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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 13 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!qoCYZ8dC917J2Akwtg6Eposted on PENANA

            Little bitty love goddess all alone. Little bitty love goddess has no home. Little bitty love goddess cries all night. Little bitty love goddess will never sleep tight. The song faded into laughter, cackling laughter.copyright protection15PENANA7WY6I5j10i

            The laugh was the worst part. I had heard that song all night, and every time it was followed by that laugh. I felt my brain shatter each time I heard that laugh. The song was stuck in my head, but the laugh was ground into my subconscious. Halfway through the dream the voice singing the song changed to my voice, but the laugh had been his throughout. And it was driving me crazy.copyright protection15PENANAprG1pFaDhk

            I was slumping in my throne. I was so tired. I had managed to sleep last night but it didn’t feel like it. That’s where I had heard the song and laugh, in my dreams. I was more tired now than before I had gone to bed. There were bags under my eyes the size of bowling balls and I wasn’t sure if my face was wet from drool or tears anymore. I shook my head and tried to pay attention.copyright protection15PENANAFp3H0oetEl

            Artemisia was standing before us. Her torso was heavily bandaged, and I could see faint bloodstains starting to bleed through on her back.copyright protection15PENANA8Mh6T0cc1d

            “And the hounds left just like that?” Kara asked.copyright protection15PENANAurEat4QDI8

            “Yes. “Artemisia nodded. “There was only one left at that point, but if left me and the survivors alone as soon as that horn sounded.copyright protection15PENANAXnx05xpk13

            “The horn means there must be a master somewhere. Someone who owns those hellhounds.” Paul was shouting. He was angry that his sister had been attacked. “Let me go after them. I will find them and I will bring them before you.”copyright protection15PENANAF9QXgJXsVZ

            “No.” Kara said. “I don’t like this. We don’t know anything about them. It could be a trap or worse. From now on no patrols in the forest, stick to the valley. And double the number of men on each patrol, we have enough recruits for that now right?”copyright protection15PENANAGqqkATprw7

            Paul bit his lip. “Just barely.”copyright protection15PENANAzuv6vAEUUF

            “Good. Do it.” Kara muttered.  “Paul, the guard is for defense, not to go hunting mysterious horns in the woods.” Paul frowned but he nodded. “Artemisia, you should rest. You need to take some time off. Let your body heal, Paul, Chiron, and Hercules will be captains while you recover.” Artie nodded in agreement, and gingerly eased herself back into her throne.copyright protection15PENANAYAPOx5yvyu

            Little bitty love goddess.copyright protection15PENANAueUUzvNYWk

            “Next order of business.” Herman shouted. Eric and Sid stood up and walked to the middle of the room.copyright protection15PENANA6vOBCjche7

            “Tell me what happened.” Kara said. I perked up at this. I was tired but I wanted to hear what they had to say. When these two had come back they brought Zack back in chains and Blade in a coma.copyright protection15PENANAWcHM1eSzJr

            “We were looking for Aeolus to ask if he had heard anything about Hestia.” Sid explained.copyright protection15PENANA3eFX8ftWep

            “But when we got there Zack and Blade got into a fight.” Eric interrupted. “Blade ended up punching Zack.”copyright protection15PENANAhlV5Wxp9OD

            “What caused the fight?” Kara asked.copyright protection15PENANAgLPXyRbqqV

            “We’re not sure, but they were talking really intense like before it happened. We managed to separate them right after.” Sid said. “I went into the lighthouse to look for Aeolus with Blade.”copyright protection15PENANARt9xriNUf1

            “And I stayed outside in the rain with Zack.” Eric said. “It started storming real bad after their little tussle. Clouds came out of nowhere.” Eric was saying. “Lightning and thunder everywhere, I thought Zack was doing it.”copyright protection15PENANAkwmfBjN1sC

            “Well then what happened?” Paul asked.copyright protection15PENANAEIouFWlRnM

            “The lighthouse blew up.” Sid said. “It got struck by lightning.”copyright protection15PENANANefXMHfzCu

            “It blew up?” I asked quietly.copyright protection15PENANABW1XcCg0EJ

            Little bitty love goddess.copyright protection15PENANADir1N7Y9Zl

            “How are you ok but Blade is in a coma?” Kara asked. “And what happened to Aeolus?”copyright protection15PENANAVMAbJnTZWv

            “I dove into the ocean right after it happened.” Sid said. “The water protected me, I found Blade floating in the surf shortly after that. We never did see Aeolus after the explosion. Don’t know if he’s dead or missing or what.”copyright protection15PENANAuxsvvE8MFM

            “When I saw the lightning hit the lighthouse I knocked Zack out and tied him up.” Eric said. I was surprised, throughout this entire godly experience. Eric had always been the one who had supported Zack through everything. “I don’t like Blade, but I would never kill a fellow god. Not after everything we’ve been through.”copyright protection15PENANAvi5XkS5i24

            “Where are they?” Kara asked.copyright protection15PENANAEXRf9BC2Bz

            “Blade is still unconscious.” Sid explained. “That girl is with him.”copyright protection15PENANAx57ZBDEKpj

            “What girl?”copyright protection15PENANAwVBCTWvZex

            “His lady, dude.” Sid said. “Calypso.”copyright protection15PENANA3TvV9ExMH8

            “Oh, he is in good hands then. Well what of Zack.” Kara asked,copyright protection15PENANAleeteQ6TAw

            “I got him chained up out front.” Eric said grinning.copyright protection15PENANAd6sPJlLekZ

            “You chained the king of the gods out in public for all to see?” Kara asked.copyright protection15PENANALoThk2WROD

            “I thought we voted him out of office. Ain’t he the former king?” Eric stopped grinning.copyright protection15PENANA0aSfD65K0F

            “Artemisia is attacked in the forest. Blade comes back in a coma. And Zeus is chained outside the still closed throne room.” Kara said slowly. “People are scared, this will all feed into their speculations. Zack needs to be locked up, but I’m not sure we should have him locked up out in the open for everyone to see. It might cause more panic.”copyright protection15PENANAhdMJ2v4NKp

            “What should I do?” Eric asked.copyright protection15PENANANwOGN8JJ0y

            “Bring him in here you idiot.” Artemisia shouted. Eric glared at her but hurried off to fetch the former king.copyright protection15PENANAm0Iefmlk7m

            “I DIDN’T DO IT!” Zack screamed as soon as he was inside the curtain. “I SWEAR I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” Eric threw him on the ground before Kara’s feet.copyright protection15PENANA0ozM7Bicp2

            “Shut up.” She said quietly.copyright protection15PENANACcyqTmyC6z

            “Kara, I didn’t do this.” He begged. “I know how it looks but I swear it wasn’t me.”copyright protection15PENANAaszTHPf3am

            “I think no one in this room believes you.” Kara said matter-of-factly. I didn’t believe him. Everyone knew Zack hated Blade. It made sense that he would try to kill him like this.copyright protection15PENANApaLYXSAg5Z

            “I didn’t do it.” Zack was speaking quietly now, as if he realized we didn’t believe his lie and he doubted if it was worth telling.copyright protection15PENANAiHbR74eGHk

            “Shut up.” Kara told him again. “Zack, we can’t have this right now.” She said slowly measuring her breathing. “We tried to give you another chance to work together and play well with others. It’s not working.”copyright protection15PENANAfRNPLuF0yP

            “Kara, I didn’t do it.” He pleaded. “What are you going to do?”copyright protection15PENANAnX08WX1xe7

            Kara was silent for a while. “I’m banishing you to Tartarus.”copyright protection15PENANAwxOIpWNDDu

            “WHAT NO!” Zack screamed. He strained against his chains. “I DIDN’T DO IT KARA!”copyright protection15PENANAXTmKI7fn8O

            “It will not be permanent.” Kara tried to calm him over his screams. “Just until other matters are solved. Then we will revisit this issue when we have more time. Good bye Zack.”copyright protection15PENANAdwLdFIbHfp

            “NOOOOOOOO!” he screamed and kicked as Eric and Sid dragged him out of the throne room. “I’m innocent!”copyright protection15PENANAOMXDvmziZd

            “At least have the balls to admit it.” Paul snorted shaking his head.copyright protection15PENANANX6aIPiYdr

            “He is the only one that can control lightning.” Hector said. “He must have done it, they said the storm appeared after Zack got mad. I don’t see how he could be innocent.”copyright protection15PENANAMqXyECgPjw

            Kara put her head in her hands. “Oh gods.” She muttered. “A week ago I didn’t have any problems. Dismissed.” She muttered sitting back and slouching. We all got up to leave. “Herman, come here.”copyright protection15PENANAf8jdLOzl7z

            Little bitty love goddess.copyright protection15PENANAyVwF6euocI

            “Albany?”copyright protection15PENANAQZ8NxNqNDK

            “What?” I looked up and saw Hector standing before me.copyright protection15PENANAkSSE5EtFZA

            He was looking at me strangely. “Are you ok? You almost walked into the fire pit.”copyright protection15PENANAeywKdCZI1c

            “Oh sorry, I wasn’t really paying attention.” I said quickly. “Oops.”copyright protection15PENANAqSbzFJm6xZ

            Hector looked me in the eyes. “Are you ok, I’m serious?” he asked. “Albany you look terrible.”copyright protection15PENANAQRSJwYnZDm

            “First time I’ve ever heard that.” I tried to laugh and slapped at his arm. “I’m ok buddy.” I said smiling.copyright protection15PENANAASV6C8JCRL

            Little bitty love goddess.copyright protection15PENANAPhD1RjKdph

            “Ok.” Hector didn’t look convinced. “So umm, mind if I walk with you?”copyright protection15PENANAdg950F4nEH

            “Sure, go for it.” I said.copyright protection15PENANAKfzFmcO5PF

            “I wanted to talk about our job.” Hector said. “I know we already did it, but I want to do another sweep. You know, in light of recent events.” The longer he talked the quieter his voice got until it disappeared all together. I tried to listen to him, but no sound entered my ear. I watched his mouth move in silence.copyright protection15PENANARFWuGOOr1e

            “What’s wrong little bitty love goddess?” the voice laughed. “Why don’t you go to sleep, you seem so tired.” My heart started racing. I forced my eyes wide open, scared I had dozed off. The voice only visited me when I was asleep, why was it here now?copyright protection15PENANAIfuSkuxoSc

            “Albany!” Hector was shaking me. “What’s wrong?”copyright protection15PENANA6CrGhNT5TI

            “Nothing.”copyright protection15PENANALKoIf4w3vx

            “Albany you collapsed into my arms.” Hector said. “You look like a zombie. When’s the last time you slept.”copyright protection15PENANAheNM67hEw9

            “I’m ok.” I insisted stepping away from Hector and standing under my own power, barely. “I’m fine.”copyright protection15PENANARDMik36d90

            “No you’re not.” Hector said.copyright protection15PENANAWULkC0o94U

            Little bitty love goddess.copyright protection15PENANAHl9u8gCpU8

            “Stop calling me that.” I shouted.copyright protection15PENANAyMMl56objy

            Hector looked taken aback. “I didn’t call you anything.”copyright protection15PENANAcgtXA6XZf1

            I realized I had spoken out loud. “No I didn’t mean…I’m sorry.”copyright protection15PENANAUXn3rwk3Vf

            “You know what, it’s fine.” Hector said. “I’ll go double check the city. But first I’m going to take you home so you can sleep.”copyright protection15PENANAcu1YP65eio

            “Hector I’m fine.” I told him. “I want to come with you, I can help.”copyright protection15PENANANuFhrfopfD

            “That’s right, come sleep little bitty love goddess, you are so tired after all.”copyright protection15PENANAr9APd2lx5h

            “NO!” Hector was looking at me like I was crazy.copyright protection15PENANAMhLNfBTkQc

            “You are going to sleep.” Hector said. He gently grabbed my arm and escorted me down the street. He was holding me upright more than preventing my escape. I was falling to pieces. He was right I needed sleep, but sleep was when the voice was busiest.copyright protection15PENANAJDGpU8EixU

            “Hector please.”copyright protection15PENANAWY3xNhz9PF

            “Albany, I know everything is crazy right now and you want to help, but you can’t do this to yourself. You need to sleep. You’re no use to us like this.” I flinched at his words. The voice started laughing again.copyright protection15PENANAqBWbpcNjxD

            “You see? They don’t need you, they don’t want you. Little bitty love goddess all alone. Little bitty love goddess has no home.”copyright protection15PENANAvhgcGbkluR

            “Please no.” I begged. “Hector.”copyright protection15PENANAfrQjZDByNq

            “Olympus won’t blow up without you.” Hector told me. “I’m here.” He smiled.copyright protection15PENANAed1aprncKU

            “Hector no.” I was too tired to stop him, and too scared to tell him.copyright protection15PENANAPgc6sTiMeM

            “I’m not trying to bully you into this, but it’s for your own good.” Hector was telling me.copyright protection15PENANAEueuOd8pMV

            Little bitty love goddess.copyright protection15PENANAP08RaxiyK3

            “Hector stop.”copyright protection15PENANAtAkFGMyZzN

            “Try to sleep I dare you.”copyright protection15PENANALdiZH6dPvZ

            “Albany I’m sorry, I’m just trying to help.” He tone was softening but his grip wasn’t. Hector was leading me through the streets, we were passing a bakery. In the window were delicious looking snacks. They weren’t alone.copyright protection15PENANALkZTcarvIc

            “Albany.”copyright protection15PENANAycMTSsFqrf

            “LEAVE ME ALONE!” with the last of my strength I pulled free from Hector and hurled my fist through the glass, shattering it and sending shards all over the food. I turned to see Hector staring at me wide eyed. “I’m so tired.” I collapsed against his chest.copyright protection15PENANAedswdaCq08

            “Albany you’re bleeding.” He held up my arm to reveal glass shards had shredded my forearm, causing rivulets of blood to drip off my body and into the street.copyright protection15PENANAqLtpFFA6ai

            “I can’t feel it.” I said looking at all the blood.copyright protection15PENANAiJv4CnxiOZ

            “I’m taking you to the hospital.” Hector lifted me up and hurriedly started in the other direction. I felt myself start to pass out, I wasn’t sure if it was from blood lose or fatigue.copyright protection15PENANAy2d0zrbcSb

            “Hector don’t let me sleep.” I said patting his chest. “Don’t let me sleep.”copyright protection15PENANAkiXOHCthJE

            “Albany stay with me.” Hector said. “You’re going to be ok.” He reassured me.copyright protection15PENANAA2o560sEjh

            “Don’t let me sleep.” I repeated. “The voice comes when I sleep. Don’t let me sleep.”copyright protection15PENANAERjSSTj45b

            “Voice?” Hector slowed a little and looked at me. “What voice?”copyright protection15PENANAgqtdebPItz

            “You’re almost here, little bitty love goddess. A little longer and you’ll be with me, sweet dreams.”copyright protection15PENANAm4BLaIMDm5

            “No.” I said faintly. My eyes were drooping and the outside world was disappearing. “Don’t let me sleep.” I was out cold. The voice told me so, and he brought the nightmares with him.copyright protection15PENANAU1XdTQ7dUc

          Little bitty love goddess.copyright protection15PENANAoaDSnR4dAy

            “Albany.” This was a different voice. Not the one laughing at me. “Albany wake up.” I knew this voice.copyright protection15PENANAMXCoIM6upt

            “Let’s try my way.” I smiled when I heard that voice. It was one of my favorites. “Up and at’em love goddess!” a sharp smack forced me awake.copyright protection15PENANAzjuxxonEBh

            “GAIA! You can’t slap my patients!”copyright protection15PENANAR0ruTPmX3W

            “Piss off Hygeia.” Gaia glared at a woman in nurse’s clothes.copyright protection15PENANAvQT8eCUk6j

            “I mean. You know Hygeia’s right.” Hector said meekly. “Right?”copyright protection15PENANANGDidbGBQi

            Gaia ignored him. “What’s wrong?” she was staring directly at me.copyright protection15PENANASHjkccazad

            “What happened?” I asked. I felt my cheek. It wasn’t skin that brushed against my face though. Looking at my hand I saw it was wrapped in gauze.copyright protection15PENANAwF4qNi2ID8

            “Gaia hit you.” Hector explained.copyright protection15PENANA2rPGJ2RqDH

            “No, before that.” I said.copyright protection15PENANAJwo2RBe1ao

            “You punched a window, freaked out, and then passed out.” He filled me in. “You were saying some weird stuff.”copyright protection15PENANAfH4j7SC9Bf

            “Old Ironsides came and got me as soon as he dropped you off here.” Gaia said. “So I ask again, what’s wrong?”copyright protection15PENANAiDH7jraaRO

            “Ironsides?” Hector looked confused.copyright protection15PENANASBlhDcSSd3

            “God of metal working.” Gaia explained. “Iron is a metal, hence ironsides. See Albany, that’s how you answer a question. Now why don’t you try it?” she turned to me. “What’s wrong?” She repeated.copyright protection15PENANAhsKlMSeo2P

            “Nothing.” I said. “I guess I was just tired.” I did feel better, more rested. Physically at least, not mentally. The voice had dogged me the whole time I slept.copyright protection15PENANADktlsMMDXE

            “Bull.” Gaia said calmly.copyright protection15PENANArPfM6TYZLc

            “No really I’m fine.” I said.copyright protection15PENANA32FOorGCPI

            “You had the worst case of night terror’s I have ever seen.” Hygeia said from the foot of my bed.copyright protection15PENANAst3VOvIA8G

            “She made us let you sleep, but eventually it got too hard to watch.” Hector said.copyright protection15PENANAeAvumCnlB8

            “So I slapped you awake.” Gaia said, still studying my face.copyright protection15PENANAyFbdtzE9ct

            I didn’t know what to say. “I don’t remember that.”copyright protection15PENANASEXVALqilz

            “What was going on in there?” Gaia asked.copyright protection15PENANAYA9u4w7sSJ

            “Albany, when you punched that window.” Hector said. “You told me to leave you alone. But were you even saying it to me?”copyright protection15PENANAAqoLERli1x

            I was scared, not of the voice. I was scared of them finding out. I was scared they would learn I was losing my mind. And then everything the voice had said would start to come true.copyright protection15PENANAMTcJOMvf5R

            “I’m so mad I want to light off a bunch of volcanoes and make a second Hawaii.” Gaia grunted. “Why won’t you let us help you? I’m not a doctor, but it’s so obvious that you’re hurting it insults me that you can’t ask me for help. It’s me, it’s Gaia. I would do anything for you…so let me.”copyright protection15PENANAO4rYywvGYn

            “Albany we want to help.” Hector said.copyright protection15PENANApzONksFGLG

            “Yeah! Let us in love goddess.” Gaia shouted.copyright protection15PENANAdyApiocNEh

            Little bitty love goddess.copyright protection15PENANAEtl5rUCXAA

            “Don’t call me that.”copyright protection15PENANAk099OuCtan

            “Love goddess?” Gaia asked. “Why not? I’ve always called you that.”copyright protection15PENANAaoWKOe901N

            “Not…”I almost said not you. But if I had they would know. I didn’t want them to know. There was enough going on. Enough gods were gone or hurt. They didn’t need to worry about me. I was strong, I could beat the voice.copyright protection15PENANAhFgDLIyoF9

            “I’d like to see you try.”copyright protection15PENANAY098aXDMrO

            “I’m sorry.” I said pausing. “I’m a little confused. I think I’m still just tired, that’s why I’m acting weird.”copyright protection15PENANAaBc6l0ku0m

            “Do you want us to let you sleep again?” Hygeia asked.copyright protection15PENANAii2zWOhucX

            “NO.” I said quickly. “I mean…I’m hungry. I’d like to eat first.”copyright protection15PENANAEbYNj8LXUc

            “Go get her food.” Gaia ordered. Hector hopped to it. Gaia turned back to me. “Albany, you should probably take some time off. Maybe you’re not adjusted to the thick of it just yet. You did go from hiatus to up the creek without a paddle like that.” She snapped. None of the others had trouble adjusting back, I thought.copyright protection15PENANAL5NXb8YwDZ

            “They aren’t weak like you.”copyright protection15PENANATViVueJMJW

            “I’m not weak.” I said.copyright protection15PENANAKn7JbrRWoM

            “I didn’t say you were.” Gaia smiled. “I’ve got the power of a planet, but I don’t mind taking a nap or two every now and again. Why don’t you do the same?”copyright protection15PENANA89SW6355zI

            I smiled at her. “You’re right Gaia.”copyright protection15PENANA4tDmo8B8Ul

            “They don’t need you anymore. They want you out of the way. You don’t have a place here anymore.”copyright protection15PENANA4FIboUCgQ0

            “I just need to take a break.” I told her. “I’ll be all better on my own.”copyright protection15PENANA3ZaVVhY1my

            “Great.” Gaia clapped me on the shoulder. “You’re strong Albany. You’re a goddess. And we need you, but only when your ready.”copyright protection15PENANAJr1nOqvpyq

            “Lies. She’s too much of a coward to tell you what she really thinks of you. Come to me, I can find some uses for you little bitty love goddess.”copyright protection15PENANALD6tPuorLe

            “I’m gonna stay right here.” I told the voice.copyright protection15PENANAsOeCJaUIbg

            “Yeah.” Gaia nodded. “That’s the spirit. Just a little nap, a little rest and you be back to kicking ass in no time.” She smiled at me before taking a step back. “You come find me as soon as anything starts to happen to her again. You understand?” Gaia was right in Hygeia’s face.copyright protection15PENANAhVHjivJOVi

            “Scum. You are nothing. The gods don’t want you. Neither did your parents, they didn’t want you, they had better lives without you. They dumped you on that butler of yours. And that same thing is happening now. The gods are going to get rid of you. Bye bye love goddess. You’ve overstayed your welcome. Your new family is going to dump you like your first. But this time, there will be no one for you to pretend is your parent. You will be alone…well, I’ll be there with you. But make no mistake, I am not your friend.”copyright protection15PENANAfGVlaKPycA

            “Nurse.” I said. Gaia had gone, only Hygeia was here with me now. “Do you have any medicine I could take?”copyright protection15PENANANFp2i8ccRo

            “Medicine? Of course.” Hygeia smiled welcomingly. “What kind of medicine do you want?”19Please respect copyright.PENANAtFip0saQ1m
            “Anything that stops dreams.” I begged.copyright protection15PENANAs8jarBGbqB

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