright protection83PENANAt0jyyN8Kp0

“You wouldn’t happen to know where my daughter is, would you?”copyright protection83PENANARqPeO4LE6c

Hugo closed his mouth and seemed to tightly keep his eyes on level with Nik’s. Alec laughed again, “Oh, he is most definitely a descendent of mine.”copyright protection83PENANA3e3Rc2dlci

He looked both at Nik then at Valentine, “He has good taste, much better than my first son.”copyright protection83PENANAEGjXeSLmDb

Hugo blushed again while Valentine sputtered,  but seemed determined to give them his message, “We’re all going to eat together tonight, Lord Lockhart has an announcement to give us.”copyright protection83PENANAnvBcJphv4n

Nik nodded and cast him a kind smile, “We’ll be there.”copyright protection83PENANAI7CLYONcaZ

Alec lifted a brow at him, “We will?” copyright protection83PENANAvPGPMUHyhl

Nik repeated his words, “We will.”copyright protection83PENANAJEQlRzK85O

Hugo nodded and grabbed the still sputtering Valentine, never looking back as he made his way back to the sitting room downstairs.  copyright protection83PENANAwNW8yUXm78

Alec pulled Nik back into the room and watched as he pulled out underwear and a pale blue dress before throwing him dark colored jeans and a black dress shirt. copyright protection83PENANAmCX2rKW9ie

He smirked at the clothes, “How’d you guess?”copyright protection83PENANAu1SlnKV7T0

“You don’t strike me as the suit wearing type of guy.” Nik shrugged, tugging on the clothes after fastening the bra into place. copyright protection83PENANAWqNSzmNwIU

Alec was buttoning his shirt by the time Nik slid on the dress. copyright protection83PENANAF4xD7Yn48F

“My,” Alec stated, “One might accuse you of actually being a lady.”copyright protection83PENANAiCHbY4VTcP

Nik smirked at him in return, “You know the truth, however.”copyright protection83PENANAT9fH1O4PlN

They walked down into the sitting room, where the nobles and Holly awaited the last arrivals.copyright protection83PENANAJ0SgDZf13n

Holly ran up to them. She scanned Alec with suspicious eyes before deeming him well enough and tugging his jeans to get his attention. copyright protection83PENANAHm0pxYttSG

He cast her a wide smile and knelt down to greet her. copyright protection83PENANAiMPxuQmyGH

“I’m Holly,” the little girl said.copyright protection83PENANAlpHdGldWng

“I’m Alec,” he returned and she laughed. copyright protection83PENANAj4CktajXDb

“Are you one of my father’s lovers?” she giggled and the Aristocrats looked shocked at the idea that she knew of Nik’s escapades. copyright protection83PENANADVYstsjP0Z

Alec winked at the young girl and she winked back.copyright protection83PENANAwmpeA6AN2X

His daughters had never been that approachable, only one of them was ever what one would classify as ‘warm’. The boys were far kinder, but still colder than their father by spades. copyright protection83PENANA4m2GHvQ0su

Nik smiled at them both and looked up when he spotted the Nobles look behind them at the doorway. Alec sensed the presence of the Lockharts as well and stood up to face the two. Holly glared at the two from behind her father, her apparent liking of Theia having been disregarded.copyright protection83PENANAc6qazTCTJD

She knew more than she was letting on, Nik knew. Probably more than he did.copyright protection83PENANATf0juAp5ns

Elijah was dressed impeccably as always, with Theia latched onto his arm. She wore a pale yellow dress that warmed her somewhat hollowed eyes, but beside that she looked incredibly happy. copyright protection83PENANA3rP58wAZx3

Nik knew he should have felt something then, but all he felt was boredom when he looked at the siblings. Isabelle must feel this, too. It was almost as if both of them had lost their importance in Nik’s eyes, and the incubus knew that they would quickly become inconvenient burdens that he would soon shake off or end them completely. copyright protection83PENANAtJaTUJNwDw

Funny, how the pain he had felt hours ago wasn’t even a thought now. copyright protection83PENANAawMaPhLfm8

He knew he should have at the least cared for Elijah as the father of his future children, but all he felt was this great sense of annoyance while he awaited his announcement. copyright protection83PENANAHqAwvJ26Iz

They followed the siblings into the dining room with Akira sitting beside Takuma and Holly sitting in between Alec and Nik, facing Fitzgerald. Each Lockhart at at the ends of the table with Theia’s happiness growing at Nik’s detached look. copyright protection83PENANAacjk6d4TKI

Elijah’s impenetrable mask was in place as always, with not a glance being sent Nik’s way. copyright protection83PENANAqVed54vRjR

Alec frowned at the coldness, but a smugness was in his eyes as he glanced at the Lockhart pureblood prince. He was sure that Elijah would find out about the incubus’ pregnancy, but the white haired male appeared to care very little about the prospect. copyright protection83PENANAZ1hAxNjAT1

He had won Nik over, and damn him he actually cared for the incubus. He was not so stupid to think they would last for longer than the incubus valued him, however. But he would enjoy his presence for as long as it lasted. copyright protection83PENANAa3euokHtes

He caught hold of the snowy haired incubus’ eyes and saw a spark of excitement light up his eyes. He wanted to cause trouble, no doubt. copyright protection83PENANAbFnqSsvnjP

They ate their meal in silence, his eyes spying the red meat on Nik’s plate. He knew very well what that meant and knew that he would be able to feed tonight as well off the unsuspecting humans that fell into their hold. copyright protection83PENANAfjQxUokdZe

He almost hardened at the possibility. He hadn’t tasted human blood after his return to the waking world, though Nik’s tasted far better than any garden variety human would. copyright protection83PENANAfaitEHNla2

As they finished their meal Elijah drew their attention. copyright protection83PENANAOmHbMzEhXX

“Theia and I are officially engaged as of last night.” The vampire prince announced and congratulations were given to the sibling couple. copyright protection83PENANA6dhXKbl5pk

Nikolai gave a soft smile, though Alec could quickly tell that he was growing bored. It took half an hour but eventually the dining room’s occupants dispersed into the rest of the house, leaving only the Lockhart couple and Alec as well as Nik, Holly having left to hang around with her noble friends. copyright protection83PENANAkEvC79jVvu

Theia approached Nikolai first and the incubus grew annoyed at the intrusion. Her happy aura clashed with his calmly detached one, and he knew he should have been more than a little annoyed with the girl. copyright protection83PENANAXjQFuDf8Vc

He bit back a cruel smile, “Congrats,Theia.” copyright protection83PENANA62poZaAlfZ

Elijah looked at Volkov for the first time that evening, his eyes analyzing the annoyed incubus as he searched for any hint of genuine feeling. copyright protection83PENANAGADbcLkwGQ

He wanted the former hunter angry, distraught even, though he knew that it wouldn’t have done anything to sway him from his decision. His gaze roamed the delicate frame of the effeminate creature, only stopping when Theia turned back to face him, done with her conversation with Nikolai.copyright protection83PENANA1E9SjEwzMr

Alec appeared to have caught him looking and the blonde’s lips curled in a smug smirk. He grabbed hold of Volkov, steering them away and toward the front door. copyright protection83PENANALTubhtlRPB

Elijah beat down a grimace as he heard the inviting whisper Alec cast the silver haired former hunter. copyright protection83PENANAQvbuHof1VW

“What do you think about going into town? I’m sure there must be fun to be had somewhere.”copyright protection83PENANASWB1PVFlus

The next few hours blended together in a pleasing red haze for the incubus. Inviting hands and sweet desperation clung to the humans that crossed him, soothing an awakening desire for blood. copyright protection83PENANANflhrCLMuA

Their lives flickered after their first contact with his flesh, dying out completely at the third and final even as they desperately ate at the flesh of their fellows. copyright protection83PENANAok6APNY4PT

He felt Alec chuckle as they fucked in the blood filled scene. copyright protection83PENANA1HQCJFxo12

They were in a larger town than the last one, and had lured his prey to a dilapidated manor where their bodies would lay till the police tracked them all to here. Nik knew that Elijah would react poorly when he knew of their transgressions, but he couldn’t will himself to care. copyright protection83PENANAQOic5JOQwj

He was interested in seeing how far he could push the pureblood, however. copyright protection83PENANArUDxutlsxa

He felt his form shudder before a moment later expanding another inch and a half to accommodate the lives he held. The thumping was steady and sustained, as if they had lost interest as well in the scene. copyright protection83PENANAmzSdbBTJ0U

Nik did not stop, feasting till only his lover remained and they were both saturated with the blood of the dead around them. copyright protection83PENANALQI32OMRFi

A soft smile made its way onto his features, his rolling hips slowing. Blood dripped down his waist from long silver pink-stained locks, and he leant down to slowly lick his way up Alec’s neck, biting deep when the blonde groaned. copyright protection83PENANAa6dOEHhZaP

Blood filled his mouth, the taste a strong amaretto. It filled him, though his thoughts turned bitter as he realized that this was not what he craved. copyright protection83PENANAaxo3KAEDkE

He threw out his senses and his lure to pull more victims into the fray to compensate. copyright protection83PENANAy5vg9y4WqK

Chaos can be just as filling, I suppose.copyright protection83PENANAfBQspuaHul

Elijah scanned the pages before him, wanting to be sure, though knowing that the only way to be sure was to consult the incubus himself. copyright protection83PENANAxFSWIDxnhR

He breathed out a sigh. copyright protection83PENANA2PXx566a3w

This would cause him trouble, if it were true. copyright protection83PENANAVi7LLxgVfL

Children.copyright protection83PENANAgNq9K9Mhw3

A flash of a small hand clutching his finger, a slight tug on his hair, and then a gurgle of a laugh. His youngest lay sleeping in a small crib beside the bed while an exhausted woman rested within. copyright protection83PENANA9zS67Ydd9g

He stood in the doorway till an older child tugged on his pants, forcing him to look down at her. She differed in appearance from her siblings and Elijah in that her eyes and features were all like that of her mother, a clear blue that lit up whenever she was happy. copyright protection83PENANAK4ySQjq6fG

She grabbed hold of his hand and pulled him into another room where two other children were gathered around a table eating under the stern gaze of his closest friend. Her eyes followed the children’s movements before turning to meet his own. As always, her veil obscured his view of her, but he noticed her slight smile all the same. copyright protection83PENANARvuiEesrwZ

The children looked up from their food and rushed him, joyous smiles on their faces. copyright protection83PENANAuFymLFlYTu

The girl cast them a stern look and they slowed at her stare. copyright protection83PENANAfDzNwp7Wvm

He gave a soft smile at the girl, “Marie, that is unnecessary.” copyright protection83PENANACnS6Gxl8YR

She pouted at him but nodded. “Yes, Papa.”copyright protection83PENANA8txGPjmbif

He patted her lightly and she let up her gaze on her siblings.copyright protection83PENANAFxTfkpEsl9

Benjamin was the first to speak, his voice excited. “When can we meet Hannah, Papa?” copyright protection83PENANAOYxH5dermd

“Soon.” he told his son and Ben took on his sister’s pout, with his twin following his manner. copyright protection83PENANAiuGPbv8xHr

Maddox dropped the pout quickly and flicked his thick hair out of his eyes. It needed to be cut again. copyright protection83PENANAMnYGCj5gLr

Elijah took the twins by his hands and led them to their bedroom while his friend put Marie to bed. copyright protection83PENANAqzqXhvbvWy

They changed their clothes and he placed them in bed, tucking them in quietly. The twins were silent as well, relaxing as dawn made it’s way across the sky. They blinked up at him, their crimson colored eyes hazy with sleep. copyright protection83PENANAIf3o5eUeMB

He sat beside them for a time till their breathing slowed, each of them curled around the other. It was scary how deeply they relied on one another, and he dreaded the day they would be separated. It would not be a good day for anyone in their family, even if it was only for a small time. copyright protection83PENANAFzZDfBWkSH

Maddox would rely on Marie then, they would never be separated from each other at least. The two children had made that decision for themselves. copyright protection83PENANALihbgyHs4E

Elijah stood from the bed, tracing his steps back through the door and into the bedroom he had shared with his wife. She was still asleep, her blue eyes closed with her auburn hair blanketing the pillows she laid her head upon. copyright protection83PENANA0MT4bYi6c4

She was kind, and a well-enough mother, but she did not fulfill his need for company. Her words were soothing and gentle, but never warm, and never over-familiar. He had once looked for that in women, but in those that he found interesting were too often human, as his kind were few and far between. copyright protection83PENANAISDHvSjrdb

One day he would pull them together, so that they may know in full of their race’s existence. And not simply as a mutant of the human’s own. copyright protection83PENANA9ZtqbKZSc3

One day.copyright protection83PENANAxdQqh2pA8C

Kaname came out of the brief vision confused and annoyed. Another flash of his old life, as it began to bleed into this one. He should have known by the blonde pureblood’s arrival and accusation that he could not simply shove his emerging memories aside, but he had tried his best to regardless. copyright protection83PENANAERuiyZbRro

Children, he had some of his own. He hadn’t thought that he had something holding him to that life at all, but he had, though they were probably long gone now. copyright protection83PENANA3Aox1zh1su

He thought back to the twins, grimacing as his past actions began to haunt him. They had never been separated for long, even going so far at to raise their own children within the same home. copyright protection83PENANA5ZHVpYYPy7

He thought of Volkov. He had a twin once, one whose life had meant nothing to Elijah, and certainly not his death either. copyright protection83PENANArdYVwwUHom

Demetri Volkov had just been another pawn in his plan to have his sister rejoin him, alongside his brother, who had been the only survivor between the two. He had left Nikolai alone, even when he had wanted to simply end the teen, for Theia and her soft heart. copyright protection83PENANA6sXuZZ4g0w

Kaname could only ponder what the younger male had done that had led him to change into something that valued human lives even less than vampires did. Perhaps he had been forced to, or he had not known what he was getting into. Somehow, he couldn’t picture Nikolai willingly going to the succubus with the desire to be turned. copyright protection83PENANAK6vs2Vr0L0

The scent of blood blew in from the open window and he spotted a shirtless bloody Clementine stepping away from the trees while a horrific looking Volkov held onto his hand. Elijah made his way outside before they stepped onto the front porch. copyright protection83PENANA7cd57JC2r1

Nikolai blinked at him absently as he approached the pair. Alec cast the bloody incubus a pout, before releasing him and leaving them to themselves. copyright protection83PENANAoxtm2sl6Jm

Elijah’s brow rose as he took in the other’s appearance. Blood caked on his pale flesh and red tinted each strand of his long white hair, leaving only his dress relatively clean. Lumps of...meat clung to his skin, covering the incubus in the stench of death as opposed to sex. copyright protection83PENANACus8Wu4nuP

Nikolai followed his gaze to his arm before smiling softly.copyright protection83PENANAnC1BH9lkbN

“It appears I need to get cleaned up.” he stated.copyright protection83PENANAlAkOXmhis0

Elijah stepped forward, flicking off the unsightly accoutrements. He grabbed hold of Volkov’s chin, forcing him to meet his eyes. copyright protection83PENANAF5v7drCiP6

“What happened?” he questioned and Nikolai smiled jubilantly in response. copyright protection83PENANA8dJ9PqjaKv

“Things got a little messy,” he declared and he pouted when he saw the anger making itscopyright protection83PENANAX65iV3Fcl8

way into the other’s stare.copyright protection83PENANAd1dI8raLJ0

Nikolai dropped his expression, choosing to keep silent till the pureblood spoke again. He did not have to wait long. copyright protection83PENANASRdB132leN

“Are you pregnant?” Elijah asked him and Volkov tilted his face to inspect the pureblood’s features.copyright protection83PENANAQcTWuOZ90l

“And if I am?”copyright protection83PENANAhemvXvW7gG

Lockhart stilled, the mask falling into place once again and for once Nik could not read what was beneath it. A cold feeling settled in his stomach as he awaited the pureblood’s response. Though he noticed Lockhart’s hold on him hadn’t roughened or tightened at all.copyright protection83PENANA88ylJAoLVD

The thumping beat stronger at the detached touch. His skin felt taut over his bump and his breathing slowed drastically. He felt a stream of blood leak out his nose. He pulled back from the vampire prince and he touched his finger to his upper lip, pulling back to confirm the fresh blood. copyright protection83PENANAyLPsHjgGth

Nik sighed and looked back at the pureblood. “I should go wash up.”copyright protection83PENANA2LwohtTdBa

He glimpsed the mask still over Elijah’s face as he stole away inside the manor, needing to shower to hopefully relieve the unpleasant haziness that had started to sink into his mind. copyright protection83PENANAUJit523uOY

An hour later, when the sun was high in the sky, he heard a knock come from the door and he slipped out of Alec’s sleeper hold to answer the unwelcome guest. As soon as he pulled open the door the small figure burst into the still room startling the blonde awake when she began to scream at the white haired incubus.copyright protection83PENANA7mKWPsf58J

“Why would you do this to me?” Yuki cried, her nails more like claws and her eyes red with angry tears.copyright protection83PENANAnbvTzMnt0Y

Nik sighed and his head snapped to the side when she lashed out, causing him to curse his tired senses. copyright protection83PENANADUHVnNXrhL

The skin below his eye and across his cheek burned as it busted open, sending streams of blood billowing down his lower face. The thumping was strong and he felt anger cloud his mind as he turned to glare down at the half wit who had hit him twice now, even after he had been generous enough to warn her of the consequences of such actions after the first time. copyright protection83PENANApo8akXCA3L

He noticed out of the corner of his eyes that Alec had sat up on the bed to glare at the moron as well, though he made no move to stand, sensing Nik’s violent anger. copyright protection83PENANAjrWOlvAIYA

Theia was crying still, but she had appeared to calm herself, even going so far as to lean her head on Nik’s chest. What a stupid girl.copyright protection83PENANAHCvpxTcvkt

Nik grabbed hold of her face with surprisingly gentle hands and tilted it up to force her to look him in the eyes. Theia blinked for a moment at the cold fury that was lurking there, now beginning to notice the mistake she had made. copyright protection83PENANAhKRqUbowLs

Perhaps it was the little lives that called out for her pain, or perhaps it was just Nik’s emerging instincts regarding those lives coming into play. Who could tell, really? copyright protection83PENANAi5TeUfKvYI

His hold on her turned painful as his nails dug into her skin, drawing red streaks across her pale jaw as well as wet tears from the pain down her face. He never withdrew his eyes, even as he leaned his face to hers. copyright protection83PENANA6FlB4SuhoP

“Theia.” he said softly, his voice taking on a dark alluring tone, one he had never used before, not even to lure in his prey. Isabelle had used such a tone a handful of times around him, usually to force someone to do whatever she willed. He had never thought that he would have felt the need.copyright protection83PENANAKGzC6tNu0z

Her breathing became ragged and her eyes took on an obedient misty effect. “Nik,” copyright protection83PENANAXiFRwz6g54

“It would please me if you do me one favor,” he invited her and she nodded fiercely in reply.copyright protection83PENANAZbKkNPdi6C

A long thin blade manifested from the shadows behind the door, appearing in his hand. It was a silver letter opener and it would do the job quite well, he thought. copyright protection83PENANA7RiGtpahUa

He tucked the handle into her palm, leading her all the while further into the room till they stood by the windows on the other side of the bed. copyright protection83PENANARRtwI06Pgb

He leaned down further to whisper softly in her ear, “I want you to draw this across your throat. Slowly.”copyright protection83PENANATgnEBatPsz

He moved to stand behind her and tucked his own hair behind a single ear. Theia tapped the blade against the skin on her neck about to proceed.copyright protection83PENANAsAqKgU9qb4

“Deeper,” he commanded, casting a wicked smile at the blonde pureblood on the bed. copyright protection83PENANAB2V4zE4Ftl

Alec sat back against the headboard and watched the scene with amused eyes. He knew that Nikolai had once loved the girl, but he could see that she meant nothing to him now. Well she was an amusement, he supposed, so that must give her some meaning. copyright protection83PENANARnCe1eou4R

No one had lived to cross a being like him once, let alone twice.copyright protection83PENANA4wrvhHpr8A

She breathed shallowly from her mouth, not even hissing as the silver knife broke into her delicate flesh, sending crimson rivers down her neck and onto her lacy dress. Zero licked at the crimson, humming as he took it in. copyright protection83PENANAvKDqOc5TSy

She tasted like Elijah, not the same, but similar. Her blood was sweet like the candy that she had always kept in her room when they were younger, but it had a savory taste as well, one that he knew would linger in his mouth for a while afterwards. He guided her hand to a stop, only drinking from the two inch long incision. copyright protection83PENANAfJVRXW6mra

He heard angry footsteps stop behind the door before it was thrown open and he felt his back collide with the wall and his head with the window, shattering the glass in the process. Alec appeared at his side in the same moment, standing between the incubus and the protective elder Lockhart. copyright protection83PENANAdvGE0Xmpov

Nik felt all the anger slip away when he met the angry wine colored orbs with his own tired ones. copyright protection83PENANA0UfEl4QqYI

The thumping had become soft and weak in his body, and he touched his hand to his cheek to see blood still flowing from the wound Yuki had caused him. Fresher blood cascaded down his neck and scalp to stain the rug beneath him, and he bit back a scream as he felt multiple ribs move when he tried to lean forward. copyright protection83PENANAYerU5pQcLh

Elijah had picked up his sister in his arms and left the room while Nik took in his injuries, his thoughts shutting the door with a sharp slam. copyright protection83PENANAmZN3EN11dq

Alec kneeled before him, taking stock of Nikolai’s injuries himself. Fury was in his eyes at the sight of his injured lover, and he gently picked Nik up off the ground himself to take him into the bathroom. copyright protection83PENANAwekMSFRI5Q

For hours afterward, he carefully picked out the glass from the incubus’ wounds, sealing the facial wound with a few drops of blood from his hand. He carefully rinsed the blood from Zero’s scalp and hair, sighing when he saw no response from the exhausted incubus. copyright protection83PENANAr44TYaiOm4

He hadn’t been healing and his torso was riddled with black and blue bruises that just wouldn’t fade. Nikolai let out a sharp hiss when he washed off the dried blood that had trailed down his back, but beside that said nothing. copyright protection83PENANA6J3TNHHOIU

Alec offered his neck to the incubus, cradling his body gently so as not to hurt him further. Nik bit softly, taking a handful of pulls from the wound before falling against his chest, his wounds not healing, his bruises not fading. Alec felt his anger spark at the fucktard who would harm the one who bore his own children. Once a dickhead, always a fucking dickhead.copyright protection83PENANAff8z20fUJk

He carried Nikolai back into the bedroom, tucking the pale incubus into the bed before turning to clean up the broken glass. copyright protection83PENANAKapP3nZmcm

Hours later he heard the bathroom door shut softly as he laid in the bed, before the water in the shower sprung on. His hand ran over his face, squeezing the bridge of his nose in exasperation. copyright protection83PENANAqi5ucScTHV

Bad fucking move, Clementine. It was stupid to involve yourself with an incubus in the first place, but to actually care for one? Complete full-blown idiocy. And to come between the one that fucked you up the last time you met and his pregnant lover? God…copyright protection83PENANANWbWvdWL7G

Nik isn’t the one Lockhart wants. He wants the moron that is his ‘sister’. He even went so far as to hurt him for that bitch. Fuck, Nik didn’t deserve such shit coming from that bastard. copyright protection83PENANA5SQuHUSGh4

I am so much better but he doesn’t want me half as much. Even when he pretends not to feel anything towards Kaname, I can still sense the longing he feels for that fucker. copyright protection83PENANA2Im8cz1psI

God fucking damnit. copyright protection83PENANAkgEvcaJ9VR

The last of the glass in the window broke into pieces, leaving the room cold and filled with the rising light from the sun. He concentrated for a moment, satisfied when he heard the blinds block the light and some of the cold, and the sound of the curtains sliding closed. copyright protection83PENANAP1JGwrBo8S

What a fucking mess…copyright protection83PENANAsbAPjNolcR

Nik let out a long breath when he ran the soap over his form softly, taking care to focus his strength on healing the bruises around his bump. The thumping was stronger now than before, but he was left feeling weak and so, so, tired. copyright protection83PENANA3w7I2kSMtO

“It’ll be fine.” he said lightly. copyright protection83PENANADjQn0mOBKX

“You’ll be fine. You will make it though this, even when I fail to.” he carefully rubbed a hand over the bump that he couldn’t really cover up anymore. He had only been able to the past night because of the loose dress, but it had grown again when he had fed some of his remaining power to the little lives. copyright protection83PENANAtd843sRsN3

Nothing was satisfying him anymore, nothing. The life forces of humans meant nothing to his hunger and the only blood he really wanted was Elijah’s. Alec felt helpless, he knew, but the only thing they could do was contact Isabelle. copyright protection83PENANAjRAqzDLspf

He’d ask Holly to when he could. copyright protection83PENANAg2y7qytfae

Zero stepped out of the shower, caring very little when he saw his still feminine form. His hand cradled the risen bump, feeling faint when he felt a slight tap against his palm. He hissed when he fell in front of the toilet to spew more blood that he couldn’t afford to lose into the porcelain bowl. copyright protection83PENANAcDslIvNzXB

The door clicked open as he flushed the toilet and stood, trying to walk over to the sink before a powerful dizzy spell came over his mind and he swayed, collapsing into Alec. His breathing was harsh and his ribs moved in his chest and he groaned in pain. He didn’t feel it as Alec picked him up and took him back to the bed. copyright protection83PENANADgseH1Rtug

His head rolled back to fall against the blonde’s shoulder. copyright protection83PENANAILjgSJPlYZ

“Tell Holly… to call Isabelle.” he whispered and the blonde nodded, placing his lover in bed gently, careful not to jostle him as he wrapped him in a light sheet. copyright protection83PENANAAaD2wlyjVv

Alec watched him as he slept for several moments, frowning when he saw Nikolai’s skin glisten with a light sheen of sweat. He left the incubus alone then, to retrieve Holly as he had been asked. copyright protection83PENANAVyMnMupEXT

The girl was sitting in Fitzgerald’s shared room, watching intently as Onoe poured colorful liquids into beakers and a flask or two. She looked up at his entrance into the room, hopping up to run over and hug him tightly. copyright protection83PENANAUGEeWwXMSW

“Hi, Alec!” she welcomed and he smiled at her, keeling to look her in the eyes. copyright protection83PENANAMt7pvDL4XG

“Hey, Holly. Your Dad and I need you to call your mother. He isn’t feeling very well and he needs her help.” Alec expressed, casting her a gentle smile so as not to worry her too much. copyright protection83PENANAASfmg2RFGP

The young girl frowned but nodded all the same, taking his hand to drag him out of the room. She said her goodbyes to the cousins and he glanced Fitzgerald frown while he heard the annoying noble scoff.copyright protection83PENANAzBveQsLNeE

They walked back into the bedroom, though not without him noticing the additional presence that had followed him back in the shadows. He glared at the annoying noble follower of Elijah’s but said nothing, shutting the door firmly behind himself, being extra sure to lock it as well. copyright protection83PENANAK07RqDubHr

Holly ran to her father’s bedside, crawling on top of the mattress to rest her small head on his belly. She looked up at him.copyright protection83PENANAShk8EAbwgS

“Baby brothers are okay.” she told him before hopping off to run over to her bag. copyright protection83PENANAlQuR4kjQ7y

She pulled out a candle and a tin bowl, before pulling out a red pen and paper. copyright protection83PENANAuRyBJZfdaX

“Mommy doesn’t like phones,” she said to him, “She also doesn’t like electricity. She says that ca-nand-les are so much more ro-man-tic.”copyright protection83PENANAF3fZcTAnqQ

She wrote down a few words in cursive, her writing precise with a few spelling errors. After a moment, she set the pen down and the candle sprung alight and she burned the paper till it was ash. She pulled back the blinds and curtains to dump the ashes through the broken window, her little feet pattering back to the dresser to put the bowl back in her bag before crawling back up onto the bed to lay beside her father. copyright protection83PENANAfLHJCL3WCb

Nik’s skin was hot and slick with sweat, but his fingers were cold to the touch. Alec laid down beside the young girl, feeling immensely tired himself.copyright protection83PENANAu633IM2X0d

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