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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 21 Artemisia
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cK6z5rof4iytPaAy4yZIposted on PENANA

            "FORM PHALANX!" Paul ordered the guard. "Archers behind, prepare to give them hell!" I drew my bow and took aim. The hounds were rustling around and barking just beyond our sight.  We could see the bushes and branches bend and snap as the dogs raced past. The wounds on my back burned gently, as if they knew more would soon be joining them.copyright protection6PENANA7d6Xubjil6

            Suddenly all the noise stopped as the hounds stood still. Then they let out a chorus of howls and charged. My bowstring twanged as I shot for the head. My arrow found its mark and a hellhound dropped to the ground with the shaft of my arrow sticking out of its tongue. The rest of the dogs broke into our line. We had more men this time, and the formation held. The dogs couldn’t get through; they bounced off the shields and began circling around to the more exposed side.copyright protection6PENANApyQw7VXvb1

            “HYAH!” Gaia slammed her fists into the ground. Large rocks jutted up on either side of our line, the beasts could get around to flank us. The archers as well as Paul and I simply began coating the ground with arrows. The dogs couldn’t get away. Several tried once more to break through the shield wall, but it held strong. We were winning.copyright protection6PENANAOKuDU5bZEb

            “Hector! Gaia!” I looked over my shoulder to see Kara sitting astride Dairy the Pegasus, she was waving for the others. “Come on, we have a lead.”copyright protection6PENANAHMpOJUZ2cl

            “I’m a little busy!” Gaia shouted as she clapped her hands together, causing a hellhound to sink into a sudden mud pit. Hector gave no such protest. He climbed up onto the horse behind Kara. Then they were wrapped in shadows before disappearing.copyright protection6PENANA8CTY91U7x6

            “No its ok.” I muttered. “We got this. No need to help out, or check on us. Just fighting demon dogs from hell.”copyright protection6PENANA9lQEZLJaKo

            “Not fighting little sister.” Paul appeared before me grinning. “Kicking ass.” The few dogs that still could, limped back into the forest. We had won. A cheer went out among the men. Gaia allowed her rock formations to crumble back into the earth.copyright protection6PENANAmraLfUFfWS

            “How did you ever lose?” Gaia called over to me. “Those little puppies were wusses.”copyright protection6PENANAB5vu4EwZL3

            “I had less help.” I said defensively. Before Gaia or Paul could respond a horn sounded eerily in the forest.copyright protection6PENANA5VpWzoHjzs

            “Keep ranks!” Paul instantly was back in battle mode. “Maintain the formation, we aren’t done here yet.”copyright protection6PENANAHWTSH9MmpJ

            “Good.” Gaia muttered. “I haven’t had a reason to go earthquake in a long time.” Howls and growls began rumbling through the forest. There were definitely more now. The first wave had just been testing us. Now the real battle would begin.copyright protection6PENANAf0OKvTo1Sa

            “Gaia!” Paul looked over. He seemed slightly worried about the numerous noises coming from the forest. Some of them sounded more sinister than hellhounds. “Get your rocks up! We need our flanks protected.”copyright protection6PENANA5Y5uUETCXs

            “On it boss.” Gaia cracked her knuckles. Gaia was in the motion of bringing her fists down hard into the ground, just as before…but what sounded like a sonic boom echoed throughout the valley. An arrow, moving like a rocket, burst from the forest. It passed right through Gaia’s abdomen, barely losing any of its momentum. The arrow continued on towards the mountain, leaving Gaia to slump over onto the ground…not moving.copyright protection6PENANA4FoYx68ktx

            “NO!” I screamed. Before I could move the hounds were back on us. This time they came from the sides, avoiding a frontal charge altogether. The dogs picked at the edges of the phalanx. They would jump into the mass of soldiers knocking several over then the dogs would drag the men that separated from the main group screaming into the forest.copyright protection6PENANA3IySs3LR4E

            Our formation shifted into more of a V with the tip towards the forest in an attempt to stop the hounds picking our men off. We were in a bad spot, and Paul and I knew it. We were too far away from the mountain to be able to retreat. They would kill us before we made it halfway across the valley. But we would continue to slowly be picked off if we stayed here. We had no alternative, the men bunkered down and Paul and I fired arrow after arrow, trying to keep the wolves at bay. I glanced Gaia out of the corner of my eye. She was writhing in pain. Which was good, it meant she was alive.copyright protection6PENANA1aC6ExLx9J

            “ROOOOOOOARRR” the ground seemed to shake. Out of the forest a great bear charged forth, closely followed by a wild boar with massive tusks. They charged right for the middle of our phalanx, the base of the V where the men began to slant backwards. They plowed clean through, knocking men back, out of the way, or just going right over them. The line was broken. Hellhounds poured from the forest, they ran right through the hole in the line. A mass rout began.copyright protection6PENANA0eopcWwlhZ

            “ARTIE!” I looked over to see Paul. He was struggling to lift Gaia. “We have to go now.” Another sonic boom nearly ruptured my eardrums. Paul’s head was nearly taken off as the arrow skimmed his neck. I looked over and saw the Huntress standing on the edge of the woods, her bow out and pointing at my brother. I quickly fired an arrow off in her direction. I also said some choice words describing her, but I’m not going to say what they were.copyright protection6PENANASlHreauZ1z

            I hurried to my brother’s side and helped him lift Gaia. We started carrying her between us towards the mountain.copyright protection6PENANAE2Jg9oOVWX

            We would never make it. All around us men were being picked offs. Hellhounds and other beasts roamed through our ragged mass taking what they willed. All along the Huntress walked behind, gently plucking her bowstring, her eyes never leaving me. I let go of Gaia and fired another arrow quickly towards her. Just as in the clearing when we first met she dodged it with inhuman speed.copyright protection6PENANAEWc3mo0SKh

            I knew I’d be wasting the precious few arrows I had left by targeting her anymore. I rushed back to Paul and took one of Gaia’s arms around my shoulder again. We would never make it.copyright protection6PENANASCDz4RJyRL

            “Hop in!” I looked up and saw Pan, in all his goat glory flying above me. Well he wasn’t flying, the chariot he was riding was flying. Selene, goddess of the moon was driving her moon chariot pulled by her giant owl. Selene lowered the chariot to where it was nearly touching the ground. Pan and Herman were each reaching hands out for mine.copyright protection6PENANA8vNSMXgASc

            I grabbed the offered hands and we were pulled in. The chariot instantly dipped, the wheels were now on the ground.copyright protection6PENANAyx9KAv9BoT

            “It’s too heavy.” Selene called back to us. “We can’t get lift.”copyright protection6PENANATgwwQAnA9e

            “This is a magical chariot? Why is there a weight limit?” I demanded.copyright protection6PENANAliK9aw7q7Z

            “There usually isn’t.” Selene grumbled out as she desperately tried to yank back on the reins. “My magic is weak all of a sudden.”copyright protection6PENANADFxMq7izJG

            “Are we going to crash?” Herman asked.copyright protection6PENANAtCXZ8OAwoJ

            “Artemis is a goddess of the moon too. You might be drawing my powers from me.” Selene glanced back at me.copyright protection6PENANAKK1vTb10C9

            “I swear I’m not.” I shouted.copyright protection6PENANA0fOx2eFkOo

            “Artie wouldn’t do that.” Paul rushed to my defense.copyright protection6PENANA1h1Zh9NRFb

            “It is not a choice.” Selene strained against her reins. “Two goddess’s sphere’s of influence as similar as ours overlap and clash without intent. It is an innate response. I am weaker with her here.”copyright protection6PENANABqWDVPPXQr

            “She’s not going back out there.” Paul said.copyright protection6PENANA6RHVpJa54Z

            “Paul it’s fine.” I said. “I can’t risk all of you. I’ll do it.” I looked around. Heracles and Bellerophon were circling each on a pegasi picking up survivors one by one. “I can find another ride.” I said preparing to jump out of the chariot. Paul pulled me down by my quiver. I fell flat on my back.copyright protection6PENANAu5hv4yFRqk

            “I lost you once.” He muttered. He stood up.copyright protection6PENANA31LZFHPuFG

            “Paul no.” I tried to get up. But he was gone. He jumped and hit the ground rolling.copyright protection6PENANAWMyDHYnR3r

            “Damnit, PAUL!” I called after him. Pan and Herman grabbed hold of me, making sure I didn’t vacate the chariot too. Without Paul the chariot began to rise rapidly.copyright protection6PENANAQyx73CGIu6

            “So was it the weight or the moon magic?” Herman asked.copyright protection6PENANA3y8PyNxohc

            “It can’t have been the weight.” Pan muttered. “When you kids first came to this mountain this very chariot was loaded up with about a quarter of New Olympus.”copyright protection6PENANA4eYDSFBfxF

            “But if it was the moon magic…” Herman muttered.copyright protection6PENANAHodfwhRd0m

            “Artie’s still here.” He turned back to look a Paul who was becoming a dot. Another dot, the Huntress, was approaching him slowly. Like a predator stalking its prey. “Huntress…” he was deep in thought.copyright protection6PENANAj4UsTsfrQx

            “Hold on!” Selene called. The chariot veered upwards as we rocketed up towards the top of the mountain. We were nearly perpendicular to the ground. Gaia’s body started to slide off, but I grabbed her around the midsection and pinned her to the slanting floor of the chariot. I wasn’t stopping her from falling, I was only slowing the process down. Gaia was inching closer to the edge, my muscles were burning I wouldn’t be able to hold her much longer.copyright protection6PENANADVMCyEiaUP

            “AHHHHHH!” I started to scream. My arms felt like they would rip off, I forced myself into a bear hug with Gaia. It released some strain, but it put me off balance. My weight leaning out of the chariot on top of her, not back towards the safety and stability of the moon chariot. We were both slipping now.copyright protection6PENANAPBe3RLlIYl

            The chariot drooped, falling straight down before recovering. “HOLD ON!” Selene screamed. We were nearing the top, we had almost summited the mountain. I wouldn’t be able to hold on. I was sliding forwards, with Gaia out of the chariot. It was only a matter of time.copyright protection6PENANA4ipZKjr0Kh

            I felt myself falling. I closed my eyes, I didn’t want to see it happen. It looks like Paul would lose me again after all. Then my face hit stone. In a lot of pain, and very confused I opened my eyes. I was laying on top of Gaia, we were teetering on the edge of Hercules’ Landing. I could easily look over the edge down the sheer drop, the very same drop I almost made myself. Herman rushed over and pulled the both of us away from the ledge towards safety.copyright protection6PENANAyodk0LYiWS

            “Stay here!” Selene shouted. “I’m going for Lord Apollo.”copyright protection6PENANA8MunPl8a47

            “We both are.” Pan shouted.copyright protection6PENANAw9pV8aeAbZ

            “It’s not safe.” Selene turned towards him.copyright protection6PENANASJn54oR2GN

            “Please just go!” I shouted. “Don’t leave Paul down there.” Selene took off.copyright protection6PENANAVPzpcpLlzP

            “Wait.” Pan lurched as the wheels began to spin. He grabbed hold of the side. “Artie! The Huntress. I think I know who she is! Artemis is the goddess of the moon, and the hunt. It only makes sense.” The chariot was in the air. “Artie, the Huntress is…” they dipped over the cliff and disappeared.copyright protection6PENANAs5ZS172gHe

            “What did he say?” Herman asked. “I didn’t hear the last part.” I ignored him. I hurried back towards the edge. Whatever Pan had been saying didn’t matter. Paul was down there with that bitch and her beasts. I could worry about everything else when he was back with us safely.copyright protection6PENANAfzXDF21w5I

            “Bleeding…a lot.” I looked over my shoulder and saw Gaia sitting up. Her hands were covered in blood. I realized I was as well. She must have bleed all over me.copyright protection6PENANAj0xSqJhb4R

            “I’ll get Hygeia.” Herman rushed off.copyright protection6PENANA1xX1pY8seQ

            “Lightheaded.” Gaia moaned. “What hit me?” I determined while hurting and bleeding, she was in no immediate danger, so I reverted back to watching for my brother’s return. “That’s ok, don’t mind me.” Gaia muttered leaning her head back against the wall.copyright protection6PENANAGuqE85G9BL

            Clouds were rolling in. A storm was gathering around the mountain of the gods. Bellerophon burst through riding his pegasi, a battered soldier clinging to him for dear life. He landed behind me. “Damn that archer!” he cursed. “I have not seen such skill before. She killed three men off the back of my horse.” I saw the Pegasus was covered in blood.copyright protection6PENANARVMpNc85od

            “Did you see Paul?” I asked.copyright protection6PENANAWqLTraSAD7

            “Lord Apollo?” Bellerophon frowned. “I can’t be sure. There were many arrows and beasts coming for my head. I am sorry my lady, I was not able to watch for him. I know not what became of him.” I turned around. He had nothing else I wanted to hear. I leaned over the edge, scanning the clouds for any sign of a chariot, any sign of my brother. “My lady,” Bellerophon was at my side, “there was no one left standing down there the last time I left. If he is not back yet…” BOOM another arrow rocketed through the clouds. It was nowhere near hitting me, but a chariot burst forth very near the arrow. It had been a near miss for them.copyright protection6PENANArkBRYKXFTz

            “Paul!” I saw my brother, along with Pan and Selene. They had made it. They were almost home. Another arrow rocketed upwards, Selene easily banked to avoid it, tilting her chariot sideways…exposing herself over the side of it. BOOM.copyright protection6PENANArLuebhrjnP

            The arrow burst through Selene’s head. She fell off the chariot and began plummeting down. In horror, the owl screamed and frantically changed course. It was descending rapidly, trying to catch its dead master. The sudden turn had jarred the passengers. They were hurled from the chariot.copyright protection6PENANAxkgidIt6i6

            I watched Pan and my twin brother free fall from Mount Olympus. Paul was looking at me, he hand outstretched as he broke through the clouds. He had no doubt been screaming at the top of his lungs. But the words reached me as a whisper.copyright protection6PENANAdJqPBpzy5t

            “Artemis.”copyright protection6PENANA8wfCLqUcKh

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