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The Fallen
Writer GhostWroter556
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The Fallen
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The Beginning
Jan 13, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!vUozYpYsblGfBWckWNZSposted on PENANA It all started on the 13th of April, 2028 when tension between the global powers of the UNF and the Legion reached an all time high.

I was stationed near the former Russo-Chinese border when the RLA began mobilizing for an all out war with the UNF. The first shots were fired in the highly disputed area of Cairo. Retaliation was the only option as RLA soldiers launched a blitzkrieg on major UNF cities.copyright protection61PENANANpSc7ceSf2

Orders came from the top that my army group would reinforce the defense of Osaka which was an important industrial city that manufactured most of the battle drones and the newly inducted triple barreled MG-6 gatlin gun.copyright protection61PENANA4KWtkVSjn4

I remember getting on my knees and praying to God. I took one last look at my family photo and kept it inside my pocket so that I would always find a reason to fight.copyright protection61PENANAE3jf0wzWjz

As dawn appraoched, I took a deep breath and joined my fellow comrades at the assembly grounds.I looked to my left and right but all of us had the same expression, of worry and fear that this might be our last moments of life.copyright protection61PENANAO7YGj6TyY8

We formed lines and marched outside the Base' walls where C-17s were waiting to take us to our destination. I kissed my crucifix necklace and boarded the plane. Soon all of us were inside and the planes took off. copyright protection61PENANAA3TxwdtpwQ

About 5 hours into the flight the pilot tells us to get ready. Me and some soldiers who were beside me heard explosions outside and immediately the shockwaves shook the planes frame. It was a sign that the RLA had begun invading Japan. copyright protection61PENANAtbUNqUj0RD

5 minutes later a red light blinked and we all stood up and the cargo doors opened. "Prepare to jump in 5...4...3...2...1" said the co pilot and after a green light flashed on and off. copyright protection61PENANAzGKyn4EgCD

One discouraging moment was when the C17 behind us got a direct hit and exploded mid air. copyright protection61PENANAodGiKcvdB2

So we jumped out our airplane and below we could see little blips and streaks of light which I assumed was the beginning of the attack on Osaka. copyright protection61PENANA44dYSESbFK

As we deployed our parachutes we immediately came under fire from enemy infantry and IFV. One person to my right got hit and he floated down dangling from his parachord. We finally reached the surface under heavy fire. The citys garrison was trying its best to draw fire away from us as we made our way towards the trenches dug just 2kilometres away from the city. copyright protection61PENANAOfqzONDs3g

A grenade went off right behind me knocking me down andunconscious but a fellow soldier quickly carries me to the safety inside a building. When I regained conciousness he was busy firing from the windows along with several other soldiers. My ears were still ringing and my head felt as someone had hit me with hammer. I quickly pick up a weapon from a dead soldier next to me and joined battle. Wave after wave of enemies came down on our position. We fought on till our ammo ran low. I heard a one of the soldiers beside me saying,"Is there no end to this?" and another soldier tried to desert but was killed by the enemy as he tried to make a run for the nearby forest. Then a saving grace came in the form of an AFV and a platoon of the city's garrison. The AFV began laying down suppressive fire as we exited the building and loaded our wounded into the AFV. Some RLA soldiers began firing rockets at the AFV but luckily the antimissile defense system of the AFV shot down the first wave of rockets fired at it and it then began to deploy smoke grenades to cover our retreat.copyright protection61PENANA6stMKeYfsA

After 3 hours of intense fighting, we managed to regain the Manufacturing district of the province. That night we counted our losses and it amounted to 16 Tanks, 2 AFVs and 1000 men lost in one day.copyright protection61PENANAiwFwuxanJQ

We knew were in for a long and gruelling fight. It was just a matter of how long we could hold out till the next wave of reinforcements arrived. The next hours were spent preparing for the next attack and listening to updates on the communications networks.copyright protection61PENANA7y5y7TlLmo

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