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    welcome dear readers I appoligize one or many books are a mess they are being edited, here I hope u find adventure, romance and a little of everything. I try but I'm no pro. All my tales published are edited and than tweeked some more to hopefully catch ur interest if u have any input plz say I'm always open to new ideas. The best one to read is A.B.W its myost recent and the one being worked on do enjoy the others
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2040A.B.W (After Biochemical War)

It's been Twenty years of War through out the World. This is the worst one in all of history. All nations on every Continent, of every corner of the world was at war. Not to mention the looters and rioters in the streets that the war was yet to enter.

All ended when the Biochemical War started, destroying almost half of the world and its population.

If you think that wasn't enough, all the leaders banned together with the shock and fear of what they had done, to create a United Nation, in hopes to rebuild what little they had left.

Sates and capital no longer exists. Everyone is sanctioned by birthright, from the wealthy, who become leaders, high society family types or high ranking gaurds. To the poor, those are placed in Birthing camps, they are separated by male and female. Infants born within the birthing camps, get chipped and labled, as farmers, engineers, to the lowest never to be acknowledged, factory workers, these are the ones that do not fit into a category nor considered fit for society in the UN. These are called lints, they are marked with a special chip and if needed for profit are sold off to another Nation as slaves. Some are eventually killed or stolen because the factory grounds is apart of the old land without the protection of the city wall and its army. Guards are in place to protect them because they are still valuable like live stock but most will not risk their own lives saving a Lint.