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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 20 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!VlFSMTfmWVkSK2RoX9iyposted on PENANA

            When I wasn’t busy arguing over who Zack could kill or not, I liked to go and stare at the stars. They were beautiful. Up here on New Olympus it seemed as if there were new stars every day, like they had just twinkled into existence in some far off galaxy and made my sky that much prettier.copyright protection16PENANAFZIOdmyaKI

            I let out a relaxed breath of air. It truly was peaceful up here. I was lying on the roof of my shrine. The shrine itself wasn’t much. Each of us New Olympians had one. Most were just open-air pavilions held up by those same Greek pillars that I seemed to see almost everywhere else. The inside of my shrine was nothing special. There was just a life-sized statue of Aphrodite (the old one, not me) and a small brazier with a little fire burning in it. The shrine was supposed to be my private place of solitude, but I found that the roof fit that purpose much better.copyright protection16PENANA2G4HyRBNdx

            I could faintly hear a harp being played in the distance and paused to listen to the sweet slow song. Once the melody began to die away, I decided that I would like to learn to play the harp someday or maybe the piano. I like the idea, music would be a good way to relax and keep my sanity if I was to do this the rest of time.copyright protection16PENANAJypuBhSyqa

            “Hey.” I diverted my eyes from the sky and instead set them on the intruder of my peace. I saw one of the twins standing there on my roof.copyright protection16PENANA659PUnbtyW

            “Paul, what’s up?” I asked. I raised my body in to a sitting position to better talk with him.copyright protection16PENANAcACgib8TZl

            “I was just wondering if I could talk to you.” He asked.copyright protection16PENANArIURcv853y

            “How did you know I was up here?” I asked. One of the reasons that I had picked the roof for my stargazing was because I had hoped it would grant me a certain level of privacy.copyright protection16PENANAgaEq0zOc2m

            Paul laughed loudly. “I’m a god.” He explained. “It wasn’t that hard to find you.”copyright protection16PENANA9fXLwfXE9W

            “Oh, that makes sense.” I admitted. “Well yeah come and sit down, what did you want to talk about?”copyright protection16PENANA0BEUsRpAXt

            Paul took a seat next to me on the roof. He gazed out across the city of the gods without saying anything.copyright protection16PENANA9dEOEFnsRq

            “Good talk.” I muttered after about a minute or so of silence.copyright protection16PENANAO0FLMb1JQb

            “It’s hard to explain.” Paul said. “I have no idea what I’m supposed to say.”copyright protection16PENANAFQMkKecaPa

            “Neither do I.” I told him.copyright protection16PENANAEYojM2YauP

            “Well I guess I can start at the beginning.” Paul muttered. “After the meeting, my sister and I were just walking around the city when Pan came up to us. You know Pan, right?”copyright protection16PENANABjQh5Ct6mj

            “Gaia told me about him.” I said.copyright protection16PENANAh293nUhA56

            “Oh yeah, Gaia brought you. You probably know all the embarrassing stories about Pan.” Paul said, with a yearning in his eyes.copyright protection16PENANAKJ582Sb03F

            “Gaia may have mentioned a few.” I admitted, not really knowing why that was relevantcopyright protection16PENANAQEZGV4joaF

            “We’ll have to do that later.” Paul said waving his hand like he was trying to swat away his curiosity. “Anyway, Pan walks up to me and Artie and we started talking. You know about Zack and his killing desires.”copyright protection16PENANAHrHRv5LNFQ

            “Yeah, ok.” I said. I had a weird feeling. It wasn’t coming from Paul. This was my first real conversation with him, but he seemed normal enough so I couldn’t pinpoint why I was uneasy.copyright protection16PENANAUpA0yDSJEV

            “Well we told Pan that thankfully we had saved Blade with our vote.” Paul said.copyright protection16PENANApuAobwsuVC

            I nodded. “Yeah, I was part of that vote. I know all this already.”copyright protection16PENANAaC4SuAXfnD

            Paul ignored me. “Then Pan said something along the lines of the vote didn’t matter. Because he has heard rumors of Blade using Persephone to rally the minor gods.” Paul was studying me for my reaction.copyright protection16PENANA6h2HhBkakY

            “Rallying them for what?” I asked, once it was clear Paul was waiting for my response.copyright protection16PENANA6JtG7FcAa7

            He smiled. “I didn’t know that either. But Pan said that he thinks it means that Blade is preparing for war. A war against us.” he paused to let that set in. “Pan is convinced that the only way to stop this is by persuading Zack to forgive Blade and give in to Blade’s demands.”copyright protection16PENANAckKhcfRauf

            “War?” I asked too stunned to register anything else. “Oh no! This is terrible.”copyright protection16PENANANBxQiPrCZM

            “I know right?” Paul said.copyright protection16PENANAB6v5MDKZdU

            “We are in no state to fend off an attack at this moment.” I said. “We’ll stand no chance. We have to warn the others.”copyright protection16PENANA7qfSHs7zCC

            “No!” Paul said. “Pan says that if we tell Zack and maybe even Eric, that they will be blinded to council. Those two would be dead set on war, and they’d drag us into it as well. No, we have to get Zack to drop the issue without him knowing anything about Blade’s suspected plans.”copyright protection16PENANAOqdlhwbI9a

            “What do we do?” I asked. “Why did you tell me this if you didn’t want me to do anything about it?”copyright protection16PENANAuKg0Q3DA3R

            “I told you so you could help us and the others that voted with us to think of a plan.” Paul explained. “Oh, and by the way this is all rumors. Pan said he didn’t know if it was true or not.”copyright protection16PENANAvahK3ZdayQ

            “Well then let’s do this.” I said standing up, I had been a cheerleader. I was experienced with dealing with rumors. You couldn’t just wait for them to go away because they, and your situation would only get worse. High school actually taught me something worthwhile. “We had to get to work.”copyright protection16PENANAMng0JxwUgF

            “Good.” Paul smiled. “Come on, the others are probably waiting for us by now.  I told Artie I’d meet her at the practice range.”copyright protection16PENANA4LqlLgppRs

            “Lead the way.” I instructed. Paul nodded and we both began climbing down to the street. Once we reached the pavement, he led me at a brisk walk. Not so fast as to cause a disturbance, but fast enough that we had to keep weaving in and out of the other, much slower foot traffic.copyright protection16PENANAgnDx8GwlQ5

            He had me follow her through several streets and alleys before we emerged in an open area with archery targets scattered across it. Artie was standing in the middle with Deon and Adele, showing them how to shoot a bow.copyright protection16PENANAbDssEb0a5g

            “Hey, I got her.” Paul announced when we reached them.copyright protection16PENANAQa2gwOxVdp

            “Good.” Artie put down her bow and leaned against a target. “So, you all know why we’re here. Got any ideas?”  She asked.copyright protection16PENANAntM11UHygx

            “No.” Deon muttered. “Zack won’t let us talk him out of this. He wants Blade’s head, and he won’t settle for less.”copyright protection16PENANAErb6UPiU0n

            “Maybe we could trick him into thinking Blade is dead.” Adele offered. “I think that happened in one of the myths.”copyright protection16PENANAbQyd741F0f

            “Ok, then what happens when Blade attacks?” I asked.copyright protection16PENANA4oJRpLM6j2

            “If Blade attacks.” Adele corrected me. “The rumors say that Persephone was visiting the minor gods. How do we know that she isn’t JUST visiting some old friends? Why do we assume that Blade is going to kill us?” she said.copyright protection16PENANAEXuQ4oFmjG

            “He spit in Zeus’ face.” Paul said. “I’d bet that he’ll kill us. Unless Eric kills him first!” Paul said suddenly excited. “We should tell Eric that Zack wants him to kill Blade. That way Zack is happy and we don’t get attacked.”copyright protection16PENANAKvxjIFoKko

            “Maybe it was just me, but I thought we all voted not to kill Blade?” I asked.copyright protection16PENANA0pNJhdu3jO

            “I remember that too.” Artie agreed.copyright protection16PENANA6YMBOQ0udj

            “That was before he was going to attack New Olympus.” Deon said.copyright protection16PENANAbYOIhxnGiI

            “IF he is going to at all.” Adele corrected. “Which is highly doubtful.”copyright protection16PENANA5j8S2p5xtp

I couldn’t believe it. Even the gods that agreed on something ending up arguing. No wonder the Old Olympians were portrayed as a group of quarrelsome debate specialists.copyright protection16PENANAlAo7bdYbIc

“None of this is helpful.” I said. “We can’t argue. We need a decision here, what do we do?” I repeated the question.copyright protection16PENANAvTakBsSZ8b

“I got an idea.” Deon said.copyright protection16PENANAIduQ6wgc4J

“Ok, well then do share.” Paul said prompting him on.copyright protection16PENANACpj0wvdvGW

            “We could just have Albany talk to Zack.” Deon said. “She’s the goddess of love, can’t you like…make him love you and then use his love of you as a tool to get him to do what we want.”copyright protection16PENANAHcPSwrkprt

            “No!” I said instantly.copyright protection16PENANAA9H40NBgZF

            “Hey, that’s actually really quite smart.” Artie said nodding her head. “Like, that might actually work.”copyright protection16PENANA0C5kCCPQ7w

            “Deon! Nice job coming up with the big idea.” Paul said clapping him on the back.copyright protection16PENANAMPJCHf31Fu

            “Thanks, I was just staring at her and then it hit me.” He admitted.copyright protection16PENANAvfEckEZWVZ

            They seemed not to have heard my statement. “No, you guys. I’m not going to make him love me. No way!”copyright protection16PENANACWBHhek74r

            “Come on goddess of love.” Artie said. “Take one for the team.”copyright protection16PENANAERhntYDw0i

            “I remember that in the old myths, Aphrodite was always making men love her to get what she wanted.” Adele said.copyright protection16PENANA1vyGHTlHPg

            “That was how Aphrodite did things, not how Albany does things.” I said firmly. “I refuse.”copyright protection16PENANAGsdiavwuCB

            “Come on.” Paul begged. “We need you to do this. You’ll be saving New Olympus from certain doom.”copyright protection16PENANAWgsdEWchsc

            “Not certain doom.” Adele muttered. “In fact not even probable doom, I would say…slight probability of doom.”copyright protection16PENANAAuH8ao1v5R

            “Oh, well if it’s not even certain doom, why should we even bother talking to Zack?” I said quickly. “I’ll take my chances with the slight probability of doom.”copyright protection16PENANAMMk05uvCZ7

            “Really, you’d gamble with all of our lives?” Deon asked.copyright protection16PENANAdWoGa2Cmk5

            “Certainly, seeing as all of you are gambling with mine.” I said. “I will not do this. I won’t!”copyright protection16PENANAyUAf2LE4gK

            “Albany, come on.” Artie said. “Why is this so much of a big problem?”copyright protection16PENANAW3xg4CLzeK

            “It’s a problem because I don’t believe in that kind of love.” I said. “I refuse to believe in your love charms and tricking men.”copyright protection16PENANAHsG59Q8Mds

            “Why not, hot girls do it all the time.” Deon muttered.copyright protection16PENANASLms1pdFuu

            “Yeah, they do.” Paul muttered. He shook his head. “…five homecoming dates!” he muttered under her breath.copyright protection16PENANAqqyXHCzsbO

            “I don’t want to be just a hot body with a pretty face!” I shouted. “I have a brain, heart, and feelings too. Those things are what I want a man to like about me, not my looks.”copyright protection16PENANAdTgUZqL7cY

            “You want dudes to like your heart?” Deon asked.copyright protection16PENANAA5JXxKnLqR

            “By heart she means passion, interests, and the other things she loves.” Adele explained. “Hmm, you truly are a new Aphrodite. Guys, this is getting us nowhere. She won’t give in.”copyright protection16PENANAgQiOOZrnrD

            “Ok goddess of wisdom, what do we do now?” Paul asked.copyright protection16PENANAbEwsyvTjD5

            I was thankful that Adele had stepped in and helped me out of that situation. I was a goddess now, not a sellout. I was determined to remain Albany. I wouldn’t let this place change me any more than it already has.copyright protection16PENANAiea1bIMzud

            “We give up.” Adele said.copyright protection16PENANAqK4JzSI1ga

            “What?” Artie asked “We can’t.”copyright protection16PENANAErPbUoGNIk

            “Retreat and regroup.” Adele shrugged. “We’re just wasting time here. Let’s go our separate ways and keep thinking on our dilemma. Besides, some more rumors may pop up soon that will help us.”copyright protection16PENANAT0y41KNOjh

            “Hmm, I guess we can call it a day.” Artie said picking up his bow. She proceeded to begin firing arrows at several of the targets. Paul retrieved his bow and began to fire arrows as well.copyright protection16PENANA1K26tCYcDe

            “Albany, think it over.” Deon muttered before he and Adele left the field.copyright protection16PENANAniGctBBaoj

            I didn’t respond to him. I found my way back to my shrine in silence, just brooding over the words of my fellow New Olympians.copyright protection16PENANAuij3mlNaa7

            I made my way back up to the roof and lay down once more. The stars aren’t as pretty when your mind in racing.copyright protection16PENANArcSuim6gyK

            “What should I do?” I asked the tiny twinkling lights. Sadly they were too cool to talk to me, so I was forced to resolve the problem by myself.copyright protection16PENANAvW2c9vNKGc

            Should I abandon my morals and beliefs for the good of the many? Was it even the good of the many? What if Blade didn’t even attack? What if Pan’s rumors were just rumors? AHHH!!copyright protection16PENANA4aundRJ11T

            There were too many questions in my head competing for limited answers. I had no idea how to deal with this situation. And no way of knowing if this situation even needed an answer. Being a goddess was crazy. Off course being a teenager was like that too. What would I do if I was still a teenage in a similar predicament? I didn’t have an answer. And that was the main problem. This would be so easy if I could just trade a few stars for an answer or two.copyright protection16PENANA9t51Xon4FW

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