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Gods In Training: Generations
Writer TJ Nyx
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Gods In Training: Generations
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Chapter 30 Demi
TJ Nyx
Jun 11, 2018
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!IWP4Uce7vrNeCKZxmvr1posted on PENANA

            My phone buzzed, someone had texted me. I flipped the phone over to look at the screen. It was a text from Khione. It read ‘B there soon. Rainbowin over now.’ Rainbowing over…good that means Iris is with her. I had told my two real best friends about the horrible things Adele had said. I told them about how she basically just said she didn’t care about Hestia anymore and that since we were replacements for the old gods, so that meant we could just replace Hestia too.copyright protection12PENANAHwBh4PfDw2

            They, like me, were just completely and totally disgusted someone could even think like that. Once again proving my point that just because you’re smart doesn’t mean you’re a good person. Smart people aren’t better than anyone else, in my experience their worse…*cough* Adele *cough*…copyright protection12PENANAcfZ1jUdy2J

            “Demeter.” Khione and Iris were walking up from behind. They looked concerned, that is why I loved these two. They always cared for me, no matter what. They were my true family, just like Hestia had been. I was starting to believe my Olympian siblings were more like second cousins. They shouldn’t really count as family, especially since they all turned their back on Hestia.copyright protection12PENANAZPXCAXaXtC

            She had been like a mom to me, no she had been my mom. Not genetically or even biologically I wasn’t being literal. She was like literally my mom, but not actually literally. Do you know what I mean?copyright protection12PENANAYa8zscpIPW

            My real mom left. I don’t know why, I actually don’t even know if she left. She could be dead for all I know. There could be a tombstone with her name on it, or maybe a statue celebration her Nobel Peace Prize win. Either way I don’t know, I don’t know anything about my mom. Except that when I think of her Hestia comes to mind. She was my mom, she was who I wanted to be my mom. She may have only been in about a third of my life, but in those four years she had done more things with me, more things a mother would do with her daughter. I’ll never stop thinking about her as my mother. I’ll never forget the memories I made with her.copyright protection12PENANAL1bL3uFh3H

            For a long time, I had only had Hestia. The other gods and goddesses were a little older than me, and because of that age gap I had usually been sidelined. They didn’t really talk to me unless they had to, most of the time they would go on adventures and missions without even telling me what they were about. For a long time I had been convinced that only Deon and Adele even knew my name. But Hestia had always been there for me. She had always made sure to include me, talk to me, and introduce me to the other beings living on New Olympus. In fact, she had really helped to foster my friendship with Khione and through the ice goddess Iris.copyright protection12PENANA12xZF8WP5p

            The three of us were chronically overlooked. I was too young, Khione was immature for appearing as a child despite being as old as the other gods, and Iris’ rainbows were a useless excuse for a goddess. We became fast friends, but it was all because of Hestia. She had made me a goddess, she had raised me, and she had helped me to achieve happiness and friendship in what had at first been a very lonely place for a very little girl.copyright protection12PENANAr4AzE3M3LC

            I owed everything to Hestia. And that is why I couldn’t just let her disappear. I couldn’t just accept that she was missing. I had to find her. I had to help her. I had to bring her back. No matter what that meant. I would make sure Hestia arrived on New Olympus once more. She had brought me there. I could bring her back.copyright protection12PENANAZwEbiIGXZJ

            “Can you believe that Adele doesn’t think we should look for Hestia anymore?” I demanded. “She just wants to give up on her, and find a replacement.”copyright protection12PENANAF1Md0rmWgs

            “What?” Khione’s mouth dropped. “You can’t give up! It’s Hestia.”copyright protection12PENANAmIwWhbZ4fL

            “Exactly!” I could have hugged her. That is why I loved these two. They understood me, and we thought so much alike.copyright protection12PENANAHfilqA36y3

            “Well what are we going to do?” Iris asked.copyright protection12PENANAPd4Cr43N1k

            “We have to keep looking.” I said. “We can’t abandon Hestia.”copyright protection12PENANAfn2MkkXkod

            “Ok, but what’s our plan?” She pressed. “Where are we going to look?”copyright protection12PENANA66sorSYuZx

            That I couldn’t answer. I had already been to Hestia’s house with Deon and Adele, and hadn’t had any luck there. I didn’t personally know of any other places Hestia would go besides Olympus, and she obviously wasn’t there. “I wish there was like, a version of Google that could just answer all of your godly questions.” I muttered.copyright protection12PENANAyPKCrcHuZI

            “Yeah, but then life would be too easy.” Khione muttered.copyright protection12PENANAPf6R1rbYMA

            I was thinking it over. We needed a lead, something to go on, someway to start searching again. We just needed a clue, a hint. We needed Google for the gods. “Wait a minute.” I muttered. I was thinking back to when we had first become gods, back to our battles with Blade. When Zack killed him on Olympus. I remembered that some of my godly siblings had doubted if Blade was actually dead. They had no leads, no clues, no reason to even think he was alive. I had to admit that was how this whole Hestia situation was turning out. But that time, Albany had gone to the Oracle. And she had received an answer. “The gods do have Google.”copyright protection12PENANAcSGEg8xfDw

            “Everyone who has the internet has…”copyright protection12PENANAMblxNNKuiJ

            “Not literally.” I said. “But like…the Oracle is the god’s version of Google.”copyright protection12PENANAd7YjY0KaZx

            “But the gods do have…”copyright protection12PENANALbpsPGAmWd

            “I know the gods literally have Google. But I’m like, making a metaphor. The Oracle will know what happened to Hestia. She can tell us where she is.”copyright protection12PENANATJofhc21Gl

            “Demeter that’s genius.” Khione exclaimed. “We just have to talk to the Oracle and all our problems will be fixed.”copyright protection12PENANALUsJdrJYCI

            “It’s not that easy.” I muttered. “We have to find her.”copyright protection12PENANAvnUVQJBq6y

            “It’s the Oracle of Delphi.” Iris explained. “So shouldn’t we just search Delphi?”copyright protection12PENANAEZh3fyfiAW

            “We thought that with Hestia. But I’ve learned you can’t just assume gods will be home. Olympus used to be in Greece, now its in Montana. No, we need to find Albany or Gaia. Both of them were at the Oracle before. They should be able to tell us how to find her.”copyright protection12PENANADlQ544xO29

            “We’re going to be looked for half of the pantheon before Saturday.” Iris complained.copyright protection12PENANAxyxrtnb5Nh

            “If it had been easy, we would have solved it by now.” I reminded my friends. “You should be honored, when I couldn’t find Hestia by myself, I called you two because I knew you were the best option.”copyright protection12PENANAEshVvxuKP4

            “Demeter.” Khione had tears in her eyes. “That is so sweet. When I get back south, me and the penguins are going to build you the biggest ice temple ever. You’re going to be able to see it from space.copyright protection12PENANAGspxxuB5jD

            “I thought you were just using me for my rainbows.” Iris rolled her eyes. I could tell she appreciated the compliment. She just always had to act cool about everything. The rainbow goddess was a hard look to shake.copyright protection12PENANAeRcLjG8uMW

            “So can you two help me?” I asked. “Can you come with me to find Albany, to find the Oracle, to find Hestia?”copyright protection12PENANAMqo4lTBQDq

            “YES!”copyright protection12PENANAUkTkRqOsw7

            “Fine.”copyright protection12PENANA6KZiviYENK

            “Good!” I shouted. “Where’s Albany?”copyright protection12PENANAAzaZEwTgmw

            “New Olympus?” Khione said. “Wouldn’t she be there?”copyright protection12PENANAGhRzBJ0pbw

            “No.” Iris shook her head. “I heard about how she kinda went crazy and disappeared. I think Gaia would be easier to find.”copyright protection12PENANAxihxANPzrC

            “Albany disappeared too?” I asked.copyright protection12PENANAk2cv2R2V7o

            “Yeah, she went the way of Hestia.” Iris informed me. “It’s weird, there’s other strange rumors too. Something’s definitely going on.”copyright protection12PENANAsOGjnh2oHe

            I made a mental note to ask the Oracle about Albany too. “Well then, please rainbow us to New Olympus.”copyright protection12PENANAVfxcM8ZCHq

            “Only because you asked nicely.” Iris muttered.copyright protection12PENANAe2trxvjzqq

            My phone buzzed. “Naked woman kills man and then stabs herself, young woman and pig unharmed.” I read the news report.copyright protection12PENANAYSeEcCVf0D

            “Oh.” Khione muttered crossing her arms. “I’m glad the gods aren’t like that.”copyright protection12PENANAuVS18E97gR

            “Pig?” Iris asked confused. “That has to be a typo. They probably meant dog. I can’t fathom a pig in any situation close to that.”copyright protection12PENANAyvT2Xqxg0Y

            I unlocked the phone. I had to read this. “They’re taking them to a nearby hospital.” I saw. “People are investigating still, but think it’s a murder. They don’t know if the naked lady or the other lady did it.”copyright protection12PENANAHYRVC3xyjy

            “Why is the pig above suspicion. At least tell me if it was a typo. Why was the pig there?”copyright protection12PENANAcNu4OCJXK0

            “Do rainbow have something against pigs or what?” Khione asked.copyright protection12PENANAOiwHku8SK8

            I zoned them out as the articles pictures finally loaded on my phone. There was a picture of a woman with dark red hair lying on a gurney. And while her eyes were covered by her frazzled hair, I was struck by the rest of her face. She had perfect bone structure, and while I couldn’t tell if she was wearing makeup her skin was flawless. Faint recognition flittered around the back of my brain. “I think I know her.” I whispered.copyright protection12PENANARr7InKMVi5

            “What?” Iris asked. “Who?”copyright protection12PENANAtuSYzGAjEk

            “Oh my gods.” I called out. “I think that’s Albany. Look!” I showed my two friends the phone. They squinted at the pixels.copyright protection12PENANAjtDQbXkkQ5

            “Shit.” Iris nodded. “It could be her.”copyright protection12PENANAsHxAqUkcPC

            “Why would a naked lady attack Albany?”copyright protection12PENANAhj79hHQS0v

            “We have to go.” I said. “This is a sign. Albany is close by. We can go to her and have her tell us how to find the Oracle. This is perfect. Iris, can you take us there?”copyright protection12PENANAckYPaaNuuE

            “It shall be done.” Three paces later and we were on the roof of a hospital.copyright protection12PENANAzXl6xL1RYQ

            “The roof?” I asked. “What’s wrong with the ground floor?”copyright protection12PENANAufaBosjfkj

            “This way we don’t have to check in.” Iris explained. She tried the door, it was locked. “Khione?” Frost and ice spread over the door. With a loud pop, the door hinges cracked and the door feel open before us.copyright protection12PENANAKwDImNSain

            “Come on.” I muttered. We hurried into the stairwell.copyright protection12PENANAORkaYRWZIU

            “How do we know where Albany will be?” Khione asked.copyright protection12PENANAQc90Oys7NM

            “Easy, look for police and reporters.” I said. “Paparazzi love stories like this.” We continued down the staircase, cracking each door open and looking for the aforementioned signs that would signal the love goddess to us.copyright protection12PENANArxj5gGT9Qb

            Finally we saw them. “This way.” I led my friends out of the stairwell. A couple policemen were blocking fielding questions from a cluster of reporters.copyright protection12PENANAwE3QP1HL0q

            “What was the motive behind this attack?”copyright protection12PENANAFQDPRrnjzb

            “Why was the woman naked, is that related to why she murdered the victim?”copyright protection12PENANA61Jq606Z9W

            “Why was the daughter unharmed? Was she an accomplice?”copyright protection12PENANAbGBexqffbf

            “What happened to the pig?”copyright protection12PENANAFR6iGXK4hk

            “Listen up!” the officer shouted. “We will be more than happy to field your questions, but please come down to the lobby with us. This is a hospital after all. Let’s get out of these good doctors and nurses way.” The two uniformed men were herding the reporters and cameramen into the elevators. We stood by the stairs watching as the hallway empty around us.copyright protection12PENANAfolZOrZUr9

            “Well sounds like Albany’s here.” Iris muttered.copyright protection12PENANARCPtRmT6B5

            “Let’s start checking rooms.” I stepped forwards, closely followed by my friends. We had maybe checked five rooms before the hallway exploded.copyright protection12PENANAmhWsADpkHH

            Out of the floor a man emerged. He had seemingly jumped through three floors to reach us. “Three goddesses.” He grinned. “If you’ll please just come one at a time ladies, there’s only so much of me to go around.”copyright protection12PENANAEX5ZWTrVOT

            “Not a friendly?” I asked. Iris grunted, she almost sounded happy when doing so. “Khione, freeze him.” I ordered.copyright protection12PENANA5GwU9nh3tT

            Khione stepped forwards and began icing the whole place over. The man disappeared into a blur. He reappeared behind Iris and I. “The Theomachy has begun.” Iris swung for his face but once again Speedy Gonzales sped away. Frowning, Iris stepped onto a rainbow and was gone as well.copyright protection12PENANA9Pa5iKJH5r

            “Should I still try and freeze him?” Khione asked.copyright protection12PENANApJouJloahc

            “No, he looks too fast. At least Iris will be able to beat him though.” I turned back towards the rooms we still have not checked. “Watch out for me. I’d rather not have him sneak up on me.” Khione saluted and then hurried towards the staircase. I wasn’t sure what she had heard, but I don’t think that’s what I said. I shook my head and began poking around in hospital rooms.copyright protection12PENANA4mTAh3Xy6q

“Demi!” I turned and saw Deon running towards me. “Where’s Albany?” he asked.copyright protection12PENANArfgClyn4gs

“Chill Wine Guy.” I let my gum inflate and then pop before I continued speaking. “I’m working on it.”copyright protection12PENANAwFbU9Vgy6x

“We have to hurry.” He muttered. “The Speedster, he’s here. He’s looking for her too.”copyright protection12PENANAKaTEKbHHJO

“I know.” I told him rolling my eyes. “Iris is dealing with him. With her rainbow travel stuff she’s just as fast as him. She’s keeping him distracted while Khione watches my back so I can look for Albany. Nice of you to help out.” I said sarcastically.copyright protection12PENANA8b3oNpWbud

“Themis is downstairs.” He informed me. “Tell Khione not to ice her too. Another hit to the head and I think Themis might be justified in moving on to the next life.”copyright protection12PENANAD0SPU2KbAQ

            “You tell her.” I was not in the mood to take orders from him. I was surprised he was even here looking for Albany. Didn’t his girlfriend think we could just replace her too? “I’m looking for Albany.” Before I could tell him about what I thought of Adele’s replacement policy the wall behind us exploded.copyright protection12PENANAIl1C0LNHtx

"So nice of all of you to come to me." The Speedster purred. "I can save a lot a time delivering all of your eulogies at once."copyright protection12PENANAvBIzZwYWHs

"Rainbows BITCH!" Iris came in hot off of a rainbow that had materialized behind the Speedster. Throwing her elbow into the side of the Speedster’s head, and making his knees buckle. "Taste the rainbow." She yelled like a maniac as she kneed him in the face. Khione darted out of the stairwell and began coating the Speedster in a layer of ice.copyright protection12PENANAals2an5VyG

"Ok fine." I relented graciously. "Go get Albany. But I want you to know I could totally find her first. I just want to fight with my friends instead."copyright protection12PENANAMh2NU2yHJ1

“Cool.” Deon nodded. “Where have you already checked?”copyright protection12PENANAffCXOCuMzc

Don’t just ‘cool’ me dude. Everyone always thinks they’re better than me just because I’m the youngest. “Left side of the hallway.” You jackass I added in my head. I would like it noted that without even saying thank you Deon charged off to be Prince Charming to Albany’s damsel in distress. So Hestia wasn’t worth looking for. She wasn’t worth saving. But pretty miss Albany, beautiful love goddess goes missing and Deon comes running to save her. I saw how it was.copyright protection12PENANAfJxHMI5SDE

Iris had stopped kicking the Speedster with her feet and was now instead kicking him with her words. The words were pretty vicious. It probably would’ve been more humane to have her just start kicking him again instead.copyright protection12PENANAzpVBcPDLxn

“Worthy.” Blind Justice, the goddess Themis, had entered the hallway. She was walking like a drunken person. Her sword was raised out in front of her, as she stumbled towards Deon.copyright protection12PENANAMMCpKq2fdC

            As I watched she stabbed her sword through a door. Deon then disappeared into the room. Had they found Albany?copyright protection12PENANArsmZa8Hf1k

            Behind me the Speedster began to laugh, then the hallway erupted with ice shard shrapnel and a sonic boom.copyright protection12PENANATAKPbXEPIc

A/N: Hey! As you probably noticed I’ve started branching out and doing POV chapters for more characters. What do you guys think of being inside of Zack and Demi’s heads? And who’s perspective would you like next? Again, thank you so much for reading.copyright protection12PENANAcvYOVJfXYs

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