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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Q5M4Z6N3s5J22TUj0JsNposted on PENANA

ROSES OF INCESTcopyright protection3PENANArYlFx9WMPI

Chapter 11: Bizarrecopyright protection3PENANA6FOSJNYwRr

A white weld glow was drawn on a metallic surface, a rectangle was drawn as if emulating a door silhouette, then the glow stopped and almost immediately an explosion blew up the steel plate.copyright protection3PENANABBtEuoYu8q

Elite forces of the English police entered the site, were well equipped and advanced with professionalism, and it was no surprise, all contact with surveillance personnel from the Royal Museum of Natural History in London had ceased, a terrorist attack was feared.copyright protection3PENANAizoDeWNaIC

Despite the training, despite having seen the worst that mankind had to offer, the group of men still froze in fear and many of them took off their masks so they could vomit. In front of them were the remains of the night-time security guards, their bodies were dismembered, but they did not look as if the dismemberments had been produced by a knife or an electric saw, it seemed rather that the bodies had been dismembered by a creature of enormous force, even several of the bodies showed signs of having been partly devoured.copyright protection3PENANATOhHG1vFxn

“My God, someone call the Hellsing Organization.”copyright protection3PENANA69YAOsYNX6

.copyright protection3PENANAdfFCSUzG5h

.copyright protection3PENANAiY6AGNBbs9

Already in the evening, Integra Wingates explained to her three "search and destroy officers" about the request made to her by Scotland Yard and MI6 themselves.copyright protection3PENANAzyix87Z6UW

“Nothing was stolen from the Egyptian pavilion or the pre-Columbian gold section, so I can assure you that they were not ordinary thieves.”copyright protection3PENANAd8cTK4NjLS

“What was stolen from the Royal London Museum?” asked Seras.copyright protection3PENANAB4RHExugJW

“That's the strange thing, the perpetrators entered the Natural History wing and stole the dinosaur fossils, several specimens of T-rex, triceratops and other huge specimens.”copyright protection3PENANApivIPEPPLJ

“It could be just dogs," said Alucard with a sneer, making the woman with the noble title raise her eyebrows.copyright protection3PENANAMYRYSC3FWO

“Any clue as to this entry and exit?” asked D.copyright protection3PENANAyySpfxXKOG

“None, and that's the weirdest thing along with the forensic reports. The woman handed the three of them some folders with forensic information on the deceased guards.”copyright protection3PENANAGdYcWOQLDB

Alucard raised his eyebrows as if in a gesture of boredom that masked his surprise, while his son D, frowned at the image in the photos.copyright protection3PENANAvpAnosZr8W

Seras was less subtle and opening her eyes like plates, she had to put a hand to her mouth when she gave in to the automatic reaction of her body.copyright protection3PENANAgGu96KG3uu

“What the hell, what is this!” shouted Seras.copyright protection3PENANAJbIInEweqa

“I've seen this before," said D, "it's the work of demons or another underworld creature.”copyright protection3PENANAQVAqjYTjq2

“Yes... they are quite naughty dogs," Alucard sneered.copyright protection3PENANAfGIKPPuwSY

“Unexplained things have been happening in the city. So far no one has been able to establish a relationship and I don't know if they all deserve Hellsing's attention, but we have been tasked to find out everything necessary, and by the Queen, I swear I will give them an answer.”copyright protection3PENANA1C9JlxoSMO

Seras nodded forcefully, while D remained still and silent, a sign from him that indicated his assent.copyright protection3PENANA3CKD33CWm2

Alucard, on the other hand, turned around with the clear intention of heading for the wall and disappearing into the shadows.copyright protection3PENANAYCJHnyxR5q

“Where do you think you're going, Alucard?” Integra asked with a threatening tone.copyright protection3PENANAQ630Poxdgj

“Call me when you have the culprit to destroy him...” my mistress.copyright protection3PENANA2kWMXZQzWd

Integra was about to explode with fury but she controlled herself in time. D, remained undaunted as always, while Seras sighed and shook her head.copyright protection3PENANACVQlDdUa4Z

“Well, I guess that leaves you two alone. You are well aware that Hellsing is still in the process of restructuring, so we do not have qualified personnel for these things. Fortunately, D, you tell me you were not only a vampire hunter, but also something like a detective and forensic investigator in your time.”copyright protection3PENANAAV5EVV2s9j

“Yes.”copyright protection3PENANAMbDJYBIPbF

“Well, I want you and Seras to go around town and find out everything you can.”copyright protection3PENANA3NAT9e63ob

D showed no emotion on his face, but Seras looked scared. Integra felt that she was losing her patience and felt the vein in her forehead throbbing strongly.copyright protection3PENANA3Z69D14Gud

“Agent Victoria, D and your person, will be the most thorny antagonistic force you can find.”copyright protection3PENANAZhpD1oeJdp

“Oh, yes, Lady Integra!....! Sir.”copyright protection3PENANApgd09megqD

“You may go now," the woman said in a calm but strange tone that made Serás worry. “By the way, Victoria, first, wash your face, it stinks.”copyright protection3PENANAsuDzDgAIX5

Seras wanted to die right there of shame, just before the meeting she had put on a perfume in the hope of getting D's attention, but apparently she had worn too much.copyright protection3PENANAWXnlAoJP8W

D and the girl went to the dungeon section together, but Seras couldn't take it anymore and ran away leaving the dhampir behind.copyright protection3PENANAfxdsxnPMDg

.copyright protection3PENANAp6K2Fojg6g

.copyright protection3PENANAl2dJnO87Eg

"What a shame! I want to die," she thought anxiously as she saw her face and neck soaked in cold water. "And what makes me most angry is that I can't even cry in frustration."copyright protection3PENANA4TOhmmEc9i

Seras dried up and went to her rough wooden door, leaned her forehead on the cold surface and prayed that D would not mock her, sighed and waited for whatever came his way.copyright protection3PENANAsyodA3BUjI

D did not mock her, he remained silent as always, but she could see in the man's eyes that there was no hint of mockery or reproach, but suddenly he thought of the man's left hand.copyright protection3PENANAaFKop8dxgR

“You're not going to tell me anything?”copyright protection3PENANAOkKDC7Zhj9

“Why should I? You're just a draculina to me.”copyright protection3PENANAzMHY0i2Ccm

The words of the hand could be considered rude, but Seras knew somehow that those expressions were the way the face of the hand was expressed in a loving manner.copyright protection3PENANAkn14LrdYYt

Seras smiled at the black gauntlet and together with D, they went to investigate the mysteries related to the strange events that were happening in the city.copyright protection3PENANAPMOAqrHqI1

.copyright protection3PENANAziNggNzjpL

.copyright protection3PENANAFK9HOU82T7

In underground dungeons, apparently deeper and wider than those in the Hellsing mansion, several bizarre-looking machines were connected to several of the teenage models, both these women and men.copyright protection3PENANAwJTkkkL2Ku

Strange mechanisms were set in motion and lightning bolts came out of what appeared to be bizarre Tesla coils, while the essence of the captives was taken from them by their sexes.copyright protection3PENANA3jMRz3E8n4

Several bloodshed and screams caused a pair of lips covered in the shadows of the place to curve, demonstrating the joy that only a madman could enjoy with such a Dantesque scene.copyright protection3PENANAU2O3JDYSGS

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANAZcCTxWdjYX

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please. copyright protection3PENANAN2gATQEyZ1

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