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The Mark of Hades
Writer Chloe Quinn
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The Mark of Hades
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Chapter 17
Chloe Quinn
Mar 14, 2018
12 Mins Read
Comments ( 2 )

Emoddess - Wow, I wonder just what is up with the legendary yet pretty mysterious Andromeda that everyone practically wanna avoid her. I love this chapter, especially the scene about Andromeda and Abe. It was very sweet, kinda nostalgic and distant  since Fay witnessed it and sad. Whatever happened between Andromeda and Abe must have had a great impact on Abe now. He should have been with her, huh. And really, reading and imagining that scene with them was a nice touch cause finally I get to visualise these ancient lovers on a stroll just being lovers (when he shouted that he loves her and she was being shy and laughing omg I love that but it also made me sad - also, Fay was smiling when she saw that - it's a bittersweet thing which I think she felt for them, like they could have been more but stuff happened?) Okay, yeah. I'm getting ahead of myself now.

And I know I was shipping Abe and Fay but omg now that I'm seeing how Ben reacts (like he wants to make peace with her but she kept pushing him away and idk sometimes he's genuine and all that) with Fay and that seeing Andromeda and Abe have that chemistry I'm also shipping them both and Andromeda and Abe together ashdfjl I think I may be setting myself up for some heartbreak (but please don't break my heart uwu)
8 months agoreply

Chloe Quinn - Oh, you havent seen anything yet... 😉
8 months agoreply