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Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II
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Writer harmonyrose1294
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Natasha: What Is True Love? Book II
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Book Two Chapter Thirty-Five: Angustia Part One: Dawn of Sovereign Arc
Mar 14, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!XeqC6LOgYH5wZ53OTrnOposted on PENANA

 Last time, Mana finds out the truth behind her mother's death and why she was taken in by the Lunar Kingdom.49Please respect copyright.PENANArKirPlfIMD
The big day has come, we are all going to Kiyozumi Residence for the Historia Club. Well, we have another agenda in mind. I thought.49Please respect copyright.PENANAxOgn46PUvb
Soon as we all reached the school. We all got ourselves accommodated for the trip. All we could think about was taking down our enemy and his friends. I thought. Hey, are you thinking about who might encounter? Kaori asked. Yeah, I wonder who we will encounter because I feel this will be something that will be hard for us all together. I replied. You are right. Mariah replied. As soon as we reached the estate we had to deal with a rude host. What is trash like you doing here? Benehime asked. Well if it isn't it the washboard. Mariah replied. What was that, Maruya? Benehime asked. You heard me, washboard. Mariah replied. Um, do you two know each other? I asked. Well let's just say, she used to gloat in my face about dating, Aaron and how prestigious she is. Mariah replied. So she has always been a bitch? I asked. Yes, I know that first hand. Kaori replied. Hey, watch your mouth, foul beast how did you get on the holy ground? Benehime asked. I can't use my power to one-hundred percent anyways. Kaori replied. So you are still under that curse inflicted on you? Benehime asked. What curse? I asked. How about you keep your mouth shut. Kaori replied. Well, let me show ladies to your rooms, ladies, and gentlemen. Isao replied. Thank you, kind sir. Isamu replied. You are a very polite girl. Isao replied. My name is Isao and I will be your guide for today. Isao replied. Oh forgot to tell you I am a high school student like you actually. I am sorry for my cousin cocky attitude. She was never like this until her brother went missing after that exorcism. Isao replied. I heard he died actually. I think she's still grieving everyone else is but I digress. Let's start our tour. Isao replied. Wow everyone was bummed about Hiro disappearing. We can't tell them about his whereabouts. I thought.49Please respect copyright.PENANAY6vg8qEVbj
Stay Tuned.   copyright protection45PENANA1DQgPrPom3

Angustia means distress or dismay in Latin.copyright protection45PENANABji1VoNKEL

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