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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 25 Heidi
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
10 Mins Read
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“What are the odds that lady was just crazy?” I asked my pig.copyright protection15PENANABzH6mmpQ2T

“Oink.” The pig rustled in his sleep, he always fell asleep when I carried him. It made me love him even more. I looked around. I had been trying to find the place Ms. Hearth had mentioned, but I wasn’t having any luck. It had to be around here somewhere though.copyright protection15PENANABlmsLobXAS

“Oink.” Vestido was wide awake now. He began wiggling and snorting, telling me he would like to be set down.copyright protection15PENANAMoUQ2i2IUx

“I can’t baby.” I told him. “You’ll get lost, or stolen. I have to hold you tight little piggy.” I gently squeezed him to my cheek. Indignant grunting was the response. I ignored him and started walking down the street. I was reading the address numbers as I passed. I knew I was on the right street, but the numbering system didn’t seem to be going in order. I decided that maybe it was best to cross the street, it had to be over there. As I was standing, waiting to enter the crosswalk, Vestido took out his frustration on a stranger.copyright protection15PENANACw6kCtG2jJ

Mortified I watched at my pig gnawed at the man’s sleevecopyright protection15PENANAWV4ioQHzOh

 “Vestido!” I hurriedly pulled my pig away from the clothes. “I’m so sorry.” I muttered quickly. “I’ll…I can fix that.” I had no idea how to fix it and I didn’t have any money to pay for it, crap.  Should I run?copyright protection15PENANAsBGmrJFtsA

The poor victim of the pig assault glanced down at his sleeve. He almost seemed to not even notice, like his mind was elsewhere. “It’s no big deal.” he told me. “Nice pet.” He pointed to the pig.copyright protection15PENANA0577pJA5MU

“Thanks.” I forced myself to smile. He smiled and nodded back to me. Good, I thought, crisis averted. He could have been a real jerk about this…which obviously would have been justified…making him not a jerk but a reasonable person. Should I run before he changed his mind? Before I had a chance to the man himself started to walk away.copyright protection15PENANAOIPT1dJINx

Relief washed over me. Maybe I should buy a muzzle for my beast. The light changed, indicating that I could cross now. Only I didn’t . “Umm…actually excuse me.” I started walking after the man. He seemed to know his way around, and my pig had already chewed on his clothes, asking for directions could really be that much of an inconvenience after that.copyright protection15PENANA0f8HCAqh3T

“No it’s totally ok.” He told me. “This is an old shirt anyways. I don’t mind. You don’t need to apologize.” He thought I was still offering to pay for his shirt.copyright protection15PENANAS4YZbnJLsv

“Oh…umm. I appreciate that, but I was actually hoping you could give me some directions. I think I’m lost.” I explained to him, I reached for the paper Ms. Hearth had left for me. The paper with the address. “I’m not from around her, but this lady gave me a job.” I gave him the paper. “I’m supposed to go to this address. I don’t know the name of the company or anything like that.” This guy probably thought I was insane, or hitting on him. No, he probably didn’t think that, or did he? I looked him over, probably not. “But the lady’s name was, Ms. Hearth. I think at least.”copyright protection15PENANAFgev9gJTYw

“Hearth?” His eyes shot up. He looked at me strangely before asking“Someone named Hearth sent you to this address?”copyright protection15PENANArZMAHoa7Gd

Why was he acting like this. I was sensing red flags. “Do you know her? Do you know where that place is?” I clutched Vestido. I should have asked a police officer, or a mom with kids. I was preparing to run, and give up on this wild goose chase. With any luck I could make it back in time before my stepfather sobered up.copyright protection15PENANA1yhZysmheO

 “I just came from there.” I couldn’t help but noticing him eyeing me. Was he checking me out? Or was he sizing me up to see if I was worth robbing? Vestido probably would have popped if he were a balloon, or not seventy percent fat, but the little pig seemed to enjoy my tight hold on him.copyright protection15PENANANT52pfi89g

This was way too much of a coincidence. The first person I talk to knows exactly where I need to go, but beyond that he just came from there himself. “Seriously?” I couldn’t believe my…I don’t want to say luck just yet.copyright protection15PENANAFAgraXQk5w

The man was seemingly zoned out, his eyes glazed over while he stared at me.copyright protection15PENANAx65P5EisVw

“Hello? Dude seriously.” Still no response. “Are you ok?”copyright protection15PENANAgJqmLPC3YL

“I’m Deon.” He extended his hand for me to take. “I work with Hestia, I mean Ms. Hearth. I guess you’re one of us now?” he said. One of them, what did that mean? Just like the old lady, this guy was just off somehow. Maybe that was company policy or something? This job better be really easy or pay really well.copyright protection15PENANAkDlA5vyVQD

I took his hand slowly, wary of him grabbing me or anything out of the ordinary. “Heidi.” I gave him my name. “So…you can take me there?”copyright protection15PENANAsoKydQcvi8

“Yeah.” He started walking down the street. “This way.” But he was looking back to make sure I was following more than made me comfortable. I was about to get mugged wasn’t I?copyright protection15PENANA2zRtVCjyGh

“Umm…can you tell me about the job? What exactly do you do?” I asked. “The lady made me commit without letting me know anything.”copyright protection15PENANAj0VEB0aaV0

“I’m not sure I’m the person to explain it.” He admitted. “But they did that to me too, before I started.”copyright protection15PENANAOnoyVCo78H

“So, what can you tell me?” I pressed on. If this guy didn’t know anything, then maybe he really was lying. Could this all be a ruse to get revenge for Vestido chewing his shirt.copyright protection15PENANAgag7EcKXKr

“Oink!” a sniffling snout pushed into my face. I tried to ignore it, but the pig only burrowed deeper.copyright protection15PENANAf3raI3aSd5

“My girlfriend is more of a bird person.” The man told me. “Owls particularly. She says they’re majestic.”copyright protection15PENANAT1thzpTYx2

“That’s nice, pigs like to roll around in mud and dirt. Very not majestic.” I noticed he changed the subject. “But yeah what can you tell me?”copyright protection15PENANAGNcWUR9FOT

He looked at me once more, but this time he looked sad. “I guess you’ll be replacing one of my closest friends. She’s actually the reason I’m here. She made me what I am, she made this my life.”copyright protection15PENANA63XyeFBoyP

“Oh.” He seemed genuinely upset, sincere even. “I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to upset you. I had no idea the person before me was fired. Were you close?”copyright protection15PENANAusQXJqnDpU

“Hestia wasn’t fired.” He told me. “She disappeared.”copyright protection15PENANAF5HS2CJbhy

“Hestia…Ms. Hearth disappeared?” I asked. Just what kind of job was this?copyright protection15PENANA5oC2WQIxfh

“Yeah.” Deon nodded. He looked at the paper I had given him, the one he was still holding. “If she gave you this…that means you were probably the last person to see her.”copyright protection15PENANAnJJdHtD473

“Have you called the police?” I asked. The lady had been odd, but I couldn’t see why she would have disappeared. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.copyright protection15PENANAYN8FFaipmz

Deon shook his head. “We don’t really…I’m trying to think of how to put this without exploding your world. The police don’t really have jurisdiction over us.”copyright protection15PENANAXrXAuUqdsF

That was an odd thing to say. No police involvement, disappearing coworkers, unable to talk about what the job is in the open. I had been recruited by a drug cartel, I was sure of it. “Oh.”copyright protection15PENANAuPpe26HGaP

“If Hestia picked you, then that means she doesn’t want to be found. She wanted to move on, I guess now that you’re here she’s free to do just that. We’re here by the way.” He indicated the building we were standing in front of. “Third floor.”copyright protection15PENANAJ9CSPh37Hp

“Thank you.” I nodded. “I look forwards to getting to know you better, if I get hired.” I smiled and entered the building. I saw the elevators on the right and entered one. As the doors closed Deon pushed his way inside.copyright protection15PENANAGEREelyFy0

“I should probably come with you.” He nodded. “I don’t want Themis to stab you on accident.”copyright protection15PENANAl3PKhSQZy1

“What?” Oh my god, I really was joining a cartel. My stepdad was going to kill me.copyright protection15PENANAOibqa0Hd7p

“She’s blind.” Deon informed me. “She’s just will probably attack since she’s expecting someone else.”copyright protection15PENANADO3usiP1Yo

“She’s waiting to attack someone?”copyright protection15PENANA2jrS3JKUIj

“Well…no.” Deon admitted. “I guess she was waiting for you, but someone else has been coming by a lot recently, so Themis has been trying to fight the Scholar off. It’s made her a little jumpy.”copyright protection15PENANAWwB7WM7E0f

“I’m so confused.” I said.copyright protection15PENANA3E378wqYyo

“Yeah.” Deon nodded. He started to say more, but simply added, “yeah.”copyright protection15PENANAnAIOsMxdGf

“Should a blind person really be in a position where stabbing is a possibility?”copyright protection15PENANAwDM8KJVRnW

“Themis is usually pretty good about not knicking anyone. Although she got Pan real good a couple years ago.” Deon stepped out of the elevator before me. “But that was more a dizzy thing than a blind thing.”copyright protection15PENANA7rAayJGZHf

“Dizzy?”copyright protection15PENANAo4P6TiTrvz

“Yeah…Gaia likes to do little earthquakes to mess with people sometimes.” Deon informed me. “It’s all just messing around, nothing that can really hurt anybody, but yeah.” He laughed. “You get really dizzy when she spins you on top of the shaking.”copyright protection15PENANAH2ctbXc7PA

“Gaia? Doing earthquakes?”copyright protection15PENANA3W1D6AmNz4

“Here’s the room.” Deon told me. He knocked loudly and called out. “Themis! Themis it’s Deon, I have someone here with me. I think she’s who you were waiting for.”copyright protection15PENANA2Y9S52aYtG

There was no response. “Can she hear us?”copyright protection15PENANAyaJLEUIQ1x

“She’s blind not deaf.” Deon told me. “Although…yeah she actually might not be blind. I never actually asked, I just assumed. But I’m pretty sure I’ve heard she’s not.” He carefully opened the door. “Themis? I come in peace.”copyright protection15PENANAq4tsIA25oC

“Lord Dionysus, nice of you to return.” What did she call him? Lord? Who was this guy? Seriously, what was I walking into here? I slowly followed Lord Deon into the room, my eyes darting everywhere for the blind potential stabber. She was standing out in the open, the blindfolded, maybe blind maybe not blind, woman in a simple white dress. I noticed she was indeed holding a sword.copyright protection15PENANA9rBjjGluEP

“Themis, this is Heidi.” Lord Deon introduced me. “Can you…do the thing. Do your soul judgment thing.”copyright protection15PENANAad0UYEOGvQ

“What the…”copyright protection15PENANAeWVIoDiqJH

“Oink.” Vestido finished my sentence.copyright protection15PENANA3T8EcrlyW0

“Soul judgment?”copyright protection15PENANAn7do1b2PSy

“It’s just to make sure you’re worthy of the responsibility and all that.” Deon waved away my concern. “You’ll pass, it’s easy.”copyright protection15PENANAG6uBOSf7jY

“First I must ask a question.” Themis stepped forwards slightly.copyright protection15PENANAOnRW13onBl

“What is it?” Deon asked.copyright protection15PENANAnZsAntLqjD

“Ask her a question.” Themis clarified.copyright protection15PENANAYZKtBylQGF

Deon nodded. “I knew what you meant.”copyright protection15PENANAOu2Gr4KQrl

“What’s the question?” I asked stepping before the lady.copyright protection15PENANAbOlDpJ6a9q

“Should you be judged worthy, you must accept the burden given to you without condition or complaint. Yours will be a duty that is everlasting and a toil that is never ending. Should you be judged worthy, these gifts and responsibilities will be yours. The good and the bad, in sickness and in health.”copyright protection15PENANAO8pyB07XRN

“Till death do us part?” Deon added. “Come on, we didn’t get this big speech.”copyright protection15PENANADGiFmJK6zc

“Knowing these consequences…do you commit to potential outcomes and consent to being judged worthy?”copyright protection15PENANAsK0OnqxuAH

“What happens if I fail?” I asked. Deon glanced from Themis to me and back again. I couldn’t help but noticed she gripped her sword a little tighter.copyright protection15PENANAUpPkYrl5pc

“You won’t.” Deon told me. “Eric and Zack passed the test. I don’t really know you, but I know you can’t be worse than them.”copyright protection15PENANAT2SbIeVslu

“That is fair to say.” Themis nodded.copyright protection15PENANAEOfFCD597G

“Besides.” Deon stepped closer and once more looked me up and down. “Hestia picked your personally. She chose you to take her place. She wouldn’t do that lightly. She had faith in you…that means I have faith in you.”copyright protection15PENANAQ25Gm48H9x

“But…”copyright protection15PENANAU3AMej1aLm

“Oink.” The pig nuzzled up under my chin again. He was telling me he had faith in me too, or he was cold.copyright protection15PENANAFqaU6MxcWF

“Hold my pig.” I handed the little runt to Deon. “My soul’s getting judged, I don’t want his sins to bring me down.” I wasn’t really sure what was going on, or if any of this was even real. But…I had been planning on leaving and starting a new life in two months anyways. Bumping up the timeline wouldn’t hurt too badly.copyright protection15PENANASNIYt52CNc

“Doesn’t she need a blindfold?” Deon asked. “We were wearing blindfolds.”copyright protection15PENANAaHfKtu3uFP

“She will for the second part,” Themis said, “but I have to judge her first.” A set of scales here raised, I quickly stepped under them.copyright protection15PENANAQkg1emOMyK

The scales wiggled a little bit, and then one side was weighed down, lifting the other in the air…even though no weights were on the scales.copyright protection15PENANAsryaq1gtE3

“How?” I asked.copyright protection15PENANAFOKVydqCI5

“Is that good?” Deon asked. “Which side is the good side?”copyright protection15PENANArzqHAE4orC

“I judge her worthy of tending the Hearth and the Home.” Themis exhaled her words, had she been nervous too?copyright protection15PENANA9U4H5uJlXn

Deon nodded. “Congratulations Heidi.” He handed Vestido back to me. “You’re a goddess now.”copyright protection15PENANAoDb8zKm0m4

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