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Badar Consultant Agency
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Badar Consultant Agency
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Jan 13, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!C32DZMbab5yNGzZ2ueWmposted on PENANA

Woody was glad that he hadn’t yet unpacked. It made leaving just that much easier. For that whole morning, he moved everything down into the van parked illegally in front of the complex. It was when he was locking up for the last time that he heard pounding feet on the stairs. He recognized the gait, the just-off thud of a piece of fiber in a boot that fit a little too snugly. Conna was breathing hard when she got to the landing, her cheeks flushed with the cold she’d just come out of.copyright protection36PENANAAhcLwHMZ2D

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?!” she demanded, throwing her glove at him.copyright protection36PENANAwEGyhGltRw

It hit his jacket front and fell like a sad alien leaf onto the hall’s worn carpet. He turned a cold gaze on her, trying not to let anything else show on his face. “What does it matter to you?”copyright protection36PENANAzpjgZjitxe

She snatched her glove up and got in his face. “Oh come on. I may have people issues, but I’m not stupid! You can’t leave! We’re going to be friends! We’re probably going to be more than friends if you stick around. That’s how this story is supposed to go! If you leave, you ruin everything, Glenn.” He saw a muscle in her jaw flex as she looked down at the hand gripping his jacket lapel. She let go of him and took a step back, letting her hand fall limply to her side. She absently pulled her glove back on and said, “I’m sorry I threw my glove at you.”copyright protection36PENANAP8w2U3JH2L

“I don’t care,” he said softly. “You’re a mess… I’ve gotta go.”copyright protection36PENANAkyq07HHsby

He pushed passed her, hitting the elevator call button.copyright protection36PENANAZKYi0XCjqa

Conna came up beside him and hit the button too. “Where are you going?”copyright protection36PENANAygj4id71Ua

“Away,” he said, not looking at her for fear he’d say something else.copyright protection36PENANANfIdfQVXi6

“Where can I find you?”copyright protection36PENANAwhRuASsdbT

“You won’t be able to,” he said, crossing his arms.copyright protection36PENANAoJ9HNsVVtQ

The elevator doors opened and they both got in. He hit the lobby button and she did too.copyright protection36PENANA5g5OulEpiX

“Private investigators are not hard to come by for me,” she threatened.copyright protection36PENANAvPfnkQfM3r

Scare her. You’re going to have to scare her, he thought to himself. Woody whirled on her, his breathing erratic. He grabbed the collar of her teal coat and slammed her into the wall of the compartment, jarring the elevator’s smooth downward rhythm. He glared at her, his face an inch away from her pained expression. “Do not look for me, Conna. I’m warning you. If you do, I’ll fucking murder you.” He gave her a feral, condescending smirk. “You’re just like the last stalker I had… She was just as obsessed with me too. I couldn’t stay in Offelton after I buried her. Too many memories in that place… I bet it still smells like blood.”copyright protection36PENANAFraP8Yh4TL

Woody let go of her and smoothed out the collar of her coat, suddenly gentle. His face collapsed in on itself as he gave her a regretful, pleading face. “Don’t follow me, Conna.”copyright protection36PENANAUZ1ZNvksVD

She was staring at him when the doors to the elevator opened, torn between anger and… desire? Woody cursed under his breath as he exited the elevator and slipped his apartment key into its wall mailbox located between the elevator and the lobby’s front door.copyright protection36PENANApqsFOMv3zy

He should have known better. Conna had known all that time, hadn’t she? Known that he’d been avoiding her for a reason… Known that he was interested in her, but couldn’t let himself be interested. He’d just lied to her, but when had that ever worked in the past? She was curious by nature, and tenacious to boot. Why had he thought for a second that scaring her would work?copyright protection36PENANAuf0F49Dmdx

“Fine,” Conna said, pulling him from his thoughts. She put a teal hand against the inside of the door to keep it from closing. He turned to her, his hands sliding into his jacket pockets. She met his eyes with her big baby blues and sniffed. “I won’t go after you, but not because I don’t want to… I guess you’re only leaving because you want to stay, right? I get that you’re afraid something bad will happen if you do stay. I get that… So, why don’t we pretend you are going to stay and I get that coffee date I wanted… and when I wake up, you can be gone and I’ll pretend you never existed.”copyright protection36PENANA77w97kFrMA

Woody barked a laugh. “Are you implying this coffee date of yours is bound to turn into something else?”copyright protection36PENANA5c1xRPkmSU

“It will if you have your way,” she said with that blinding, endearing smile of hers.copyright protection36PENANAVn9V2e4GAh

“Has anyone ever told you you have a way with words?” he asked sarcastically.copyright protection36PENANAeHpKQw5vYR

“Sure,” she said with a matching deadpan smile. “So do I get that coffee date, or not?”copyright protection36PENANA6347BWWWiP

He sighed. “If it’ll get you to let go, we can skip the coffee.” Maybe I can excuse myself once she’s bored of me, he mused internally. Just… Careful Glenn. You’re toeing the line here.copyright protection36PENANAQecZ9fdeVN

She hit the third floor button and beckoned him back into the elevator. He rolled his eyes and took his place beside her. As the elevator doors closed, Conna wrung her hands together, a shy smile playing over her lips as she said, “I can’t believe that worked. I should be direct more often.”copyright protection36PENANAv9vVUlrZRp

“When are you not direct?” Woody asked, honestly curious.copyright protection36PENANARXsW54S10b

She looked insulted. “‘Scuse me, I can adhere to social moure when I feel like it… I just don’t ever feel like it. I don’t ever want to be thought of as dishonest is all. The last time I ever told a lie, I lost a hand and a leg.”copyright protection36PENANARQp3Qzj3Ne

The elevator stopped and they both exited. Sensing the opening, Woody asked tentatively, “How did that happen… exactly?”copyright protection36PENANARiomejIFjA

She pulled out her apartment key and opened the door, letting it swing inward as she put the key back in her pocket. She turned to him then and smiled serenely. “I told my doctor I’d be okay without them.”copyright protection36PENANA4byx7DCZFC

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