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Confessions of a moonlight addict,
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Co-Writer Ethan Redmace*
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Confessions of a moonlight addict,
Chapter 2,
Ethan Redmace
Nov 12, 2017
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!eXQLTXxaZrmndiXVga6Nposted on PENANA

"Lana!" My mother shook me awake. I was in the hospital where people were watching over and helping me," Why did you go out last night! You could have been killed by that young boy!" My head spun as I stretched some fingers across it. My body echoed with chills like it did last night. I tried laying up, but I couldn't. When I kept running, I remember something struck me, blue in the chest and I remember a stab across the face. I didn't think that was possible, but maybe it was a reflection or something of the moonlight. Moonlight gave me peace," Why were you out there?!" I didn't want to tell her the truth nor about the fact I'd been doing it every night for the last few years. I loved my mom, but sometimes I had fixed feelings about her when it came to what I was doing. If she knew I'd been doing this for the past few years, she would probably have some professional put an outside lock on the window and watch for sounds closer.copyright protection11PENANAOPDQ9HseGk

"For the past few days," I swallowed even if it was almost impossible," I've been sneaking out of the house to meet with boys, get wasted, and even sometimes go further than I should. It's a coping mechanism for the fact that you haven't been paying a lot of attention to me so I act like the typical reckless kid," Tears enveloped out of my eyes, but I pushed them back," Also, kids at school have been pressuring me. I was chased by someone carrying a camera in their hand, but there might have been someone else. Someone worse that stabbed me across the face." Just as I said that, blood dripped from my wounds on my face. One underneath my lip and one on my cheek, preventing me from blushing from embarrassment. Night time used to be special to me; I loved going out. Yes, while I did enjoy going out, I was misbehaving and committing wrong, irresponsible actions.copyright protection11PENANAjUh9Fa6dk5

"Honey," Her eyes were on the blood," I'm sorry. Don't do this again ever. I'm concerned for you. You could have died. Honey," she grabbed my arm softly," I'll try to take better care of you. What were you doing that night exactly?"copyright protection11PENANAEHtS0rNgBT

"The police will discover everything, mom. Don't worry. copyright protection11PENANA4qIIhSpK65

"I was trying to steal some drink from the 7/11, but then sirens buzzed off near a robbery. There were guns blazing everywhere and fire hanging over the building. I was trying to meet up with my new friend Dan in an abandoned building, but I went inside even though there was smoke inhaling from it. I presumed that he had been smoking or playing with matches. Dan met me and we touched...not important.-"copyright protection11PENANA4pZmzFwFSR

"How did you touch? You're right. It doesn't matter. You're almost 17, but did you use protection?"copyright protection11PENANALxyfpzGdPi

"Can you please stop? That makes me uncomfortable. We didn't do it. All he did was kiss me, no clothes off, that's it." I snapped, but instantly felt even more sick after that," Sorry about that. Afterwards Dan told me we should get out and two people entered the building, one green haired boy with red almost blank eyes and one carrying a camera. He introduced me to them, not telling me their names, but someone told me in the woods that they weren't the one who was chasing me. copyright protection11PENANA7UIQCZI1JP

Anyways, I don't remember what they did to me, but eventually I got out of there by telling him no and he slipped me out of his arms and well....he let me go. However back at the abandoned building, one started filming me and he was wearing a mask and the hood that it's included with every coat. I didn't know why, but Dan grabbed out a couple of matches and passed them to me. Then sometime after that, I was running away from either them, the media, or the Police. Or maybe?"copyright protection11PENANA7Of7aOMHuE

Mom tried to process the information, but she phoned up the police and told them in a nutshell everything I had told her," It was hard to tell them, but I did it. I can't believe you'd be this reckless. This irresponsible, but I will still always love you. I trust you, but don't go outside without me and if you do, phone me every single time. But I'd rather keep you outside for the night. If I can't trust you not to meet up with boys, but no matter what," she patted the arm that didn't have blood dripped on it, trying to give me a hug," Lana, I will always love you." copyright protection11PENANAygc7vCGcPw

She passed the phone on the blankets in front of me, then someone grabbed it for me and the Doctor held it up, showing me the news articals about what had happened last night and about that the Boy who claimed to not have chased or filmed me..he didn't say he wasn't not filming me, but I don't remember exactly, and the fact he had been locked up in an asylum. Good, he was crazy. I didn't know. My memory was fading when it came to memories of last night. Moonlight was almost here even though every day had some sliver of nighttime included in it with light always shining through in every darkest spot or crack or point, no matter what happened at all. The articals had interesting material, even material I had forgotten about.copyright protection11PENANAvXqdN3dw5X

I remember the boy's desperate tone and his fingers curled into mine, the feeling of it, but somehow everything else was a blur and I didn't know why. The asylum, being chased. Apparently, the blue in the chest happened at the asylum and it was insanity. It must have been the boy, whatever his name was or whoever he was. I didn't know anything right now in my current condition except for the past few minutes which apparently could be a real condition. copyright protection11PENANAmcMBjWq6DV

Something flashed outside of my hospital room window. Something I'd never expected. A shadow flickered in the middle of the window. A tall shadow knocking at the window; my first thought was the Highwayman. However, it had the face of the moon and the eyes of the dark sky. A chill like gusting wind  traveled through me. I ignored it; it was probably a reflection of some kind," We couldn't find it." My mind was in a state between reality, sleep, and dreaming.copyright protection11PENANALccXjIz0Up

"Your phone." In the state, everything was pink and fluffy. Someone handed me something that had been cracked by footsteps and snow, at least that's what I presumed it was," Here it is now, your imagination may be right. It may not be." I shook my head and water entering my mouth interrupted the dreaming state; whatever it was in me dissipated, the feeling of holding cracked peices within my hands. Right after I noticed the shadow gleaming in the window. Right after that. Water mixed with medicine and my eyes shot open. How long had it been?copyright protection11PENANAwpnXDa1RH6

"Where is my mom!" I pushed myself up, but then my doctors gave me all copied looks of concern about me. Apparently, they were shocked by my awakening similar to one from a nightmare. copyright protection11PENANAP3jBFCy6Ib

"She left a few minutes ago."copyright protection11PENANA2uoerHW1IR

"Where!" copyright protection11PENANArfgOcUZdLH

The doctors gave each other expressions and spoke to each other without words. One doctor pointed to the window where the shadow had been. Did she jump out of it? No, she didn't. The window was flung open now, enveloped by the curtains being plastered by the wind, glued in one place, swishing back and forth. One of the doctors, the one who didn't point took off the curtains and kept the window half-open," She's outside." I saw a few passerby going here and there outside. Everything was well. My worries were insignificant, and besides there were guards outside.copyright protection11PENANAkALDcqgKxZ

"Where is she going?" copyright protection11PENANAWztkNU2KWK

"She's going to the police station and to the media outlets; she's going to tell them more about your story and get on with the investigation. Even of your search history." copyright protection11PENANABoZSccMcqy

Please no. My search history had some embarrassing entries in it, questions about my existence, teenage angst, questions about life and romance, questions about most everything, and even some searching of edgy content discussed by big Youtubers. Nothing much, but some of the history was embarrassing and something that would make most parents face palm. One of my worst ones was a searching of how to run away from home? I didn't delete it because nobody had the desire to check my history until now. I would be arrested from looking up some of the top ten things you should never Google, but it was all out of curiosity and I was a developing teenager. No, some of it was still wrong and if I got arrested for that, so be it, maybe it wasn't illegal. I didn't research that aspect enough; it's whatever. The police wanted to protect people.copyright protection11PENANATK9Eom5E6C

Would my mom get arrested and I put with somebody different because of her not checking up and giving me rules for most of my internet usage? I didn't know about the laws of this beautiful and God-beloved country well enough. Tears enveloped out of my eyes as I sunk my face into my pillow, trying not to let it show. Some of my history was fine, but I searched up weird and possibly some evil, illegal things because of thoughts I had and because I was interested in a wide variety of topics, not knowing or caring if it would get her into trouble or not for not stepping in and being a good mother? copyright protection11PENANAD2c6m01pKY

The running away from home search was me obsessing over Dad's death one day and the fact that he was now gone forever even if he was a ton of jerk hole most of the time...or whatever term is better to use than that. This search also made me go through and sift through hundreds of websites and a couple of years ago, I did run away for a couple of days before, like the Prodigal Son returning home, except it took him multiple years or something. I packed up my items, took my tent, and camped in the woods with my dollar bills next to the local hotel inn. copyright protection11PENANA9mm9ezl1LM

"What about my history?"copyright protection11PENANAAFxKjV6pzc

"That took long to say." Someone stepped in and gave me a hug. Someone I rarely had never talked to for constant years now, only when I was in school and they gave me rides there and babysitted me sometimes. My uncle, Drew. What was he now?copyright protection11PENANA2dfejCel1Z

"Hey, it's me. I know you haven't seen me in a while, but-"copyright protection11PENANAjalGkzfFB0

"Are you a doctor?" copyright protection11PENANAsbGZVZU1pu

"No, I'm a lawyer. I overheard the whole conversation. I love you and wish for the best, but this seems...interesting. What in your history made you so hesitant to ask that question for over the scale-sorry. That wasn't the best thing of me to say. It's just," he scratched his head," It's been years since I've last seen you and this is not the best way to say hello to your niece, not at all. I'm sorry about what happened last night." He noticed the now dried blood on the sheets of my hospital bed," That's what I should have said. It doesn't matter what you've searched or what you haven't searched." Finally a thrill of happiness and love spread throughout me instead of the overwhelming fears and worries and guilt involving a ton of my internet searches. I felt safe and loved, like I could jump up and down with happiness at this very moment," I will always love you." Me and Drew talked for a long while until he finally went into the serious parts and some random lessons and lectures about psychology that I took very seriously and hopefully I wouldn't forget.copyright protection11PENANAerHtG15Un6

"They are going to search your history for anything suspicious or something that led to what happened. They'll go and search every little last bit of everything you've done and wrote. Everything. It's for your safety, not to accuse you. Or anything. I wish you luck." The doctors and Drew nodded. Memories flooded back to me except for last night and the daydream was fading from my memory already fasting than a crashing ship or even faster than a speeding train.copyright protection11PENANAUHhfnBPChq

The articals about the boy claimed that he was the one who chased me, hitting me across the face with an ax. Nobody was for sure, but there were already thousands of video feeds and comments involving it. I didn't see any of them, but police are on the case. The evidence gives them a hypothesis already-a hypothesis that he struck himself on his own body, slipped me in his arms, made it looked like somebody attacked him, and then called the police on himself.copyright protection11PENANADJCjJxjDzI

Why though? What about Dan? What about his crazy friends and why was one of them filming me? A doctor injected something in me after a few minutes which made my eyes go wide for a moment. Did I have some form of brain-damage? Was this boy the other two or with the other two, one I didn't know about who Dan didn't introduce to me in the abandoned building? Was he really telling the truth or was he telling a lie? And why did my alarm bells of stranger danger go off? Why did I sort of recognize him? What was he? Who was he and what was going on?copyright protection11PENANA8NaPgQRmKe

The articals on multiple websites, even non-trust worthy ones all had their theories. So did blogs and everything, the whole internet was in on it now. The entire world knew my story or at least knew what happened last night. Soon, I hugged myself tight internally, they would know everything. I envisioned some people pleading for me to be locked up, some feeling sorry for me, some people rioting in the streets for parents to become better people sometimes when it came to watching over their kids. Many different scenarios that I didn't envision then, but a while after I had gotten fixed or at least helped by the doctors here. What was going on?copyright protection11PENANAsFVKVjlKVD

Now my pain was numbed away; I didn't feel all the hurt anymore, at least it was numbed and harder to not uncover. My mom and the police, thoughts about them and the doctors and Drew along with how amazing he was were the last thoughts that blazed the trails of my mind when I fell asleep from the drugs and the medicine injected and inserted into my veins. 15Please respect copyright.PENANATSI3IYTzlE
copyright protection11PENANAbymNS6lbJU

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