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Young Queen Part 1
Oct 12, 2017
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!EKDsU0FG6JCYk1neuVzwposted on PENANA

Enderalcopyright protection13PENANA9j5onqzjJh

Young Queen Chapter 1copyright protection13PENANAFo2jQWjwCq

8th Era, 478 22nd of Ice Eternalcopyright protection13PENANAffozgMNLHn

Continent of Mordurel, north of Ruby Highlands, Capital of Trisectumcopyright protection13PENANAhRHmf4NPox

A little over two months since the peace treaty between the Great Sapphire Empire and the Kyroshi Empire. It was now Ice Eternal, the coldest month of the year and snow had fallen a month ago. It was cold and the castles every fireplace was burning hot to keep the young Triseccii Queen and her court warm.copyright protection13PENANA63V8mM4GiH

Queen Adahild was only fifteen years old and had been queen for ten years of her life. Though until recently she had had a man named Hiroshi Nakajima, a noble from Kyrosh, the heartland of the empire her people was subservient to, as her regent and she feared him greatly. She was relieved when he left for home two years ago.copyright protection13PENANA7xWw7diVY0

She dressed herself in a dress of Wolfskin with embroiled silk, gifts from the empire. Her hair was a rough birds nest, as she liked it. She was skipping down the darkened corridors of her castle with beautiful Kyroshi tapestries covering the walls and Kyroshi sculptures positioned here and there. All of them gifts from the empire her people served. The empire she loved and slightly feared.copyright protection13PENANAjfR0C75qWt

She passed a pair of guards. They wore armors of iron and had muskets strapped over their backs, but with purple cloaks. Leather straps held the iron plates and fur together into an armor befitting a cold winter. The muskets was Jaeshi Muskets, designed and given to the Triseccii army by their overlords.copyright protection13PENANAY3wTbTGgAY

A slave appeared around the corner in a junction ahead.copyright protection13PENANAYHwUdD7wz5

“My Queen, Warchief Briga has returned to the castle,” he said.copyright protection13PENANAwSlnSYvXor

Adahild halted and nodded.copyright protection13PENANArmvYgHRWXs

“I’ll meet him in my throne room,” she decided.copyright protection13PENANAVV9rQn5YTE

The slave bowed in response. He was dressed in beige rags with bare, dirty feet.copyright protection13PENANA3qxpOpnjnM

Adahild walked to the throne room and placed her butt on the hardwood Oak chair she called a throne. There she waited for a moment before two warriors acting as her guards. A bodyguard she had tried-in vain-to stylize after the Immortals protecting the Kyroshi empress. Though they lacked the purple robes and the discipline and didn’t have the same devotion or loyalty to her person.copyright protection13PENANALO9gMqXEmV

With the warriors came her Warchief Briga. The commander of her military. He led them on campaigns and protected her tribal kingdoms borders and collected the peasants for military service in times of war.copyright protection13PENANA6iRgJHDPFx

“Your Highness,” Briga greeted in his raspy voice. He bowed his head, letting his long unattended hair flow down his fat facial features.copyright protection13PENANAuJX18Lrw5O

“You may approach,” Adahild allowed, gesturing him forward.copyright protection13PENANAiQCs7pS44f

He avoided rolling his eyes and making a disgusted sound in his throat. He walked up until one of the guards leveled his musket barrel in his way, clearing showing that he wasn’t allowed closer to their queen. There was three meters between them.copyright protection13PENANA0axRrhy56e

“Speak your business Briga.”copyright protection13PENANACAXAC6m3Cr

He nodded. She knew since he was here he had finished his military campaign in the west towards the coast.copyright protection13PENANARViuopUguY

“I have temporarily pushed the enemy back to one of the captured forts. My people are besieging it as we speak,” his raspy voice went to work. “Although I saved the shipyards, I was unable to push them out of our territory. For now.”copyright protection13PENANAvu93lAkUFq

“D-did the serfs help?” Adahild inquired, curious about her command some months earlier.copyright protection13PENANA8h16SDdeHP

“Aye, they provided much needed manpower.” She was relieved. “Though as I predicted, many of our Chieftains are frustrated that you legalized the state’s right to conscript serfs in lands they own.”copyright protection13PENANAGyLZ39oXqT

She raised a finger.copyright protection13PENANAVWn4ZJEkEj

“Lands they own, in my name,” she corrected. “I allow them to govern those lands as an honor to them.”copyright protection13PENANALNBMTuq6I7

He prevented himself from sighing at that remark.copyright protection13PENANAWpGIoJSNGj

“Yes,” was all he said instead. He continued. “To completely push the enemy raiders out of our…your lands, I need more wealth to recruit and pay more warriors.”copyright protection13PENANAGCf4GfNlAr

“W-where would that coin come from?” She asked sincerely.copyright protection13PENANAFlfg88Kzft

“I must take funds from the royal treasury.”copyright protection13PENANAGcTnVh6N4N

Her eyes widened, then narrowed in refusal.copyright protection13PENANA7LqnP6DCsd

“No. That coin goes to my great warriors. My guards and protectors,” she told him firmly. “I will not take away their pay or lower it. I won’t betray their loyalty.”copyright protection13PENANA47yjoGs9fI

That statement had been her opinion, but Also a lot of acting for the ten guards in the throne room presently. She knew they would abandon her if she couldn’t pay them, or worse, rape or kill her and support another monarch in her place. No matter how much she loved playing Kyroshi court these men were not the Immortals guarding Empress Yana. These lacked the unquestionable loyalty rumors said they had.copyright protection13PENANADWVwkQNqES

“Your Highness, I cannot raise more men without coin to pay them with,” Briga argued, clenching his right fist.copyright protection13PENANAeLDE8sLM5d

Adahild thought about it and gestured a male slave to her side.copyright protection13PENANAZakxuJeXSu

“Tell my Master of Treasury to raise taxes throughout all Triseccii lands,” she ordered. She turned back to Briga. “If you need men, use your authority to take them from the ranks of the Chieftains.”copyright protection13PENANAGvrB1LsPc6

“They won’t like if I take men from their small private armies, especially after claiming some of their serfs that worked the lands,” Briga told her bluntly. The Chieftains weren’t used to having a unified ruler. They remembered the stories before the girl’s grandfather’s reign. Before he and the Kyroshi conquered all the lands the girl now controls.copyright protection13PENANAIqSl51ORNU

“I don’t care!” She yelled.copyright protection13PENANA4M5pkz8zx1

He finally released his sigh.copyright protection13PENANA4dwvPyghot

“Look, we have Norsemen in a fort, Culhaven colonists skirmishing across the border in the northwest and the three tribes to our north is getting strong and unified within their lands. We-”copyright protection13PENANAo6UhsZigQ6

She grew furious at how he ignored her authority right now.copyright protection13PENANAbVTgleQuNn

“I made MY decision!” She declared. “Get out, guards!”copyright protection13PENANAvRA2nqAEHZ

The guards stepped closer, showing him that it was time to leave. As the doors to the throne room closed she sighed deeply and leaned backwards, closing her eyes hard. It was hard ruling as a woman. Especially ruling a fractured tribal society making their way into feudalism and learning how to use muskets their overlords granted them. As a buffer state, her people was not doing their job very well.copyright protection13PENANA7551mx1FOS

As Adahild was about to get out of her throne news arrived by her Steward. The man in charge of tending to her castle.copyright protection13PENANAMZNFf8T5CH

“My Queen, a Kyroshi army has arrived outside the city,” he told her. “Their delegates are outside the castle and ready to meet you.”copyright protection13PENANAt8z4aXuLBc

She took a deep breath.copyright protection13PENANAKIhPKEnLkb

“Okay, I…let them in.” She turned to a slave, a little boy. “Gather Ashio and Briga.”copyright protection13PENANAD6arLqAFwd

The boy nodded feebly and rushed off, his undernourished form disappearing around the corner.copyright protection13PENANAnZlW4vUyhv

While she waited for the guards to escort the Kyroshi in and the Dragonpriest Ashio would join them she pondered why they were here. Did they know of their troubles and came to punish her, replace her with someone they thought better? It scared her to think of it. But her people was stuck in the old tribal ways of her grandfather’s generation. He was their first king instead of Chieftain. As she pondered this and lost herself in thought the Kyroshi arrived. There was two of them. a man in purple, she assumed he was a Shienyashi. The other was an officer, perhaps a general. Briga and Ashio arrived just as they did, but through a side corridor.copyright protection13PENANAK1e2RYHeK1

“Your Highness,” the Steward said loudly. “Ambassador Daisuke Shienyashi and General Ku.”copyright protection13PENANApo7APT0qyx

Adahild straightened and swallowed, placing her hands in her lap.copyright protection13PENANADWwYTBuN9L

“I welcome you to Trisectum, my capital,” she welcomed them warmly. “If I knew you were coming I would have prepared a feast in your honor.”copyright protection13PENANAiUNxWEwDSg

“Queen Adahild,” Daisuke spoke. “General Ku’s army requires supplies after such a long march through this brutal winter.”copyright protection13PENANAFiEMTuGUUf

She nodded swiftly and shifted her gaze to her Steward.copyright protection13PENANArxbYw4z0RJ

“Belabor, see to it that food, firewood and fur pelts is sent to the army camp outside the city.”copyright protection13PENANALaDzIAdee6

He titled his head forward while keeping his eyes on her, “Yes your Highness.”copyright protection13PENANAuTp9GiEmcz

“Why did you march all the way here?” Briga asked bluntly, ignoring Adahild.copyright protection13PENANABD7MBDRbEJ

There was a moment of silence before Daisuke spoke, scratching his clean shaved chin. His eyed hadn’t left Adahild.copyright protection13PENANAUqUxZC8cQm

“Your Highness, we know the Triseccii people has had trouble, Culhaven colonists, Norse raiders and troublesome Chieftains. Ku will bring the 12th Army to bare and destroy these threats.”copyright protection13PENANAikgIuW08ic

“The Norsemen are contained,” Briga said.copyright protection13PENANAHUQOHssyD6

Adahild glared at him for speaking out of turn.copyright protection13PENANAiywc6vOeHF

“Good, then we can focus on the Culhaven holdings,” Ku remarked calmly. “We will march into their colony and seize it.”copyright protection13PENANAB00RIuOJD6

“War with the Kingdom of Culhaven?” Briga questioned in disbelief, crossing his arms over his chest.copyright protection13PENANAWl1MaIfChT

“Be silent,” Adahild told the Warchief before anyone could say another word.copyright protection13PENANAIzrfLyKAMs

He spared his queen a glance, his expression emotionless.copyright protection13PENANAfotffcK3Vn

“It will take a month for a message to reach Culhaven itself,” Ku said. “At that point we will have occupied the colony bordering you and a march south to the Ruby Highlands and reclaim the territory lost.”copyright protection13PENANAaRIbESUUvc

Adahild was impressed by him. His stature, tall and strong, his voice one of gentle strength and honor. He stood in silence and showed her and his sovereign proper respect. It was just like what she wanted to see in her subjects. Professionalism and respect, neither which her people showed.copyright protection13PENANANeLftxNe8A

“General Ku,” she addressed Ku. “I would be grateful if your troops was able to retake the fort captured by the Norsemen raiders. It is near the Culhaven colonial province border so it will be on your way.”copyright protection13PENANAHnYaDdmnhi

“Very good your Highness.”copyright protection13PENANALsauEOnyJS

Adahild jumped to her feet and a smile rising across her face.copyright protection13PENANAKw6wLA3zOb

“Since you have just traveled through a meter deep snow and minus 30 degrees Celsius I insist to prepare a feast for you in my dining hall,” she told them. “I won’t take no for an answer.” She looked at Daisuke. “We can discuss this further than.”copyright protection13PENANA9wz7Gdl3AD

He nodded approvingly. “Very well Queen Adahild, we accept your offer.”copyright protection13PENANAlm5wQJldi4

Ku noted that the dining hall was decorated as any Kyroshi dining hall, as was much of the castle Queen Adahild lived in. The large dining table was made out of Pine and Mahogany and it was filled to the brink with food, a proper royal feast it seemed. They young queen clearly wanted to impress.copyright protection13PENANA52AczmNDVC

There was a dozen different types of wine to pick from. Kyroshi, which he had expected to see-it was probably a gift from his government-elven wine, two types from the Riverlands and the rest from the City-states of Nydas, Lantos and Myrash and some places he hadn’t heard of. In picking meat there was chicken, fox, bear and surprisingly Kyroshi lion. There was wolf stew with elven spices and potatoes, four types of local fish, cheese, fruit and crab. And that was all he could instantly recognize.copyright protection13PENANAO58odOBzSc

Adahild sat at the head of the table with Ku on her right side with Daisuke on the left. Warchief Briga had first declined but Adahild grew angry so he accepted and lastly Dragonpriest Ashio was present. He was the Kyroshi representative sent to convert the Triseccii people to their religion. Like Daisuke his head was shaved. The dragon bone neckless around his neck showed his profession as a Dragonpriest.copyright protection13PENANAceyiKo15Bj

Ku had to admit he was surprised a semi-savage people like the Triseccii had all the food and spice that was available on the dining table.copyright protection13PENANA9HmKTW7Gz2

Adahild looked at him as the fifteen year old queen let a slave fill her gold goblet with wine. As if reading his mind she said,copyright protection13PENANAjo8rMlfoV8

“A lot of people who hasn’t been long in Trisectum is surprised, even stunned by what is available. Some of these foodstuffs are gifts from Chieftains in my domain that seeks my favor and protection from more powerful Chieftains that might bully them,” she explained. “But some of it comes from the market, my Steward sends out servants to trade with the merchants from your empire, the Riverlands, elves, Midlands, Culhaven and many other.”copyright protection13PENANAA7m8q6xrc8

“I see,” Ku understood. “I had no idea Trisectum was such a thriving trade city.”copyright protection13PENANALmQ86K4drE

“That’s our greatest income,” she explained and drank from her gold goblet. “Our import and export tax filled the state coffers more than taxing the tribal Chieftains.”copyright protection13PENANAgK2pbOLrcG

“And a lot less complaining,” a strong and rough voice added.copyright protection13PENANAzNOWWe3tGf

Daisuke and Ku looked to the entrance to the dining hall. To their awe they saw a Greenskin enter. Neither of them knew there was an orc in Adahild’s service. He wore the cloak of a bear and his chest was covered by a chestplate of Enchanted Ice Steel, given its ice blue glow. It was one of the strongest known kinds of steel in the world of Enderal. He settled down on Daisuke’s side of the table, just opposite to Briga. Ku noted a Flintlock pistol in his waistband with at least two axes.copyright protection13PENANACsCsBIcFWE

“Your Highness,” he said, respectfully bowing his head.copyright protection13PENANAjdomDzao0n

“Ambassador Daisuke, General Ku, this is my Master-at-Arms and enforcer Roark,” Adahild introduced him.copyright protection13PENANA5AaTw78zAP

Master-at-Arms, Ku thought. Meaning he was in charge of organizing her levy and defending her castle. But enforcer?copyright protection13PENANAPdhrGSaSy7

“So, what does an enforcer do exactly?” Daisuke inquired, offering the Orc a smile.copyright protection13PENANAwSlVeYupnv

Roark grinned, showing his fangs. He drew a hand through his long grey ponytail and leaned forward.copyright protection13PENANANs6YmD5ucG

“It means, dear ambassador, that I have the authority to enforce taxation on the kingdoms Chieftains.” He nodded to Briga. “The Warchief is Chieftain of his own Chiefdom so it can give the Chieftains the wrong impression if he deals with such matters.”copyright protection13PENANAk2TCtzvEs4

It made sense to Ku. But it sounded differently in Daisuke’s mind. To him, it sounded like Warchief Briga wasn’t trusted on that matter. Given what he had seen of the man so far, he understood that. He seemed to poorly integrate into the new age their people was experiencing.copyright protection13PENANALZX6Uc5pBs

Adahild cut into a piece of bear meat. She ate gently and slowly, with some spice and cheese added in. in comparison Briga practically forgot to chew his food. He savagely ripped into a chicken leg and swallowed it down with his entire goblet of wine and as he continued with a second chicken leg he waved over a slave woman to fill his goblet with what he saw as proper Triseccii wine.copyright protection13PENANAUoU1ngEsLR

“Shall we get to it Ambassador Daisuke?” Adahild asked.copyright protection13PENANA86T2InBd13

He swallowed a mix of salad, potato and local cheese before nodding.copyright protection13PENANAhN3eUXqZm2

“Let’s,” he agreed. “We understand that you are experiencing economic troubles and manpower problems because of the Culhaven aggression and Norse raiders and the disunity amongst the Chieftains. We will provide short term assistance but it will fall to your people to fortify and hold your borders in the long run. After all we didn’t give your grandfather these vast forests and fields to go up every time you have trouble.”copyright protection13PENANArhrmjODXho

“O-our war with the tribes to the north sucked out a lot of manpower during the later years of my da-father’s reign,” Adahild tried to explain satisfactory. “The Chieftains aren’t happy about abandoning the old-” she eyed Briga. “-and outdated tribal ways. They are afraid of the future. My father and grandfather was against the change, though my father accepted some when you pushed him. though he slowed it down as much as possible. It has left me to deal with what should have started two generations ago.” She didn’t dare tell Daisuke that the dragonpriests attempts to convert her people’s faith did nothing but alienate them. as much as she loved the Kyroshi nobilities way of life she didn’t care for their religion. Worshipping Elder Dragons made no sense to her. she worshipped the spirit of an ancient god, Gur the Conqueror.copyright protection13PENANAOpuHrd43q6

“If we focus on your manpower issues, use the lowest in society,” Daisuke suggested.copyright protection13PENANA6ITaWN7nMu

“On my order has Briga recruited thousands of Serfs into the army,” Adahild answered, glancing between Daisuke and Roark.copyright protection13PENANApeMRA5Fd2W

The greenskin got the hint and put down the ribs he was feasting on.copyright protection13PENANACQm7yNlDRL

“We can only recruit so many Serfs before production suffers,” he added in his rough voice.copyright protection13PENANAJXtD7qqfOd

Daisuke looked to him.copyright protection13PENANAKesw53BKgE

“What about the slaves?”copyright protection13PENANAHTv313RmHI

There was a silence over the dining table.copyright protection13PENANA8rGC4O3v4R

“What?” Adahild asked, utterly confused.copyright protection13PENANAIO5bkaeWVv

“How many slaves to you have in the kingdom?” Daisuke asked a pointed question.copyright protection13PENANAACo5Gq8yMQ

“Ah…” she had no idea and looked to Roark and Briga. But Briga had no clue.copyright protection13PENANAhVhXxlMAQQ

“Two hundred thousand, more or less,” Roark answered, surprising Ku and Daisuke. They didn’t expect an Orc to know that. They figured it too intellectual for his kind. “There are thirty thousand within Queen Adahild’s lands. The rest is spread out under the Chieftains.”copyright protection13PENANAszExKZIYVD

Daisuke nodded, keeping a natural expression, “Bring a number of slaves into the army. You can easily get fifty or a hundred thousand soldiers without worry. And it will still leave slaves to serve your people.”copyright protection13PENANAtvgSAXjJw6

Briga glared at him.copyright protection13PENANAzN1QLycx93

“Give slaves weapons?!” he exclaimed. “Are you mad?”copyright protection13PENANAoCC39n2SmX

“Silence,” Adahild told him, leaving him grumbling and finishing up his wolf stew. She looked at Ku. She wasn’t good at reading expressions but it seemed that he approved of the idea. If a great Kyroshi general did, well… “Ambassador, if we offer freedom to a hundred thousand slaves and train them to be soldiers, our production will greatly suffer when winter ends. Who will work the fields with the Serfs?”copyright protection13PENANAvQtMI4K1Ng

Daisuke raised his palm calmly. He understood her issue.copyright protection13PENANA7n39dOIqmS

“The Kyroshi Empire will provide you with slaves come spring. We can sign a treaty for it.”copyright protection13PENANAtKu6NDtQvQ

Adahild was too stunned to speak for a few moments.copyright protection13PENANAO1GhOpmyr9

Roark looked at Briga. He was furious.copyright protection13PENANAPzwTIKHqb4

“You Highness,” Roark said. “All these slaves must be brought into your army. We cannot allow them to prosper such an increase in manpower. They will be angry enough over losing so many slaves.”copyright protection13PENANAiEPMKDqetW

“That would mean the slaves must live of her lands,” Briga stated. “She can’t provide so many men and their slave families homes.”copyright protection13PENANA5hYLzMaVlC

For ones Briga made sense, but Ku could answer that.copyright protection13PENANA5bbC4TmMky

“If I may?” He said.copyright protection13PENANAQDcFpXiQcM

Adahild nodded immediately.copyright protection13PENANAMh4L3DydzT

“The attritions of winter, attacking a fort and battle will ground down these numbers to more manageable,” he told her. “All you need is to supply them with food for a campaign, training and give them weapons and uniforms or armor. Whatever is available.”copyright protection13PENANAQE41g9VDVf

“That is fantastic!” Adahild shined. “Roark, get it done.”copyright protection13PENANAbMSosimL9y

He nodded. “I will dispatch messengers this evening. I will add that a Kyroshi army is here, that comment should keep them obedient. But it will take at least a month or two to gather all the slave surplus the Chieftains possess. I will send courtiers with royal decrees to assemble the new army.”copyright protection13PENANAxWQBHTff7O

Daisuke looked at Ku.copyright protection13PENANA9XteYJnTnj

“Can your army wait?”copyright protection13PENANA9z52Xxkjit

Ku nodded slowly.copyright protection13PENANASPqIr7BGmI

“Yes, but I can order them to march west to establish a defensive line against Norsemen and men from Culhaven alike.”copyright protection13PENANAvwGYKEI8y5

“Off course,” Daisuke said.copyright protection13PENANArHEwKC34Wm

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