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Book One: The Stone of Immortality
Writer Little Angel
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Book One: The Stone of Immortality
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Chapter One: Never be the Same
Little Angel
Nov 12, 2017
17 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!GruDlzVZvwP0wumjUyHUposted on PENANA

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter, and it remains the property of J.K. Rowling. The plot and additional characters belong to me.copyright protection31PENANARr6zCkNjuO

Wednesday 19th September 1979copyright protection31PENANAIbfcPAMLAi

Screams echoed throughout a cemetery as a woman leaned against a wall, hidden behind a large willow tree. The woman was heavily pregnant, and she pointed her wand at her stomach, whispering a spell to numb herself. She pushed her eccentric curls away from her sweaty face and took a knife from her robes. Unable to feel anything, the woman made an incision in her lower abdomen and heaved her baby out.copyright protection31PENANAhqjOUF8PeP

She wrapped the baby in a blanket, before using a spell to remove her afterbirth and she closed the incision. Breathing deeply, she hugged the baby to her breast. ‘I am so sorry, my love,’ the woman whispered.copyright protection31PENANAJ5hPFUatdF

The woman stayed there for two days, recuperating her strength, and during the night on the second day she stood and stumbled from the cemetery with the baby secure in her arms. She was drained and famished, but her baby was her primary concern.copyright protection31PENANAhWQw8G7VrI

‘Bella!' came a voice from behind her, and she turned to find Rabastan running towards her. ‘Where were you? I thought the worst,' he said, wrapping his arms around her. The bundle between them caught his attention, and he looked down into the baby's face, his expression softening.copyright protection31PENANAdJ8wx3bFSp

‘Your Daughter,’ Bellatrix confirmed, tightening her hold on the bundle.copyright protection31PENANAvBvNrbHCEV

‘Rodolphus will kill us. Why didn't you just tell him you were pregnant?' Rabastan asked her, touching his Daughter's forehead gently.copyright protection31PENANAhVS7s0NAWf

Bellatrix shook her head. ‘He will never know. I am not having that man raise my Daughter the way he has raised Vincent. I don’t want her to have this life, Rabastan,’ she told him firmly, tears coming to her eyes as she looked down at her baby.copyright protection31PENANAiaYrGvuSbm

Rabastan slumped his shoulders and closed his eyes. His first child, and probably only child, was going to be torn away from him. ‘What do you plan to do with her?' He asked, trying to stay calm. He knew whatever Bellatrix was planning; it would be the best for all of them.copyright protection31PENANAiHYOuqZc2E

‘I'm taking her away from the Wizarding World. She will be safer never having to grow up around magic. When the time comes, she will learn of our world through Hogwarts. One day, she might find us…' she trailed off as tears spilt from her eyes, and Rabastan pulled her into his arms.copyright protection31PENANA7jAZr30fDX

‘Let me come with you,’ Rabastan beseeched, but he knew she would refuse.copyright protection31PENANAvW7tnOYSGa

‘No, I can't allow you to become attached to her. This is for the best,' Bellatrix countered, and walked away from him. Every step she took away from him caused another tear to fall from her eyes. Rabastan stared at her as she left, tears welling in his eyes.copyright protection31PENANAeZRdNlDNyG

Shortly after her encounter with Rabastan, Bellatrix found a Muggle hospital, and she crept inside. She disillusioned herself and made her way to the maternity ward. Noise from the high dependence ward caught her attention, and she moved into the room to find another baby girl quaking and shuddering in the incubator. Foam was coming from her mouth, and the beeping machine became still as the girl did.copyright protection31PENANArG01Gs4HHI

Bellatrix frowned when she grasped what happened, and she closed her eyes. She raised her wand and silenced the machines before it could alarm the staff, and she took a deep breath, made her decision, and opened the incubator. She removed the tubes from the baby girl and took her out. She lay her gently on a changing table and turned to her Daughter.copyright protection31PENANAEcFLG3zFVg

Bellatrix's eyes burned with tears as she took in her Daughter sleeping serenely, unaware she was about to be torn from her real Mother. With trembling hands, Bellatrix put her into the incubator and performed a spell on her which showed she was healthy. Bellatrix closed the incubator. ‘Sleep well, my Esmerelda,’ she breathed, tears falling from her eyes. She turned to the dead baby on the table, wrapped her in a blanket from the shelf, and picked her up, before leaving the hospital unnoticed.copyright protection31PENANAP9fHn330QB

Bellatrix made her way back to the cemetery, where she spent the early morning digging a hole and buried the child behind the willow tree where she gave birth. She found a large stone and levitated it over to the grave. Raising her wand, she used a spell to write an inscription on the stone: "Thank you for giving my Daughter a chance at a normal life".copyright protection31PENANAGhhHjX9oER

Bellatrix stared at the grave for a while, before turning and making her way out of the cemetery. She spun on her heel and Disapparated home.copyright protection31PENANA7i3M4KPDpK

Thursday 13th November 1980copyright protection31PENANAUeU9VhdYi3

A lone figure stood on a windy hilltop, wringing his gloved hands anxiously, and turned when another figure walked up to join him. He pulled down his hood and held up his hands defensively. ‘Don't kill me!' he cried, his voice overwrought with fright.copyright protection31PENANAzZlRGEOP3t

The figure raised his wand. ‘Why shouldn’t I?’ he asked, looking at the terrified man in disgust.copyright protection31PENANAGaLKXQuMtT

‘Please, I have information you want to hear,' the man responded, taking a step back.copyright protection31PENANAxo8sy4JL32

‘Oh? Speak quickly, Severus,’ the man answered, lowering his hood. The man was old with long silver hair and a beard that matched.copyright protection31PENANAOD19uIOjxR

Severus Snape nodded, dropping his hands. ‘I overheard a prophecy,’ he enlightened and proceeded to tell the elder man the contents of what he heard. ‘I told him…' he trailed off, shaking his head. ‘I told the Dark Lord before I knew it linked him to the Potter's. I found out afterwards that Voldemort planned to go after them. I asked him to spare Lily…’ he trailed off, and the man scowled at him.copyright protection31PENANAMe2xYZntMR

‘Spare Lily, but not her Son or James,’ the man growled, shaking his head. ‘You are despicable.’copyright protection31PENANAmkfvMNzwzC

‘I panicked!' Severus shouted in defence of his actions. He was disturbed by what he had done and didn't need anyone to point out his error. ‘Please, hide them all, Dumbledore,' he begged, falling to his knees as the weight of his mistake overcame him. ‘Keep her… keep them safe,' he solicited, looking up at Dumbledore. ‘I'll do anything you want, in return for their safety,' he alleged, and Dumbledore's eyebrows rose at this.copyright protection31PENANAynfAxKil3Q

Dumbledore smirked and agreed to Severus' promise. He advised of the dire consequences he would endure if his oath were not kept. Thus, Severus Snape became a double agent for Dumbledore.copyright protection31PENANAdP4gn3gLw3

Saturday 31st October 1981copyright protection31PENANACTnSpaGYGf

Severus Snape cursed Albus Dumbledore.copyright protection31PENANABfDRQaB9wE

The man was an utter fool. How could he sit and wait for Voldemort to attack the Potter's? The old man swore to keep them safe, but decided to wait? All because he didn't know Voldemort's plans even though Snape told him everything he heard from his Master.copyright protection31PENANAZKu41R8hCE

The stupid fool.copyright protection31PENANAkfyI8XSOWz

Snape stopped running when he came upon the Potter home, flames lighting up the darkness. He noticed Hagrid run out of the house, carrying something in his arms and he assumed this was the Potter’s Son. Sirius Black was running towards the house towards him. Snape shook his head, not waiting for them.copyright protection31PENANA4yPIpFS1Op

He needed to get to Lily.copyright protection31PENANAGOaaSb20sF

He ran to the back of the house and kicked open the door, ducking into the house. He was in the kitchen, but there was no sign of Lily in there. He made his way through the house, avoiding the fire, and came across the body of James Potter lying at the bottom of the stairs.copyright protection31PENANAFNUev2boR8

Shouting from outside reminded him that Sirius and Hagrid were still outside, and then the sound of a motorbike roared throughout the street. Snape looked out the front entrance, noticing Sirius was still on the path, watching Hagrid fly away on the bike.copyright protection31PENANAXWHNE6sx8h

Snape turned and ran up the stairs, looking in the rooms, and heard a noise from the room at the end. With a heavy heart, Snape made his way to the room and realised this was the nursery. He looked down, and his heart lodged in his throat when he saw Lily's unmoving body.copyright protection31PENANAXP570Yi2ZK

Snape fell to his knees, and pulled her to him, cradling her lifeless body as tears streamed from his eyes. He kissed her head and reached up to close her eyes. A crack in the hallway made him look up as the ceiling collapsed, and he quickly got up.copyright protection31PENANAHEyCS3E4sw

He was too late…copyright protection31PENANAdqsUd71FE9

Snape ran a shaking hand through his greasy, black hair, and turned to leave, but a sound from the crib made him stop dead. A baby was crying. Snape turned towards the cradle slowly; he saw Hagrid carrying a baby…copyright protection31PENANAWBZ2IZ002Z

Snape walked to the crib and looked down to find a baby crying and thrashing about. He picked the boy up, and looked at the silver bracelet on his wrist, hoping for some indication of his name, but there was only his birth date.copyright protection31PENANALJEjlxn0CP

Snape turned, intending to leave with the boy, and a hanging picture on the wall caught his attention. It was a picture of James and Lily, holding two boys. Snape’s eyes widened, he hadn’t realised the Potter’s had twins. Dumbledore only mentioned one boy, and Snape wondered if Dumbledore knew there were two.copyright protection31PENANAwPfYKs5L8K

Snape shook his head, deciding to ponder this new information later. He looked at the boy and then turned to the door. He frowned at the handmade sign on the door, remembering Lily loved to draw and knew she would have made it for her boy's. It read: "Harry and Sebastian's Room".copyright protection31PENANAV5mU75U86W

‘Sebastian, huh?’ Snape muttered in awe, looking at the boy with a frown. The boy coughed, and Snape knew he had to get him out of there. He looked down at Lily one more time, before Disapparating just as Sirius ran through the door shouting her name.copyright protection31PENANA8RFMb1kz1W

Albus Dumbledore appeared on a quiet street named “Privet Drive”, and rummaged in his cloak for something as a tabby cat narrowed its eyes at him. He realised he was being watched and looked up at the cat, smirking in amusement. ‘I should have known,’ he muttered to himself, shaking his head.copyright protection31PENANAoyMExw7Dhg

He went back to searching his pockets and found what he was looking for. It was a large lighter, and he flicked it open. He held it in the air and clicked it, making all the lights in the street go out, one by one. He put the lighter back into his pocket and ambled along the pavement, taking a seat next to the tabby cat in front of a house with the number "4" screwed into the door.copyright protection31PENANAnclJ7tP1CV

‘And what brings you here, my dear Professor McGonagall?' he asked, looking down at the cat curiously.copyright protection31PENANAXKMDxYESxG

However, the cat was gone, and in its place, was a woman with square-spectacles, and a stern face. She pursed her lips and glanced at him. ‘How did you know it was me?' she asked, but she knew Dumbledore wasn't stupid. Dumbledore didn't answer, he didn't need to, but he did chuckle at the glare McGonagall shot him. ‘Are the rumours true, Albus?' she asked suddenly, and Dumbledore raised an eyebrow. ‘Is You-Know-Who gone?' she added, looking at him hopefully.copyright protection31PENANAOWeAAL6Ioo

‘It would certainly seem so,’ Dumbledore answered, reaching into his pocket and pulling out two sherbet lemons. He offered one to McGonagall, but she declined, and he busied himself with opening one of them.copyright protection31PENANAYMBkwIOlKq

‘Is it true he attacked the Potter's? That James and Lily are…' she trailed off, unable to complete her sentence. One glance at Dumbledore's bowed head confirmed they were dead, and she gasped. ‘Oh, poor James and Lily,' she whispered, pulling out a handkerchief and dabbing her eyes with it. McGonagall sniffed and looked up at him. ‘And what about Harry? I heard You-Know-Who was unable to kill him as well,' she said, and Dumbledore nodded.copyright protection31PENANAgHb3lJ2ZBz

‘There were two, Minerva. James and Lily had twins,’ he revealed to her, and her eyes widened.copyright protection31PENANAGpvU06G7O5

‘They kept that quiet,’ she said, shaking her head. ‘Then, what happened to them?’ she asked, dreading the answer.copyright protection31PENANAvNS67oPVKz

‘We know what was spoken of the prophecy, but it could have meant either of them,' Dumbledore mused, shaking his head. He took out his watch and examined it, before placing it back in his pocket. ‘Hagrid's late,' he muttered and looked down the road.copyright protection31PENANAm0hx4Cg6CR

‘You trusted Hagrid with something as important as this?’ McGonagall asked him in shock.copyright protection31PENANAFjhbeiiUp6

‘I trust him. He’s bringing Harry and Sebastian here, where they can live with their Aunt and Uncle,’ Dumbledore clarified, giving her a sideways glance.copyright protection31PENANA0VUS11hRX1

‘You can’t mean here! These people are horrible, Albus! They will never understand them,’ she said, looking at him in disbelief.copyright protection31PENANArj2JR6m7dZ

‘It’s the safest place for them,’ he answered sternly, giving her a serious look over his half-moon spectacles.copyright protection31PENANAZTih4wzmrZ

McGonagall's shoulders slumped, and she was about to argue, but a loud roar broke the silence. They both looked up to see a motorbike flying through the air, and it landed in front of them, coming to a screeching stop. Dumbledore stood, letting out a breath of relief as Hagrid got off the motorbike carefully.copyright protection31PENANAtrUokWpBOn

‘Hagrid, at last,’ Dumbledore said, moving towards him. ‘Where did you get that motorbike?’ he asked, gesturing to the vehicle.copyright protection31PENANADfHFYyMkGZ

‘Borrowed it off Sirius Black,’ Hagrid answered, moving forward with a bundle of blankets in his arms. ‘I got Harry, sir. Sebastian was…’ he trailed off, shaking his head.copyright protection31PENANAkFSCXW8xjA

Dumbledore frowned sadly and nodded slowly. McGonagall gasped as she realised what Hagrid was trying to say, and dabbed her eyes with her handkerchief again. Dumbledore took Harry from him and looked down at the sleeping boy. A jagged scar was bleeding on his forehead; it was shaped like a lightning bolt. Hagrid let out a sob and blew his nose into a spotted handkerchief as McGonagall shushed him.copyright protection31PENANAwN2rbmoBYc

Dumbledore stepped over the low garden wall and walked to the front door of number 4. He laid Harry gently on the doorstep, took a letter from inside his cloak, and tucked it inside Harry's blankets. He moved away and went back to stand with the other two. For a moment they stared at the bundle, but eventually, Dumbledore patted their arms, and they all made to leave. Hagrid said his goodbyes, tears still streaming from his eyes, as he got on the motorbike and flew away. McGonagall sniffed and blew her nose before turning back into a tabby cat and trotting down the road and around a corner.copyright protection31PENANAYBsGhqe3LV

Dumbledore sighed and pulled the lighter from his pocket. With a click, the lights appeared in the lamps again. He took another look at the bundle. ‘Good luck, Harry,' he whispered and walked away down the road.copyright protection31PENANA25BVIySQ5b

‘Daddy!’ cried a little girl as Snape opened the door to his home.copyright protection31PENANArCZt4aPsMO

‘Hello, princess,’ he said, leaning down and giving his Daughter a one-armed hug. He pulled back and held the bundle out for her to see. ‘This is Sebastian, Autumn. He’s going to be living with us for a while,’ Snape told her, and her eyes lit up.copyright protection31PENANAEKp6rHxFKj

‘I've always wanted a Brother!' she cried in delight, kissing Sebastian on the head.copyright protection31PENANABNpcI7KAYQ

Snape smiled and ushered her into the living room. He put Sebastian on the couch, making sure he wouldn't roll off, before checking the cupboard for one of Autumn's seats that she had as a baby. He found it and took it into the living room where he put Sebastian in it. The boy was still sound asleep.copyright protection31PENANAMptLSxWIZI

Sebastian sat down slowly as he watched Autumn kneel down by Sebastian with her toys, speaking to him even though he was asleep. He couldn't help but smile.copyright protection31PENANAwEsWLUDjAo

Autumn was the result of a one-night stand, and her Mother had dumped her on him saying she didn't want her. Snape was barely able to take care of himself, let alone a little girl, at that point, and he almost abandoned her, but when he looked into her dark blue eyes, he fell in love. He did his best to raise her, and also did his best to keep her away from the Dark Lord's prying eyes.copyright protection31PENANACbb1nT97u7

A knock on his door startled him from his memories, and he frowned. He closed the living room door and went to the front door. He opened it slowly, revealing Lucius Malfoy on the doorstep. ‘Lucius?' he asked, opening the door fully.copyright protection31PENANAYgwr1oYX7Y

It was then that he noticed the bundle Lucius was carrying and he frowned. ‘Severus, I trust you are well?' He asked, a small smirk appearing on his mouth at the sound of Autumn giggling in the living room. Lucius and Narcissa were Autumn's godparents and had promised not to reveal her to the Dark Lord.copyright protection31PENANAFED8Ap2eID

‘Yes, Lucius, and you?’ he asked, glancing nervously at the bundle.copyright protection31PENANAClONnbHwjb

‘You remember the meeting, Severus. The Dark Lord charged you with raising his Son should anything happen to him,' he told him and handed the bundle to Snape.copyright protection31PENANADhr9JtyIrG

‘Yes, I remember. I don't understand why he wants me to do it, though. He knows I wouldn't be able to provide for him,' Snape answered, looking down at the boy in his arms.copyright protection31PENANAH6kkfUJi8s

‘No need to worry, Severus. You know our Lord would not leave his Son wanting. He has provided funds for Zacharias,' Lucius answered, nodding to a letter sticking out of the blanket around Zacharias.copyright protection31PENANAVLNJyaVgHe

Snape nodded, knowing he had no choice. He wondered how he had gone from having one child to three in the space of an hour. He swallowed hard and placed Zacharias down on a table next to the door. He took the letter and opened it.copyright protection31PENANArkwTtfn2XO

Severus,copyright protection31PENANAIEU2ZaXJs6

If you are reading this, then I am gone. I leave my Son, Zacharias, in your care. Upon my death, I have requested my account to be emptied into yours.copyright protection31PENANAcnR07qa2GR

Your Lordcopyright protection31PENANAh8cN2G3pI0

Severus gaped at the words on the page, knowing the Dark Lord had gained a lot of wealth during his travels to Europe and had quite a fortune. ‘You will be fine, my friend,' Lucius said, smiling at him.copyright protection31PENANAdrF8tFiroK

Snape nodded numbly, before looking at Zacharias. ‘He had an account?’ Snape asked in disbelief, gesturing to the letter.copyright protection31PENANAxB8oBfOMiv

Lucius chuckled. ‘Under a fake name, but it was charmed to empty if something happened to him. He set it up as soon as he knew Olivia was pregnant,’ he answered, shaking his head as he thought of the poor girl who endured the Dark Lord’s abuse.copyright protection31PENANAEzDQmFwp4f

Snape nodded, his eyes also becoming saddened as he thought of Zacharias’ Mother. The poor girl had died giving birth to him. It was said she gave up before she had a chance to even look at him. The only time the Dark Lord was lenient with her was during her pregnancy. ‘I will take care of him,' Snape whispered, knowing he had no other choice.copyright protection31PENANAqiG6qaLIBa

‘Good,' Lucius said, and shook his hand before disappearing out the door and down the road.copyright protection31PENANAs8LBwmQl88

Snape closed the door and sighed. He knew he wouldn't be able to bring up three children. He picked Zacharias up and moved into the living room. Autumn had fallen asleep on the couch, and he smiled down at her. He walked over to Sebastian and picked him up, and put Zacharias down instead. He looked at Autumn and hoped she wouldn't notice the difference. He decided he would take Sebastian to his Godfather.copyright protection31PENANAQMHuD4a9tf

Before leaving, he ordered his House-Elf, Tino, to watch the children, before Disapparating.copyright protection31PENANApTx50XfLFR

Sirius was fuming at Peter. He couldn’t believe the bastard had given up the location of the Potter’s to You-Know-Who so easily. He scowled, and stormed out of Grimmauld Place, intent on finding the little snitch and killing him.copyright protection31PENANAV8ZHJw4ASc

Something out of the corner of his eye startled him, and he turned to find Severus Snape there holding a bundle. ‘Snivellus,’ he greeted, but didn’t lower his wand.copyright protection31PENANAJJZqdDvoNY

Snape glared at him. ‘You have responsibilities, so Wormtail will have to wait,’ he said, already knowing what Sirius was planning to do.copyright protection31PENANADcSbhS8xEO

‘Oh really? What do you know, Snivellus? Harry was given to his Aunt and Uncle, and Sebastian is dead. What responsibilities do I have, huh?’ He shouted, taking a threatening step towards Snape.copyright protection31PENANAoAXohGUlhN

Snape didn't move and held out the bundle to Sirius who frowned. Sirius stepped forward and took the bundle. ‘Harry?' he asked, looking at Snape in confusion.copyright protection31PENANAy0wyrKbW8Y

Snape shook his head. ‘No, Sebastian. The oaf grabbed Harry and left Sebastian there to die. I took him before that could happen,’ Snape answered, his eyes glazing over as he thought of Lily.copyright protection31PENANAUMaNXrG6Zk

‘It was you,’ Sirius said, pointing to him. ‘You were there. I saw you Disapparate when I entered the nursery. At the time I didn’t know who it was,’ he clarified, looking down at the bundle.copyright protection31PENANAUnURLcyGxP

‘Take care of him,' Snape said and turned to walk away.copyright protection31PENANAu5Q0DhLOdT

Sirius nodded. ‘Thanks, Snape,' he called to him.copyright protection31PENANAN8GXWEpCKo

Snape smirked, but a deep sadness lingered in his eyes. He raised a hand to show Sirius he heard him before Disapparating home.copyright protection31PENANAXFMRxy36fB

Sirius looked down at Sebastian and smiled, all thoughts of going after Pettigrew and killing him left his mind as he took the small boy into Grimmauld Place.copyright protection31PENANAVJGLJk3u9g

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