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    welcome dear readers I appoligize one or many books are a mess they are being edited, here I hope u find adventure, romance and a little of everything. I try but I'm no pro. All my tales published are edited and than tweeked some more to hopefully catch ur interest if u have any input plz say I'm always open to new ideas. The best one to read is A.B.W its myost recent and the one being worked on do enjoy the others
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As I walked towards my favorite spot with my ice chi tea from Starbucks and my tablet in hand, I felt an unusual chill. 'Maybe I should head back?' I thought to myself. But stubborn me I didn't heed my own warning.

I was about a foot away from my bench. When out of no where I was grabbed from behind. I tried to fight back and scream but it was no use. A material of sorts covered my nose and mouth, the smell alone was awful, than suddenly, I could no longer see nor hear, it was like a dream. You know the type when your falling but you dont see anything and the sound muffles. 

Before I completely became unaware, I could have sworn I heard my boyfriend or was it my brother or was it both, screaming my name. 

 I came too on a mattress that looked fit for land fill. I swear some of those stains was blood. I tried to move away but couldn't. My ankle was chained to a massive brass ring cemented to the floor. A single window about ten to twelve feet high was in the room, not to mention the single light balb on the high ceiling. I pulled and yanked at the chain. I even tried twisting it but that was no use, the dang thing wouldn't budge. 

Fear started to sink in, my heart started pounding so hard as if it was trying to break free its self. Tears weld up and I could no longer contain that lump in my throat. I started screaming and crying all at once. I pounded on the stone wall so hard my knukles bleed. I think at some point in my craze I tried to climb the wall but logicly it was too smooth, let alone that chain would have stopped me. 

Once exhausted from my fit took over all I could do is sit there and wait. 'But wait for what? Who was the one who put me here and why?' This of course led to more tears.

'Wait who did I hear screaming my name as I passed out. Are they still alive, are they here or was it just my mind playing tricks as I passed out.' I thought this as I sat there leaning against the cold stone wall with tears streaming down my face.

 It felt like days till my capture came. The room by now smelt awful. I'll spare you the obvious reasons why.

"My pet! I apologize for leaving you so long, my other pets needed my attention." The man calmly said. Shockingly he looked concerned for me. You know the scariest thing, i swear he looked familiar, plus if you saw him you'd think normal guy, model even.

"Now my princess shall we get you cleaned up and settled into a more comfortable room." He unlocked my chain from the bolt and yanked me close to him. I tried to pull back but he was stronger. He picked me up with force like I was a rag doll, throwing me over his shoulder. I tried to fight him but it was no use I was no match for his strength. I just ended up getting myself dropped to the floor and kicked in the gut before he slung me back over his shouler. 

The hall he walked through was poorly lit with florescent lights that blinked like strobe lights. I could hear sobs beyond the doors lining the hall. I could see into the window of each door we passed. Here I assumed it was only girls but I saw boys too, even some looked like children as young as three.

He was not your typical kidnapper, he was keeping us alive like a collection but for how long I was not sure.... All I knew than was, I needed to get out of here and try to save all these poor souls....