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Avenue of Star
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Co-Writer Velvetaesthetics*
Co-Writer 夢妤
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Avenue of Star
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[1] Chance?
Dec 6, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!xDViIoYSLzT6Ioh7GnuNposted on PENANA

Main:43Please respect copyright.PENANABZUBdnlIE2
·Choi Yehan (Siara) (1997)43Please respect copyright.PENANA4kHcOBKGGv
-half-Korean-half-Chinese43Please respect copyright.PENANA7tf09z39Cw
-an introvert, but actually cheerful and talkative among her best friends43Please respect copyright.PENANAfdv9PJwbsb
-always lack of confidence, but in fact she had the potential to be one of the top trainees43Please respect copyright.PENANAdwwVIlxt1d
-tries her best in everything she's keen oncopyright protection39PENANApK00DHU6vl

*43Please respect copyright.PENANAY8Ge9QOcZq
portrait at Seulgi @ Red Velvet​43Please respect copyright.PENANAIfEeptXWEp
copyright protection39PENANAY2YTkHhjz3

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" I bet many adults have been asking you this question non-stop, but actually it's very hard to achieve what we are willing for since young. Although many of my clssmates have once said to the teacher that they want to be a chef, singer or professional dancer, but guess what? My teacher told us that these jobs lead us to an uncertain future, but in fact we are the ones who define our future instead of the older generations.copyright protection39PENANAStaBSrIyPd

As for me, my dream is very simple - to be a K-Pop star, sounds ridiculous, isn't it?copyright protection39PENANAlfXlfA3aHy

Being a mixed-race of Chinese and Korean, people may think that my parents will accept the traditions from two countries, but this is not the case. Since I was born and currently living in China, they tend to keep the Chinese tradition of "Study hard when you are young then you won't regret". Honestly, I felt that I'm always kept inside a bird cage, separated with freedom. Whenever I see my classmates hanging out after school, fooling around in playgrounds or corridors, having lunch together in the cafeteria, I always suspect that what have I done in these past 15 years, is life really just about 'studying'? I feel alone especially being the only one in the classroom during break time, looking outside the window and let my mind be blanked for the whole hour, it is worse in rainy days, as the grey sky is covered with thick clouds, pouring cats and dogs outside.copyright protection39PENANAvGAuAVbSeL

Even the sky pities me.copyright protection39PENANAV7e6J6xsFn

It's even normal that I don't have any close friends at school, as my parents said that having friends is such a waste of time. The only moment I feel relieved is going to the activity room after school, this is the only place that I can really clear my mind from all those cynical from my classmates. I will spend hours of time practicing different genres of dances, and singing loudly inside the room, everything I've learnt from the net about vocal techniques and dancing skills will be used while practicing, because I always want to be ready for a chance to be a professional singer.copyright protection39PENANAF0CCmSdq2V

No one knows where the heck am I going in such a hurry after school. So what? No one cares about me since day 1.copyright protection39PENANAYxBy1cud4I

School isn't a place to feel happy about it, as I've already missed the chance of meeting long-lasting friends and share my feelings to them, nobody will stay with me and support my dreams; even my parents, they don't actually know about my feelings. Whenever my parents asked me about my dream job, I reply them with the modal answer,copyright protection39PENANAYZQc5AjD2Y

"I want to be a doctor so I can take good care of you."copyright protection39PENANA1HZDkmvyMy

{_-_}copyright protection39PENANAtK55j7iNkm

I packed my schoolbag, and rushed into the rooms as usual. After practicing non-stop for hours until I felt that my body doesn't belong to me anymore, I spread out my arms and legs onto the wooden floor with sweat all over my body.copyright protection39PENANAwimnvrXO5Z

43Please respect copyright.PENANA7SVDOEYl70
'Oh no! It's time to go, I can't believe that it's now 7:30 pm already.' I look over my watch while wiping my neck with a towel.copyright protection39PENANAN6HMK18gAU

The sky has turned dark, the sliver moon shone over the whole city with great brilliancy, thousands of shining diamonds decorated the bleak sky, as if it's a beautiful drawing painted by a famous artist. I seemed to be enjoying the night sky very much, and she didn't know that I just went pass an office building. The most eye-catching thing was that a poster written 'SM Global Audition 2013' has caught my attention. Only when a torch was pointing at me in the dark did I realise that I has been staring at the poster for almost 5 minutes.copyright protection39PENANAO4EUaX2sLm

"What are you doing here?" asked the furious guard.copyright protection39PENANAOhFaEbCBZH

"Oops, I'm sorry!"copyright protection39PENANABMOizykHOU

After apologizing to the guard, I ran home as if my heart was going to jump out. I even forgot about dinner and went straight into the only plave that can calm my mind down - my bedroom. My heart was still beating very fast when I lied onto my bed with her head facing the wall full of posters of my favourite groups: Girls' Generation and F(X). I always dreamt of meeting them in person one day...copyright protection39PENANABDYgx8ezAZ

Suddenly something popped out of my mind,copyright protection39PENANAWphCzWNbxN

"Maybe I should try one last time?"copyright protection39PENANAT9zHr8gMQ5

I turned to my desk next to the bed and opened the lowest drawer, underneath the pile of worksheets and assignments from school was a notebook which I have been writing all of my own-made songs since last year.copyright protection39PENANAGsIFIgOXQo

When I flipped over the pages, I was entirely shocked that I had almost wrote 20 songs in two years' time. And on the last page was the music that she had written for the Global Audition last year.copyright protection39PENANAXNOepnacyI

I have already tried twice in this audition, but obviously failed.copyright protection39PENANAZsSzakIq6y

It's a shame that I didn't perform this song last year due to lack of practice. I really wanted to try performing this song once more, so I picked up the guitar lying beside my bed and started to play the melody. I was indulged into my world of music, as if I was singing my feelings out to the mother nature while I actually found comfort and peace from the music.copyright protection39PENANAvN0etJvhHl

As I finished this piece, I finally made a decision, which can possibly change my life.copyright protection39PENANAGE8uTxR4Kq

"Maybe I should try one last time."copyright protection39PENANANKSFk2Z2t6

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