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Gods in Training
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods in Training
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Chapter 56 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!QX8UnB3wGn2HnX3X8T9Rposted on PENANA

            A huge boulder hurtled just over mine and Gaia’s heads. With a boom audible over even this raging storm we heard it smack right into the mountainside above us. Bits of rock and gravel rolled and slid down the hillside, passed us and right into Kronos’ face who was below us. I had a feeling that he was the pre-brain washed Kronos, due to the fact that he was screaming for Zeus.copyright protection6PENANAbchPE7m72p

            “This way.” Gaia said pointing in the exact opposite direction of the Titan of time (a wise destination) “and keep my grandson safe.” We, well I more like it, stumbled and faltered all the way up the slope. Gaia, being the earth mother was able to use magic or something to kind of just glide over the rough terrain. If she could move that smoothly, she should be the one holding the baby. I’m just saying.copyright protection6PENANA8SmgNKSQgz

            “ZEUS!” Kronos shouted on the slopes below us. He was having just as much trouble as I was, if not more. He’s bulky frame did not do for scaling slick muddy slopes.copyright protection6PENANAejgBgkzpeI

            “I do not understand why he hasn’t slowed time and killed you.” Gaia said rather indifferently. If you’re going to talk about someone’s death, please be respectful.copyright protection6PENANAhpVyfzGBGI

            “He’s not from this time.” I muttered annoyed at her comment. Gaia stopped moving.copyright protection6PENANA0OAn5n8Yep

            “What do you mean?”copyright protection6PENANAxsIO4Z9Dpn

            “The Kronos back there isn’t from this time. He came back from the future to kill Zeus. Because without Zeus the gods would never have existed.” I explained what little I knew. I glanced back at the Titan. Thankfully we could afford this rest as he slid down at least thirty feet, Kronos’ face covered in mud.copyright protection6PENANAmGMhe1RVDx

            “The gods?” Gaia was clearly very confused. “He came back from the future?”copyright protection6PENANADDme1rC9qQ

            “None of this was supposed to happen. Zeus was supposed to grow up and defeat Kronos, but Kronos came back to kill Zeus before that happened.” I said explaining my past and her future.copyright protection6PENANAyYjhMogW1F

            “And the Kronos that you were with? Is he from the future too?” Gaia pressed on with her questions.copyright protection6PENANAjom5GB7xwK

            “Well…” Kronos hurled another boulder at us, cutting off the conversation. “Can we start running again?”copyright protection6PENANA4aoroqS0Aj

            Gaia looked from me to Kronos to baby Zeus. “Yes, we must keep moving.” Gaia helped me directly this time around. She put her arm around my waist and steadied my movements. I was still having trouble getting traction in the thickening mud, but I was moving faster now. I ventured a look back and saw that the gap between us and Kronos was widening. More and more distance was being put between us, but there was a cost.copyright protection6PENANAR9hbq4zH0B

            I looked down and saw sticky, wet, heavy mud caked almost up to my knees. My legs weighed twenty pounds more than they should have. I couldn’t keep this pace up, I couldn’t go any further. I had to stop.copyright protection6PENANAnjZJpFkxdR

            “What are you doing?” Gaia demanded as I ungracefully shrunk down into a kneeling position. “He will catch us.”copyright protection6PENANAih1HIp7BqI

            I was breathing heavily, if not for the rain I would be dripping in sweat without a doubt. “No,” I gently lifted baby Zeus away from my chest and into Gaia’s arms, “he will catch me.”copyright protection6PENANAVhRcsih20h

            Gaia stood holding the future king of the gods in shock. She glanced back at Kronos. “I do not know your name.”copyright protection6PENANADnBC71iryv

            My shoulders were heaving up and down like a piston pumping. My breathing was still at double its usual rate. “Albany.” I took a deep breath and looked at Mother Earth. “My name is Albany.”copyright protection6PENANAiRNkywJF89

            “Well then Miss Albany.” Gaia said kneeling down next to me. “You are the bravest mortal I have met.” She stood up and looked at the sky. “I will remember you Miss Albany. The stones never forget.” Gaia tucked Zeus snuggly into the crook of her arm and then snapped her finger. The two, goddess and baby alike, melted into the mud around me. Hopefully disappearing to their true destinies.copyright protection6PENANAo3rffUywWy

            I could not catch my breath. I was so exhausted. I looked back and saw Kronos still chugging along. He was still coming, but it wouldn’t matter. I was too far away. He didn’t have the time to reach me I thought. I leaned back and rested my head in the mud. I felt my hair get coated in the slime it seeped into my clothing and clung to my body. But I didn’t care. I just lay there, face upturned towards the storming sky. The fat raindrops felt good as they rammed into me. I waited for a blinding white light and a deafening boom.copyright protection6PENANAOzVqc2rvu0

            I waited. I could only hear thunder and Kronos’ cries for Zeus. I could only see storm clouds. I waited longer. Surely Gaia had gotten Zeus to safety by now. Why was there no big boom and bright light? I forced myself to sit up. The effort of pulling my upper half out of the mud brought back my exhaustion and heavy breathing. I looked around. Kronos was still coming, and he was closer now. But I could see no one else. Why was I still here?copyright protection6PENANA1NRO7qlR6t

            “Kronos is still coming.” I muttered to myself. I all made sense. The timeline changed when Kronos killed Zeus. He caused history to change. But history wasn’t so easy to change back. I had saved Zeus from Kronos this day, but there was no guarantee that this Kronos would just give up. He could kill Zeus whenever he wanted and still get the desired effects. I was still here, still in this distorted reality because Kronos was STILL coming. He wasn’t dead yet, and until he was Zeus wasn’t safe.copyright protection6PENANA1uwsJMnhij

            I watched with despair as he came ever closer. I watched him close the gap between us. He thought he would kill Zeus up here, but he would only find a former love goddess. I pushed myself up. Slowly, and forcefully I removed myself from the mud. The rain picked and pecked at me, steadily clearing my skin of the goop and muck.copyright protection6PENANAP7TLx6OZBi

            I had no weapon, but it didn’t really matter. Even with one I would have had one million to one odds of victory. I would have to use my brain on this one. And that is something that love lacks at. I wished Adele was here, or even Deon. They were good at firing ideas off of each other. I wished Hector was here, or really any of the others. I’d even take Zack right now. I wasn’t afraid of what was coming. I just didn’t want to face it alone.copyright protection6PENANAZD6RrehM5n

            Kronos had stopped calling out for Zeus. He was still a decent distance away from me, but I could tell his eyes were locked onto me. I believe that he sensed something was wrong. I think he suspected that Zeus had escaped. And I had a feel he would take out his disappointment on me. The rain started to recede. The drops became smaller and less frequent. I could catch glimpses of the sky as the clouds began to break up.copyright protection6PENANAg6RMzByWTR

            As with the rain, my breathing calmed down as well. I was still tired, but I was no longer laboring with my lungs. I stood waiting. Kronos slowed his pace. He knew I would try to run off. I couldn’t help but think. I thought about my friends, I thought about my family, but mostly I thought about me. I was my life after all, so most of my memories were about me. I thought about becoming a god and what it meant to me. I knew though that I would always be Albany before Aphrodite. Even now, in a world where Aphrodite had never existed, and one where Albany was just a cheerleader. As I stood on the muddy slope, I thought about all the choices that we and I could have made that wouldn’t have ended in me watching Kronos crawl towards me. I thought of Janus and what he would make of these choices. Did we do good despite our mistakes? Were we really godly? Or did we fail our training? Standing there watching, just watching and waiting I really couldn’t think of the answer. Would different choices have ended better? Or was this the littlest of all evils?copyright protection6PENANAgJZauwgjvS

            I realized there in the mud, that it didn’t matter. Janus sucked. Choices sucked.  We did what we did and that’s that. Only Kronos can go back in time. And look what happened when he switched his choice. No, whatever choice you make is the best one. Because you made it. Whether it works out wonderfully, or forces you to battle the Titan king. You must never go back on your choices. God or mortal. Titan or not. You can never regret anything. The past is evil, it will haunt you. The future is frightening, it will horrify you. Why do you think the Titan of TIME is our enemy. Time is no man’s friend. Now is all that matters. This moment, not one second ago, not one second slow. Now. It’s all you need to know. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.copyright protection6PENANABvvImXWEK2

            Kronos was close now. He was nearly here. I knew I would have to face him soon, but that time wasn’t here yet. I would be ready then, why worry about it now?copyright protection6PENANA108TNHumEo

            “Where’s Zeus?” He growled as he slowed his pace eyeing me up and down. He frowned when he saw no sign of his youngest son.copyright protection6PENANAdV7c5CJmVf

            “You don’t belong here.” I told him. “We need to go back to our own time.”copyright protection6PENANAfxKKf7IcLt

            “Oh, you’re right.” Kronos muttered slapping his forehead. “I must be getting confused in my old age. I thought I was in the bathroom.”copyright protection6PENANAeNunGh4bEJ

            “That would make sense with the smell.” I said calmly. I should’ve been crying. I should have been scared out of my mind.copyright protection6PENANAAREH4KjO6f

            “Before I kill you, I would like to know something.” Kronos muttered.copyright protection6PENANA3lMO62VPfH

            “F is the sixth letter in the alphabet, and U is the twenty-first letter.” I explained smiling slightly. “It’s ok I get them out of order sometimes too.”copyright protection6PENANAituNQb5VnJ

            Kronos chuckled. “Now I know my ABC’s.” he was still slowly approaching. “I would like to know how it came to pass that another version of me is lying dead down in that valley. I did not come here to fight myself. How did you trick him into attacking me?”copyright protection6PENANAFXAjFF3Zta

            “Simple, we taught him right from wrong.” I said cheekily. “All his choices came naturally from there. We didn’t make him do anything.”copyright protection6PENANAexv1lC3hri

            “Now you listen here!” Kronos suddenly screamed. “I want to know what happened to him. Why did he attack me?”copyright protection6PENANAYKMtxDFCy2

            I realized that Kronos was scared. He was truly frightened. I realized that he had just killed his future self, meaning that he would die in that manner too…unless he figured out how to change it. I couldn’t help but grin. He was confused, and I could use that. “He killed Zeus, and as soon as he did he regretted it. He came back here to try and stop himself from doing it. And you killed him…yourself…for it.”copyright protection6PENANAle0WyGCBF6

            “Do not play games with me!” Kronos screamed. He was about the length of a car from me. I had to think of something believable. I had to lie. I had to lie fast. I was frantic. I was running out of time. He was getting closer. I couldn’t think of anything. He was nearly to me. I needed to think of something…why not the truth, at least a hint of it.copyright protection6PENANAMUDiWZU0gm

            “We beat you.”copyright protection6PENANAif75JEIohh

            Kronos stopped in his muddied tracks. Good thing to, he could have reached out and grabbed me if he had so desired. “What?”copyright protection6PENANArDvsA38cFO

            “We…beat…you.” I repeated myself. And once I started more words flowed to me. “After you went back and killed Zeus, things changed. There were no gods, no one to oppose you. But instead of helping you, this made you weaker. With no enemies you grew frail. Your skills and powers lessened with no one to use them against. You were weaker than ever before. So weak, that mere mortals were able to overpower you and make you our slave. We became the kings of our own world. A world without you. In our arrogance we sent our prettiest slave back in time with a mission. And that slave was you.”copyright protection6PENANAisJWKFWFFd

Fastest than lightning, Kronos reached out and grabbed my neck. I choked under the pressure on my windpipe, I couldn’t breathe. “I am no one’s slave, especially no mortal!” he screamed in my face. I was only able to making grabbled puffs of air in response. “I will kill Zeus, I will rule this world forever, and I will never give up my power. I will dominate the sky, I will conquer the seas, I will rule the land and oppress the Underworld. I will be ultimate. And I will kill you.” He squeezed. My neck burned, my lungs puttered about uselessly in my chest, my eyes felt like they would pop out of my head.copyright protection6PENANA2Yt93cOMA5

Then it stopped. Kronos let go of me, I feel into the mud and muck, once more it covered my body in its slime. I was dirty all over again, but I could breathe!copyright protection6PENANA41JAtjECvk

I pushed my upper body free and looked up to see Kronos reeling back. He was clutching at his chest. I was confused. Why had he let me go? Was he having a heart attack?copyright protection6PENANArOMaLxPHcu

“Stay down Miss Albany.” A gentle hand rested on my shoulder.copyright protection6PENANAVetooxAcja

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