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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 17 Albany
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!LwUd0eVL7EOOAYd5naTPposted on PENANA

            They knew. They knew about the voice, they had to. It was the only thing that made sense. Every time I woke up Hector and Gaia were watching me, it was clear this time they weren’t here for a friendly visit. They were guarding me. The restraints also were a pretty big hint something was wrong.copyright protection15PENANAtnpp8ZwFEx

            “She’s awake again.” How had he known? I opened my eyes, giving up the act.copyright protection15PENANAhp4cD4qyQx

            “Please, what’s going on?” I ask, straining against my bonds. “Gaia please.” I had to figure out what had happened. They must have heard the voice too? Was that why they were punishing me?copyright protection15PENANAcEmNDzS1JL

            “Albany…eat.” Gaia carefully offered me a bowl of soup. “Then you’re going back under.”copyright protection15PENANAQd8gDgf9WT

            “No.” I shook my head. “No I need to be awake.” I almost told her that the voice visited when I was asleep, but I couldn’t let that slip. They were already punishing me. I wasn’t sure why, but I knew that bringing up the voice wouldn’t help.copyright protection15PENANAHdjLpWPQvF

            “The medicine keeps you, you.” Gaia told me. “You have to take it.”copyright protection15PENANAoIkKvXknY3

            “I can’t go to sleep.” I told her. Her face was pained, my friend was still there. But then why was she doing this to me?copyright protection15PENANA9Phi5Uzk4v

            “Hold her.” Gaia looked sad. Hector walked around the top of my bed and out of my view. I felt his hands grip my head and gently lift me into as much of a sitting position as could be managed with my restraints.copyright protection15PENANAeLIyx8vmZ0

            Gaia began to spoon feed me. “We’re doing this to help you.” She told me.copyright protection15PENANA2nJn8eksCj

            “I want to stay awake.” I told her. “I want to be awake.”copyright protection15PENANAwL8N3eICzM

            “I know.” Gaia nodded. “But you have to eat first. Hygeia will be here soon, she’ll give you a check up and maybe you’ll be discharged today. Do you hear that? Maybe you’ll get out of this bed.”copyright protection15PENANA7OxQm4ZRrY

            “Awake.” I muttered taking another spoonful.copyright protection15PENANASulBRtQcWs

            “Albany what happened?” Hector asked.copyright protection15PENANAwsdFfhTXUt

            “Hey.” Gaia snapped at him. “No. Let her eat.”copyright protection15PENANAK2hiSDmRvO

            “What happened?” I repeated. This must be a trick, a dream. That’s it I had to be dreaming. The voice was trying to make me lose trust in my friends. It wanted me to believe that they would actually tie me up and keep me a prisoner for no reason. I was onto them.copyright protection15PENANAPojb0bFQoB

            “Ignore him.” Gaia said. “Eat.”copyright protection15PENANAjU3xzjOthI

            “You won’t win.” I told them. I couldn’t help but smile. “You can’t fool me. My friends wouldn’t ever do this to me. They wouldn’t lock me up. I don’t know what you’re getting at but it isn’t working anymore. I’m onto you. I too strong for this, you will never break me. This little bitty love goddess is going to kill you!”copyright protection15PENANAW1KejDSGvn

            “Do it.” Gaia set the bowl down. Hector let go of my head. I felt a pinch in my neck. “Is that too much?”copyright protection15PENANAvlMOwN0bDo

            “That’s the dose Hygeia gave her.”copyright protection15PENANANXjQuS9imr

            “Can you watch her? I need to stretch my legs.”copyright protection15PENANA1isMwLposV

            “Sure.”copyright protection15PENANAMXgzMMmMY0

            “Yell if you need me.”copyright protection15PENANAbLXuCrmLKI

            “I can watch her.”copyright protection15PENANAdL1FyyrYXT

            “Thanks Hammer man.”copyright protection15PENANATJR9iEVFqU

            “Could you bring me some water?”copyright protection15PENANAFCFC6h3t3N

            There was a sigh. “Fine.”copyright protection15PENANAcgzdW7Mn5J

Some time passed. I was awake but I knew not to open my eyes. I had had this dream before. The voice was trying to trick me. I wasn’t sure why, but whenever it figured out that it wasn’t working it would put me back to sleep. I was tired of sleeping, I wanted to be awake. Being awake I could think for myself, I could try to figure out what was happening and better yet how to stop it.copyright protection15PENANAhYt98MN4re

“Albany?” I stopped moving and held my breath. “That’s even more obvious. I know you’re awake.” I opened my eyes. Hector was looking at me from a chair by the door. He stood up. “Are you hungry…thirsty?” I shook my head that I wasn’t. “How are you feeling?”copyright protection15PENANAY6QEIWWMq0

“I have to pee.”copyright protection15PENANAACh9QdhCBn

“That would be Gaia’s job,” he muttered, “she’ll be right back, can you hold it?”copyright protection15PENANAmTlP2uBQy2

“Why are you doing this?”copyright protection15PENANA4x8UbRR8Dh

He looked out into the hallway. “Gaia!” he called.copyright protection15PENANA8eTpnKDFme

“Tell me why?”copyright protection15PENANA2J8oyaS90q

“Gaia will be back in a minute, she’ll take you to the bathroom and then you can go back to sleep.”copyright protection15PENANAc5YlZacRiQ

“I don’t want to go back to sleep.” I screamed. “I want answers gods damn you. Why are you doing this to me.”copyright protection15PENANA8q42QsNu7a

“Albany please be quiet.” Hector approached the bed. “Please, people will hear you.” I screamed at the top of my lungs.copyright protection15PENANAJ9TRxr2pB2

Gaia barged into the room. “Why didn’t you knock her out?”copyright protection15PENANAQN7P87ZkYh

“She has to pee.” Hector said.copyright protection15PENANAb7IfayIX3P

“She can pee in her sleep. Knock her out.” Hector hurried around to the edge of the bed.copyright protection15PENANA7MZ0DwsFW3

“I can feel you love me.” I stared at Gaia. “So why are you doing this?”copyright protection15PENANAINQQCZXCkW

“Because I do love you.” Gaia sat on the bed. “We’re doing this in your best interest.” I felt a pinch in my neck.    “Start undoing the straps.” Gaia ordered. “I’ll take her.”copyright protection15PENANATv4BLeatcd

“Who do you love Hector?”copyright protection15PENANAjjZijDPMiM

“Zeus, she didn’t even play possum this time.” Gaia stood up.copyright protection15PENANAP0zFQcFOOZ

“I can feel something inside you.” I said. “Seeds of a love starting to sprout admiration…no what is it?” I was still drowsy. I couldn’t really think straight right now.copyright protection15PENANALIuPjg4uKg

“Knock her out.” Gaia muttered. “Otherwise she’ll start listing off every romantic feeling you’ve ever had.”copyright protection15PENANAH3zHmTkbFD

“No.” Hector said. “Is that the real her?”copyright protection15PENANAXuExavKQjz

Gaia glanced at me. “What makes you say that?”copyright protection15PENANAP5hkUAAY5k

“I mean can’t she actually sense feelings like that?”copyright protection15PENANAfMoOuKIPWo

“Do you have feelings like that?”copyright protection15PENANAsUT7s4CcUW

“I’m not a robot Gaia.”copyright protection15PENANALJ124WDEVI

“Do you want to listen to her and see if she’s right? It might be the real her.” Gaia muttered.copyright protection15PENANAZavoZ09IP5

“Do you mind?”copyright protection15PENANA6i0Zps32FX

“No I got nothing better to do.” Gaia shrugged.copyright protection15PENANAYrH0uLW7qR

“I mean can I get a little privacy.” Hector said.copyright protection15PENANAQq2mO1mYKc

“Oh.” Gaia sauntered over to the door. “You know, she’ll just tell me later anyway.”copyright protection15PENANA3Qv4PUxTXd

“Thank you Gaia.” Hector smiled.copyright protection15PENANARVEyW8kSgL

“I’ll be listening at the door.” Gaia said.copyright protection15PENANAK7bNt0PPYz

“So you’ll be able to help at a moments notice?”copyright protection15PENANA22px7fsE8p

“Oh yeah…that too. I was just planning on eavesdropping.”copyright protection15PENANARZlwyhFTaV

Hector sat at my bedside and looked at me. “I know you’re still in there Albany. Give me a sign.”copyright protection15PENANAEU2QHwRwlP

“It’s always been me.” I told him.copyright protection15PENANA5oSvVZKnES

“Tell me, who do I love?” he asked.copyright protection15PENANANvS82rqHkA

My head lolled over to face him. I studied him intensely. “Love is a strong word.”copyright protection15PENANACZvFQcbHJx

“Is it?”copyright protection15PENANAxPVpkQo4e2

“While you’ve certainly felt strongly about people before, it looks like you’ve never been in love.” I smiled. “Me neither, Hector.”copyright protection15PENANAX1yPaAgAiB

“Why not?”copyright protection15PENANAaUAGAqSM7C

“Me or you?”copyright protection15PENANAjEsf4M5tRk

“I already know the answer for me.” He told me. “I want to know why the love goddess has never been in love.”copyright protection15PENANAwPl4FwFW6X

I flinched when he said it. “Don’t call me that.”copyright protection15PENANAxhS8XtzQfG

“Love goddess?” I pulled at the restraints. “Ok, ok I’m sorry. Albany, is that better?”copyright protection15PENANAtylVNqITTA

“The voice calls me that.” I told him. Hector’s head dropped. He stood up and started walking around to the head of the bed. “Not yet!” I called out. “Please Hector not yet.”copyright protection15PENANAdppzu5691c

“Why does the voice call you that?” his voice rang out.copyright protection15PENANA7yuZHstgiI

“I don’t know. It just does.”copyright protection15PENANAXLgjH4JqYC

“Ok, is it talking to you now?”copyright protection15PENANA0c2qMwvSGw

“No.” I tried to look at him. “I thought you and Gaia were him. He likes to make me dream things. Things to make me doubt myself and my friends. Things to mess with my head. Things to make me fear falling asleep. But I think you’re real.”copyright protection15PENANA5N5zNN1g3k

Hector reappeared. “I am real. Are you real? Are you really Albany?”copyright protection15PENANAY06fjOk2ei

“Yes!” I nodded feverishly. “Hector its me!”copyright protection15PENANAFevHEhea9U

“Why have you never been in love?”copyright protection15PENANAHfIMPvzRMD

“Before I became a god, I was just a cheerleader. I was just one of the pretty girls. That’s the only thing people saw in me. They didn’t love Albany, they loved my body, my face, or my status. It was lust and greed masquerading as love in their minds. Too many people are tricked by lust, greed, and envy. None of those are love, none of them interested me.”copyright protection15PENANAbLDi1X6l0k

“What about after?”copyright protection15PENANAEFy9ndrCnB

“I don’t know.” I told him.copyright protection15PENANAw4QeRFKrwx

“That’s a better reason than me.” Hector sat on the bed once more. “I’m afraid of you Albany…not you, you.  I’m afraid of what you’re goddess of. I’m scared of love.” He laughed slightly. “It’s not love itself I think. I think its how vulnerable being in love makes you. How open and honest you have to be to be in love. I don’t want that. I don’t want to be that real with another person.”copyright protection15PENANA4IiI0jF7FF

“Because they might not like what is under the shell?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANArjl0tIdUlB

“Exactly.” Hector nodded. “I think my biggest fear is showing someone I care about who I truly am…and then having them reject me.”copyright protection15PENANAvRGm6x1RZy

“I don’t see the difference.” I said. “Between my and your reasons.”copyright protection15PENANAo4gGMh0roF

“There’s a difference.” Hector told me. “You have standards…I’m just afraid of true intimacy.”copyright protection15PENANA6QZsQsb3mw

“Who would you love?” I asked. “In a perfect world.”copyright protection15PENANAFSnleuTglT

“I don’t know.”copyright protection15PENANAOJX5qJnqaL

“I know who I would love.” I told him. “I would love someone who would make me laugh when I didn’t want to, smile when I was trying not to, and kiss me whenever I asked. I want someone who’s eyes I can get lost in, arms I can fall asleep in, and heart I can hold forever.”copyright protection15PENANA6hB5JsxUwU

“Wow.” Hector said.copyright protection15PENANArbNPx2jriF

“Do you have any ideas?”copyright protection15PENANAk7ohcP0zfb

“I was just gonna say a smoking body, but yours is better.” He started laughing as I fruitlessly flailed to hit him. “It really is you isn’t it?”copyright protection15PENANAlmtXrcqZ7W

“It’s always been me.” I said.copyright protection15PENANAUy7HoFJH61

“Not always.” Hector shook his head. “We thought we lost you there for a minute. Gaia, its her! Albany’s back.”copyright protection15PENANAmq8LHlAIVQ

“What do you mean?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAThcmfEzFDH

“Gaia?” Hector opened the door. The Titaness was not on the other side. “Weird. You sure you’re feeling better?” Hector asked me.copyright protection15PENANABxgJfEoYlu

“Yes.” I nodded. “What did you mean by not always?”copyright protection15PENANA0IV9tDv4lq

“Oh, nothing.” Hector waved his hand at me. “If you’re feeling better, I think I’m going to unlock you. You’re probably dying to stretch your legs.”copyright protection15PENANAVfI8BXMbCp

“That would be very appreciated.” I said. I couldn’t get his words out of my head. Hector freed my right arm, I nearly yelled out in happiness from being able to move my extremities again. He started freeing my legs next.copyright protection15PENANASeX9XcNlb9

“HECTOR!” Gaia stormed into the room.copyright protection15PENANAQbRMklpQqL

“No it’s ok! It’s her again, she won’t attack us.”copyright protection15PENANAgl0YtCWfNz

“Great, glad to have you back Albany. We’re under attack. You need to come with me now.”copyright protection15PENANAFGNDPKPC60

“Attack?” Gaia grabbed Hector and pulled him out of the room.copyright protection15PENANAMXcEJwZ9nq

“Wait.” I called out. My mind was going warp speed. It’s her again, she won’t attack us. Hector had said that, but what was he talking about.copyright protection15PENANAUDLUCfwzuk

“Me daring.”copyright protection15PENANA8a0VNPFDsM

“No.”copyright protection15PENANAEeJQStnSDK

“Hello my little bitty love goddess.”copyright protection15PENANAixo4s0jZAO

“You were gone.”copyright protection15PENANAkIYkDMajqD

“Playing possum.” My body tried to stand up. But my left arm was still tied down. I remembered everything now. I had attacked Kara.copyright protection15PENANA64RQUKjiDX

“No!” I yanked my right arm away. “No!”copyright protection15PENANA2Vvq0XrjX1

“Don’t be like that.” The voice chided me. “We don’t have all day.” My right arm resumed working on the restraints. “I’m trying to free you, don’t you want that?” I resisted as much as I could against my own body. “You’re much more fun when you’re asleep, easier to control.” I stood up, my left arm still attached to he restraints. Pulling the bed with me, my body made its way towards the medicine cabinet. Rifling through it my hand retrieved a syringe. “Nighty night love goddess.” The needle jabbed into my thigh.copyright protection15PENANA7hJ6BnTMGj

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