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Writer Capt. leon
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It Doesn't Match You
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8DICtJRzxfqI1jiwBNiGposted on PENANA

ROSES OF INCESTcopyright protection3PENANADU4FL6hbrx

Chapter 4: It Doesn't Match Youcopyright protection3PENANAKAbscEb4eJ

"The name of this moron is D", those were the words Seras heard from an unknown source. The neonate vampire looked to the side of D to discover the mysterious interlocutor, yet she could not see anyone but the handsome dhampir.copyright protection3PENANAjErkYKRzya

“Who said that?”copyright protection3PENANAgb4lRPr80S

“Come on D, introduce me to the vampire, after all she saved your life.”copyright protection3PENANAFKsRdFwoJK

D frowned slightly and then removed the black gauntlet from his left hand. Seras did not understand what was going on, but soon she had to drown out a cry of surprise.copyright protection3PENANA83pAonkfWT

The dhampir showed her the palm of his left hand, but instead of seeing normal skin on his hand, she could see a grotesque face: it was the face of what appeared to be an old man without any facial hair, a face that was extremely aged but at the same time had a mocking and sarcastic touch.copyright protection3PENANAqd4uyVkZ4k

“Oh, what a pretty young lady. Tell me, what's your name?”copyright protection3PENANARK5kBiZ7HI

“Hey, what a thing you are!”copyright protection3PENANARQMgqaELqA

“Don't worry, he won't hurt you," said D, with a neutral tone and without changing the hieratic expression on his face. “What's your name again?”copyright protection3PENANAEQNJkmFFlJ

“Emmm... police girl... I mean, Seras, my name is Seras Victoria.”copyright protection3PENANA0dt5x5owc6

“Victoria, Seras..." repeated D, as he glanced more intently into the vampire's face, making her nervous.copyright protection3PENANAf4X1lnbZ8B

“Yes... yes, that's my name... and you, you're called D, right?”copyright protection3PENANAANrowMKbs6

“Yes.”copyright protection3PENANAVsjpyQuXnH

“Oh, well, thanks for saving my life... D?”copyright protection3PENANA4CM1D7oP7x

Apparently the handsome guy had no objection to the vampire calling him by his first name, which encouraged her a lot.copyright protection3PENANAqIlS7SFS38

“Thanks for the cliff, but what was that thing that attacked me?”copyright protection3PENANAYZAho98S6v

“Miss Victoria, what is this place? I don't recognize the surroundings," asked D, who was not affected by being in an unknown place.copyright protection3PENANAza7mcLtBAB

“We are in Scotland, a country in Great Britain, in the United Kingdom.”copyright protection3PENANA81ktUrlAjp

“The United Kingdom?”copyright protection3PENANAIhpjzNsHGz

“Yes, that's right.... emm, there's no need to call me "Miss Victoria", just call me Seras... D.”copyright protection3PENANAdgKlCW76xI

D nodded, not averting his gaze from the girl, apparently waiting for more information from her.copyright protection3PENANAHGJ19EsvfM

“I work for an organization called Hellsing, which is dedicated to protecting Her Majesty the Queen and the Protestant faith from the curse of the undead, such as vampires.”copyright protection3PENANAVY4khD8KlO

“Hey, a vampire girl who works for an order of vampire hunters. Now I've heard it all!” said the ghoulish face in the palm of D's hand with a sneer. Come on dhampir, raise your hand and let me see the surroundings better," complained the face, but D wouldn't give him any attention.copyright protection3PENANAjz53UH02Nx

“And you D, where are you coming from?”copyright protection3PENANAKvduxn80To

“I think it would be best to say from what time. I don't recognize anything you've said.”copyright protection3PENANAMPmQaEuioP

“Let me take you to the Hellsing mansion, Lady Integra will surely know how to help you," said Seras, and as she watched the man's gaze intensify, she decided to expand her request a little. “She is the leader of the Hellsing organization, and answers only to the Queen of England.”copyright protection3PENANA7IpcMjUMlI

D nodded his head in hopes that the young vampire would guide him but she seemed a little hesitant.copyright protection3PENANAk6dxAKVIKP

“Well, it's this way, allow me," she said, and then grabbed the vampire's hand a little tightly due to nervousness and grabbed him from it took him to where one of the helicopters should have been.copyright protection3PENANA7xEtnO7S7w

“What's that noise! Hey dhampir, raise your hand or at least turn your wrist, I can't see anything. Can you hear me? Let me see!”copyright protection3PENANAIee7r0rmNN

D did not ask any questions, in fact he said nothing, but his gaze was very clear.copyright protection3PENANA47ThFt2BcN

“This thing is a helicopter," said Seras, "London is a long way away, so we'll fly this thing. Excuse me, I need to speak to the officer in charge.”copyright protection3PENANAqjk4MITUA0

Seras rushed to her superior to explain D's presence to him in a hurry, and his transfer to the headquarters.copyright protection3PENANAqifEpHFR3s

Seras was the biggest weapon owned by the Hellsing organization along with Alucard, but since the vampire had problems with authority figures and his newborn vampire was still too green for leadership issues, it was Lieutenant Figueroa, who was in charge of this operation, in fact, was the second in command at Hellsing, a very important position he would not otherwise surely benefit from occupying, but the Hellsing Organization was not to be fussy at this time of serious personnel crisis.copyright protection3PENANAE7zxpf0rQc

“Well, that's it D, let's get in the helicopter... You're welcome too, eh, sir.”copyright protection3PENANAfgwzliiecT

“Finally someone who speaks to me with respect. You should learn from her dhampir,” the face in the hand advised D, but as usual the man in black cloak and clothing did not pay the slightest attention to him.copyright protection3PENANAfDbvhBcWsg

The helicopter flaps began to rotate and if this made D nervous, Seras could not guess as the dhampir had his face tilted so his huge black wide-brimmed hat covered any facial expression he might have.copyright protection3PENANAp6oYENdEf4

The other mercenaries looked at D curiously, but as with Seras, they preferred to remain silent, because D clearly indicated that he was not a normal guy.copyright protection3PENANARuko4GGnUT

As Seras told him, the helicopter flight took several hours and it was already daylight when they were approaching London.copyright protection3PENANAgawrFO3SKw

“Hell," she said, "I hate it when it's daylight. It's not that I burn in the sunshine, that only happens in the movies, but the daylight weakens me a lot, I don't think I can take my gun to the barracks.”copyright protection3PENANA89Dx8hkmWA

“Is this your weapon?” asked D, looking at the huge cannon right in front of his feet.copyright protection3PENANAqO5LcarSxm

“Yes," she said, full of shame, "Its name is Harkonnen, and I don't like wearing it.”copyright protection3PENANAMNwjfc7i4S

D only turned his face a little in the direction of Seras, but Seras lowered her face so as not to see D in the face.copyright protection3PENANAPd2sKaJ5xG

“It doesn't match you.”copyright protection3PENANAFYuLJGVbzs

Seras was very surprised to hear that. She fixed her gaze on D and both their eyes met.copyright protection3PENANAxlf4FugMNl

The dhampir had some nostalgia when he remembered in those blue eyes his friend of the past, while the young agent seemed to be hypnotized by the manly look that the man gave her.copyright protection3PENANAFCzH5kSOpp

“Thank you, D.”copyright protection3PENANAu5oZQ7FMje

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANAeQAuUgYb2M

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please.copyright protection3PENANAwIp6puqhjQ

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