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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 11 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!0zYKFiHukLopDLSKflW4posted on PENANA

            I had never been on a more awkward car ride. Hector seemed quite content to merely look out the window, Eric found more interest in staring at everyone than saying anything, and Gaia was napping.copyright protection17PENANAzsYSnVqaCk

            “So, guys, anything…new?” I asked desperate for someone to pick up on the conversation.copyright protection17PENANAaCU8nzr54M

            “Two ladies busted me out of jail.” Eric answered, Hector didn’t even answer.copyright protection17PENANAQsbud4etqa

            “That’s cool.” I muttered. I was half tempted to wake up Gaia, just so she could help me start a conversation, but the earth goddess was out like a rock. Go figure.copyright protection17PENANAx0DwT0sjb4

            After about ten minutes straight of no one talking I decided to break the silence with some music. “I love this song!” I said even though no song was audible. On cue Baxter turned up the radio, which then woke Gaia.copyright protection17PENANADlHyu58Wac

            “Hey.” She muttered sleepily. “Why is it loud?”copyright protection17PENANAI1EUvRYKlo

            “Never mind Baxter, I don’t like this song.” I shouted at him. Luckily he heard me and turned the radio down again.copyright protection17PENANAVSoyohzQAK

            “Very good Miss Albany.” Eric mocked.copyright protection17PENANAVe6CMAHUxS

            “Sorry Gaia, I didn’t mean to wake you.” I said feeling bad.copyright protection17PENANA7fUL9pD8aY

            “Ah, don’t worry about it.” She said. “I needed to wake up anyway.”copyright protection17PENANAw5RVDfcc6N

            “So when are we becoming gods?” Eric asked.copyright protection17PENANAW122EPDmKa

            “As soon as we reach our destination.” Gaia told him. “Well, technically a little bit after that.”copyright protection17PENANAeRq8CAygII

            “Ok, so when are we getting to our destination?” Eric asked again.copyright protection17PENANAeeO6aslmEs

            “That depends on circumstances.” Gaia shrugged. “If nothing goes wrong, we should get there in an hour. But something will go wrong.”copyright protection17PENANAaBucE81ivL

            “How do you know something will go wrong?” Hector asked nervously.copyright protection17PENANAtKDTSftrwb

            Gaia frowned. “There’s a reason they call it a Greek Tragedy.” She said. “Life just wouldn’t be the same without obstacles.”copyright protection17PENANAaLqYRAqdX5

            “What kind of problems do you except for something like this?” I asked. This was my life now. I wanted to know what I was up against.copyright protection17PENANAF8HakljmEO

            “Oh, this and that.” Gaia said waving her hand in the air. “But there’s always something. That much is certain.”copyright protection17PENANA87yL0r1uSy

            “That’s no good.” I said. “Here I was thinking that being a god would be easy.”copyright protection17PENANAG3j62aHtoE

            Gaia laughed in my face. “Naïve little children. What makes you think being a god would ever be easy?”copyright protection17PENANAy3Nfe8Bxug

            “The ultimate power.” Eric suggested.copyright protection17PENANAlDnTpokrSd

            “No.” Gaia muttered. “There is no such thing as ultimate power. Because if there was, the person who had that power would be ruling the cosmos right now.”copyright protection17PENANAZzhjFjtnMR

            “That’s scary.” I muttered.copyright protection17PENANA2kVPA9XcHs

            “Not really.” Gaia said shrugging. “Now if you ever meet Medusa, then we’ll talk.”copyright protection17PENANAs26QWvegX7

            “Medusa’s real?” I asked shocked. I knew that Medusa was the legendary woman who had snakes for hair and could turn any living thing to stone with one glance.copyright protection17PENANAuWGLfm5JKR

            “What do you mean?” Gaia said. “You haven’t figured it out yet. You’re becoming Greek gods. Wouldn’t it be safe to assume that the old Greek myths were real?”copyright protection17PENANABMcxBMHzZo

            “I was taught that when you assume something, you make an ass of you and me.” Hector muttered.copyright protection17PENANA1sr7inDxEA

            “What?” Eric said looking at him.copyright protection17PENANAF8xmUMJZwt

            “Assume, has the letters for ass, u, and me in it. When you assume something you make an ass of you and me.” Hector explained. “That’s what my mom always told me.”copyright protection17PENANAQ8g3FRPnrP

            “Charming woman.” Gaia muttered. “Anyways, of course Medusa’s real! And so is every other thing you know about the old myths.”copyright protection17PENANAMshdAAAd8e

            “Everything?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANANOnkbh7UhE

            “Everything.” Gaia said nodding. “All of it.”copyright protection17PENANAo8MEbsw1QX

            “Really? Even Kronos eating his children?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANAQCp8PZJpdS

            “I actually saw that happen.” Gaia said.copyright protection17PENANAE1H1mSjtNA

            “Centaurs, satyrs, and those other beasts are real?” I asked again.copyright protection17PENANA8bIVPUolVe

            “Yes.” Gaia said in a singsong voice.copyright protection17PENANAjMRIUGIE6W

            “Atlantis?” I concluded.copyright protection17PENANAwKXeLj64NT

            Gaia pursed her lips. “Well…no.” she frowned. “That was a partially true.”copyright protection17PENANAFW4oRUifgd

            “Partially?” Hector asked.copyright protection17PENANAuzZliU21z8

            “Yeah, partially.” Gaia repeated. “You see, Poseidon god of the sea had this palace on the bottom of the ocean. But he thought it would be a great idea to make it so that the palace could rise to the surface as well as being on the bottom. So yes, there was a ‘city’ that did actually sink below the waves. But it was intentional and nobody drowned…I take that back. Knowing Poseidon somebody probably drowned.”copyright protection17PENANAX6TVkEeqJ2

            “His palace could go from the ocean floor to the surface?” Eric asked unbelieving.copyright protection17PENANAjoYoNPi55z

            “Yeah, it was wicked.” Gaia said. “If any of you are Poseidon you’ll get to chill there sometimes.”copyright protection17PENANAiA8iWrdYsM

            “Cool.” Eric muttered. “Forget god of gold. That’s what’s up.”copyright protection17PENANA7qS0lcFADo

            Gaia smiled. “That’s not even the best. If Greek Gods Cribs was a TV show, your minds would literally melt. That’s how awesome some of the palaces I’ve seen are.”copyright protection17PENANACWNAlAqEGw

            “Greek Gods Cribs?” I asked. “I thought the gods just all lived on Olympus?”copyright protection17PENANAdY7lh3Nu1f

            “No, do Senators and Representatives live in D.C.?” Gaia asked. “Course not! They just work there, same with the gods.”copyright protection17PENANAh8F981mNBZ

            “Whoa.” Eric said awestruck.copyright protection17PENANAceW0OhAfVh

            Just then we passed a cop car on the side of the road. As it when past we saw two officers patting down four people. The oldest of the four looked really nervous as the cops slowly worked their way to him.copyright protection17PENANAM8fTuxWi2Y

            “Was that guy not wearing a shirt?” I asked.copyright protection17PENANAxj6dsffP3Q

            “Turn around!” Gaia ordered.copyright protection17PENANAOf4LfT3Q9Y

            “No don’t, you didn’t miss much. He had abs but his eyes were weird.” I told Baxter.copyright protection17PENANA7W7nPCVMUX

            “Maybe you are a cheerleader!” Gaia shouted.” Everything’s not about boys. I knew that guy, he was tasked with recruiting you people like me!”copyright protection17PENANAKsgQGJ6Vy9

            “Oh. Baxter, turn around!” I ordered.copyright protection17PENANALnoQ9EKcvU

            “Very well Miss Albany.” He said before pulling a total 180 degree turn, without slowing down I might add.copyright protection17PENANAaDQi1FVWrP

            “Hello.” Eric purred. The turn had tossed me into his lap.copyright protection17PENANATci93YT9Tr

            “Eww.” I muttered quickly getting off.copyright protection17PENANAiFPHwYmgaS

            “Don’t slow down.” Gaia ordered as we neared the two cars. By now the officers had noticed us speeding the wrong way down the highway towards them. One of them was standing in the middle of the road motioning for us to stop. “Keep going.” Gaia repeated.copyright protection17PENANAalv0EwGzs8

            “Baxter, don’t stop.” I told our driver.copyright protection17PENANApmkIvnGpxA

            Seeing that we weren’t stopping the officer quickly moved out of the way, but not far enough way. As we passed Gaia opened her door which swung out and struck the officer in the back, dropping him instantly.copyright protection17PENANARQfGyLFV2Q

            “Gaia!” I shouted stunned by what she had done.copyright protection17PENANANccjdQPUqi

            “Respect!” Eric said fist bumping Gaia. “That’s how we do it!”copyright protection17PENANA2QEnyaLfAi

            “Stop the car.” Gaia ordered.copyright protection17PENANAPr957HQNCS

            “Stop!” I relayed the ordered. The car screeched to a halt. Gaia bounded out and started running towards the remaining officer and his four prisoners.copyright protection17PENANAEp5QJjHyd8

            “Let’s go!” Eric shouted as he pulled Hector out of the car.copyright protection17PENANARfYwDxHoNh

            “Baxter, bring the car around.” I ordered also getting out. When I got up to the scene Gaia had knocked out the other policeman and was taking the handcuffs off of the four prisoners.copyright protection17PENANAGCIQHQxyEa

            “Pots and Pan!” She was shouting. “You owe me another one.”copyright protection17PENANAriAw8jPPR2

            “Thank you Gaia.” The nervous looking man said. He lifted up his pant leg and said. “I’m just glad you stopped them from seeing these.copyright protection17PENANAYJiXfVuXji

            “Told you satyrs were real.” Gaia told me. “Albany, Eric, Hector. I’d like you to meet Pan, god of the wild.” We were introduced to the man.copyright protection17PENANAe0VXQDOobs

            “I thought satyrs had horns and hooves.” I said.copyright protection17PENANAyCK89TrZJj

            “I do.” Pan replied. “They’re hidden right now. You know, I can’t have normal people starting at me.”copyright protection17PENANA1H2kEif9gz

            “I asked that when I first met him too.” A girl said. “I’m Artie and this is my twin brother Paul.”copyright protection17PENANArvAnsr0hPc

            “Oh hey,” I said, “Nice to meet you.” I thought they were both girls. The boy named Paul looked way too much like his sister.copyright protection17PENANAJoPuwYnYX6

            “And the shirtless wonder over there is Sid.” Paul explained.copyright protection17PENANAhZOkjsDzCT

            “More like Shirtless Blunder.” Pan muttered chuckling. “Stay away from Sid. He’s an idiot.”copyright protection17PENANA94oKrRbr81

            “So Pots and Pan, what’s up?” Gaia asked. “Why were you getting the shake down?”copyright protection17PENANADSpsnVrKUp

            “The twins were carrying bows and arrows. Apparently they threatened these two fine officers with them.copyright protection17PENANARboGwI99iL

            “Total crap.” Paul muttered. “We weren’t hurting anybody.”copyright protection17PENANA2rPrcgjnIs

            “Well we did shoot those arrows back there.” Artie pointed out.copyright protection17PENANAomkNOIJgtD

            “Don’t feel bad kids.” Gaia said. “With Pots and Pan here driving it was only a matter of time till you got pulled over. Goat hooves are not good for conducir el carro.”copyright protection17PENANAFkP41lMau4

            “What?” Sid asked.copyright protection17PENANAVxwLZI1i6K

            “What’s wrong with your eyes?” Eric said looking at Sid. “Why are they all bloodshot?”copyright protection17PENANAKu65iVN2bg

            “It’s either from the chlorine from his pool, or whatever manner of substances that so diminished his IQ. We’re not sure yet.” Artie said.copyright protection17PENANAGRBvVCRHNm

            “Anyway.” Pan said clearing his throat. “I’m glad to see I’m not late bringing mine in.”copyright protection17PENANAMIUjtT1vb8

            “Whatever, you know I’m not good with this stuff. The only one I actually recruited correctly was the one in jail. And he only committed because I said I’d get him out of jail if he did.” Gaia said.copyright protection17PENANAfWDm2VhQYs

            “Same old Gaia.” Pan muttered. “Speaking of jails, I heard on the radio that a juvenile detention center was hit by a freak earthquake.”copyright protection17PENANA6EkIafl1W8

            “Yeah, you got me.” Gaia said. “Don’t tell Hestia?”copyright protection17PENANAoJRi2lb4Qn

            “Stop calling me Pots and Pan and maybe I won’t.” Pan proposed.copyright protection17PENANAc6kPsmLKcK

            “Nah!” Gaia said. “Hestia will find out in the end. She always does. Come on Pots and Pan, we’re taking my car.copyright protection17PENANAdjpx1zMnBJ

            We were crowded in the vehicle, but at least it wasn’t awkward anymore. We had plenty to talk about between the eight of us.copyright protection17PENANAvZsnhvIsAz

            “So you’re Gaia, the earth goddess?” Artie asked.copyright protection17PENANAQMGaC8xoSJ

            “Titaness.” I corrected.copyright protection17PENANA953yD57psI

            “Mother Earth?” Paul asked. “Why are you so young?” I laughed as Gaia rolled her eyes.copyright protection17PENANA8YIBlZ73sH

            “I’m old compared to you, but for a planet I’m still quite young.” Gaia explained.copyright protection17PENANADjujt7s0wl

            “Are you a planet or a Titaness?” Paul asked. “It’s kind of one or the other.”copyright protection17PENANAKFrNd4Sktk

            “Both.” Gaia muttered. “Don’t kid yourself with that ‘one or the other’ crap. You’re to be a god soon. Your answer should always be both.”copyright protection17PENANA3CiMeELlIe

            “I could see that answer backfiring on more than one situation.” Artie muttered.copyright protection17PENANA2lxxE1E71a

            “For a regular person it won’t work.” Gaia said. “But it’s different for gods. Should I get this dress, or that puppy? Both! Should I give Southern California an earthquake, or Japan?”copyright protection17PENANAsLPTz2Xrnr

            “Neither.” Paul muttered. “That’s terrible.”copyright protection17PENANAMq35diJYDr

            “That’s called being Mother Earth.” Gaia retorted. “Not everyone likes their mama.”copyright protection17PENANAdGMLdrMRzN

            “I’m not going to start calling you mama.” Eric said shaking his head. “That right is reserved for one woman only.”copyright protection17PENANA11zRV8TSAh

            “Thanks.” Gaia said. “You’re too ugly to be my son anyway.”copyright protection17PENANAkmIorVGbTj

            “What was that?” Eric asked as he cracked his knuckles.copyright protection17PENANAC70pSdRE5q

            “Trust me kid, you can’t win this battle.” Pan said intervening before Eric shook the earth.copyright protection17PENANAs7r1YnaSfL

            “He’s right.” I pointed out. “You saw what she did to get you out of jail.” Eric frowned, but he didn’t push the issue.copyright protection17PENANA9A7RYzMEKG

            “Whew!” Pan said with an exaggerated sigh of relief. “That was a close one! We almost had five volcanoes and three earthquakes.”copyright protection17PENANAYnOZNGcEli

            Gaia grinned. “No volcanoes, they scorch too many plants. But definitely on the earthquakes.”copyright protection17PENANA4NpwPoT0h9

            “Wait, you were serious about controlling earthquakes?” Paul asked. “Like, you can really do that?”copyright protection17PENANALqKTiIt5ne

            “Yeah.” Gaia said. “And volcanoes. Sometimes I’ll throw in a sinkhole or two.”copyright protection17PENANAMmBAlohy3C

            “Whoa.” Paul said in amazement. He turned to Pan. “Why don’t you have any special powers?”copyright protection17PENANAR8pgEfFyfW

            Gaia burst out laughing. Pan blushed and muttered furiously. “I do have special powers! I’m just more restrained with mine than Gaia is.”copyright protection17PENANAI0nsUFbnLy

            “What kind of powers do you have?” Artie asked.copyright protection17PENANABxVd7hBoQF

            “He’s got a mean donkey kick.” Sid suggested. “Except he’s a goat.”copyright protection17PENANA1HNrYrGD0V

            “I’m a satyr you halfwit.” Pan said angrily. “Half goat, half man.”copyright protection17PENANAAJWXbRDnep

            “Bah!” Sid said imitating a sheep.copyright protection17PENANAWPWR349EsZ

            “That’s not…never mind.” Pan said looking away from the shirtless blunder. “I can cause a panic.”copyright protection17PENANAkuG7VEzBiz

            “A panic?” I asked. “You mean you can scare people.”copyright protection17PENANAxTjuRuluRz

            “Yeah that’s what panic means.” Pan said sounding kind of mean. “I was known for it back in the old days. That’s why they called it a panic. You know…PANic”copyright protection17PENANATOpQFsUO7n

            “That’s it?” Eric asked. “You scare people? Hell, I’m more scary than you.”copyright protection17PENANANsRuzM98or

            “That’s because I’m not in the zone right now.” Pan muttered. “If I was, all of you would be so frightened you’d be forced to flee in terror.”copyright protection17PENANAIWl1qcwMGo

            “I’m no coward.” Eric stated arrogantly. “I’d never run away in terror.”copyright protection17PENANAmAcMrRflGn

            “You don’t have a choice.” Pan said. “That’s part of the magic of the wild. People fear what they don’t understand. And what is less understood that the unknown wild?”copyright protection17PENANAJuPAYon8xM

            “Space.” Hector suggested. “The final frontier.”copyright protection17PENANAAfIVg97NWO

            “Ok, well then when there’s a Greek god of space, I’ll let him scare people with the power of the wild.” Pan retorted.copyright protection17PENANAbipn4QfkbW

            “Will we get god powers?” I asked. I could almost picture myself using some awesome and terrible power.copyright protection17PENANAHVqwvpVTys

            “Probably.” Gaia muttered. “Although personally some powers aren’t even worth having. Like the power of the wild. Stupid.”copyright protection17PENANAG8Hp3YyaLv

            “Hey!”copyright protection17PENANAZXNolSeAdq

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