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My Fake Boyfriend
Writer Narcissusflower
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My Fake Boyfriend
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19. Jessie
Feb 15, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!UVIOsZF66QBJ4KLCsuyqposted on PENANA

Jessiecopyright protection54PENANAmVLQV6d2Js

58Please respect copyright.PENANAw4LvEvKfvk
copyright protection54PENANATEnCsQC8WI

"I'm really sorry..." Sam said, and sighed. My eyes widened as I heard him say what he said. Did he really apologize?copyright protection54PENANAYyr3idFKId

Did he apologize for the reason I think he did?copyright protection54PENANAa49WU4377M

"Um... what?" I asked, frowning when I saw Sam's expressions. He looked worried, sad, guilty, but most of all he looked hurt.copyright protection54PENANAz1qXDTNf2K

"I'm sorry for judging you" He said "I thought Emma has told you and Rachel about us"copyright protection54PENANAY1jp4BDKml

"No, She hasn't" I mumbled, and bit my lower lip in surprise.copyright protection54PENANAYxq7ulcxtj

"I didn't think she's the type who will keep it secret" Sam frowned, maybe not liking the idea of Emma keeping him a secret from other people, or maybe I just imagined it. " since girls talk about their personal life with their friends, as much as guys do"copyright protection54PENANAk3kL0YEOdH

"She hasn't told any of us about her relationship with you" I explained, " I tried to explain to you, but you just wouldn't listen"copyright protection54PENANAzbISBMtfwQ

"I'm really sorry about that. I'm sorry for everything" He said, his eyes had softened, and his voice calm.copyright protection54PENANAAvn1CRmPpP

"It's okay, I forgive you" I said and smiled. My father always tells me to forgive but to not forget what has happened to us. Also Sam's problems is just a misunderstanding, not a big deal.copyright protection54PENANA8JStuTr9HF

"You do?" Sam asked in surprise.copyright protection54PENANAQgRy8slCIS

"Yeah, why not?" I said, my smile widening.copyright protection54PENANAtinQj0IGP7

"Thank you Jessie." Sam said, and smiled back. " You're a very kind person. I misunderstood you, and judged you quickly"copyright protection54PENANAvYQnslgUuY

"It's alright Sam. Mistakes happen." I said. Feeling happier now that me and Sam talked about this stupid misunderstanding, but my smile dropped when I remembered Emma lying to us. copyright protection54PENANAzkfrSnUe0C

"What is it?" Sam stared at me expectantly. " You look like you want to tell me something"copyright protection54PENANA6tVukeu3Uk

"I... Actually, Emma told us she doesn't like you at all" I admitted , "That's why, a relationship between you guys never crossed my mind"copyright protection54PENANAaqi1OLm4FQ

"I understand. Nathan told me." Sam said with a smile.copyright protection54PENANA3fbiG4GAiG

"Nathan told you?!" I asked, feeling very surprised that Nathan told Sam about anything involving me, "He told you what?"copyright protection54PENANAcpa7Tvmoyh

Nathan doesn't like to talk about people, especially behind their backs. He doesn't like to interfere in people's business, him telling Sam about that, might have had a good reason.copyright protection54PENANAIJH1KvM7Ar

"He told me about what you just said" Sam said, smiling sadly "Also he talked about all the trouble and pain you were in because of me. I'm really sorry"copyright protection54PENANAYEG9WndCXw

"Sam, it's all over. I'm feeling much better now." I said, and patted his shoulder.copyright protection54PENANAjaVuhPZEdy

"I'm glad. Um... actually if Emma was not my girlfriend, I would have dated you" Sam mumbled.copyright protection54PENANAVWhDY29KaJ

"Oh. it's alright" I said stupidly , my cheeks flushing, and my forehead seemed sweaty, so I grabbed a kleenex from my purse and wiped my forehead with it. copyright protection54PENANAc8oSikgwXd

"You're a very nice girl." Sam continued "I was surprised when you asked me out, I think guys are stupid for not seeing a girl like you"copyright protection54PENANA2hnYLFOLj2

"You don't have to pity me, Sam. " I heard myself say, Sam's expression changed from calm to hurt, but I didn't take what I said back, because it was the truth. "I liked you, and I still do. If Emma wasn't your girlfriend, I would have done anything to make you like me, because it's not any other guy I want ,it's you whom I want"copyright protection54PENANAjfYBTWD2HN

"I.. don't know what to say" Sam muttered.copyright protection54PENANAMTWaMfu2Ls

"You don't have to say anything." I declared,and smiled. " We'll be friends from now on, for sake of Emma"copyright protection54PENANAfOJDMviAhC

"Thank you, Jessie." Sam smiled back, and he looked like he meant it, it seemed like the old Sam was back, and I was very glad for that.copyright protection54PENANACBSBcLyQOf

If I don't have him as my boyfriend, then having him as my friend will not be a bad idea.copyright protection54PENANAEA9BLVQfYB

"You're very welcome" I said. grinning from ear to ear. I had a feeling everything was going to be okay.  I had no doubt about it.copyright protection54PENANAIepsRcXaNf

"Shall we go out? I think it's time for Nathan to cut the cake" Sam suggested.copyright protection54PENANANqQF23rATf

"Yeah, let's go" I nodded my head. Together we walked back towards the large luxurious hall. Like Sam said it was time for Nathan to cut the cake. So a few banquet servers were holding a very large cake, and they together put it on a table.copyright protection54PENANAQyQZ9BV0RU

Me and Sam were sitting side by side, but I saw Rachel and decided to go stand by her, I already lived many embarrassing moments with Sam. I think it was time to leave him alone with Emma.copyright protection54PENANABz8110eZb1

Nathan, Dave, Rachel, me, Rachel's parents and a few other close friends of Nathan, we were surrounding the cake, we sung happy birthday to him, then he closed his eyes to make a wish, and he blew out the candle which was in the shape of age, twenty five.copyright protection54PENANAeYr5Et8542

We all clapped, and soon the music was back again. The others started dancing again, while Nathan had a large knife in his hand, and he was cutting the cake, the banquet servers told him it's their job, but Nathan shrugged and continued cutting the cake into equal parts to everyone.copyright protection54PENANAlVBbVLMQLD

Rachel helped him hand each person their part, and we were all enjoying the nice taste of the cake.copyright protection54PENANALmdToeTCe4

Half of the cake has remained. But they left it where it was, just in case some people wanted to eat more of the it.copyright protection54PENANAEt35yHzHNE

Rachel was finally dancing with Nathan. Dave was dancing alone. Sam was standing at the other side of the hall, opposite of me, very far away. He was smiling at me now and then. So I was left alone. But I actually didn't mind it.copyright protection54PENANAJ8zlku67lR

I finished the first part, and was enjoying the music and the part air. When suddenly I felt someone beside me.copyright protection54PENANAL6eYZCdTfr

I turned around and saw Emma, glaring at me while greeting her teeth together. I frowned and stared at her for a while. What's wrong with her?copyright protection54PENANAYTU2ZtJyax

"Emma? What's wrong?" I asked, feeling worried and anxious.copyright protection54PENANAcUGMf0gl8B

"You!" She exclaimed. "You bitch."copyright protection54PENANAcTHrRH44Bj

I stood there, staring at her. I was frozen in my place, and didn't know what she was talking about.copyright protection54PENANAwAdrCcUmL5

"You want to steal my boyfriend" Emma mumbled, in a scary voice I have never heard from her.copyright protection54PENANATYZzKeA0AJ

"N-no" I stuttered, and shook my head. Where did she get that?copyright protection54PENANABNCjet1iyC

I was about to talk to her, and put some sense into her mind. But it was too  late, she slapped me right there, in front of every one, and pulled my hair.copyright protection54PENANAC5cPwO1raM

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