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Writer Capt. leon
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Emerald Rain
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!a2ALJLHTvLzUpmvEDPLrposted on PENANA

ROSES OF INCESTcopyright protection4PENANA5I0xYuy2VD

Chapter 9: Emerald Raincopyright protection4PENANAG6GgRp1zjx

The young man woke up after working late yesterday, his well toned body was going naked to the bathroom where the cold water from the shower ran every inch of his body, that's how he liked it and how his manager had recommended him to avoid feeling nervous in his work as a model.copyright protection4PENANAkSrKeXoRMa

After he dried up, he went to turn on the TV, however, he couldn't find the remote control. He saw this one next to the enormous room that he had fitted out as cloakrooms, it was strange, he did not remember having opened the door.copyright protection4PENANAjRSkpROYTK

The darkness of the cloakroom combined sinisterly with the unisex sized furs. The young man approached and bowed to take remote control, when he did, a dreadful face, as if eaten away by worms, emerged from within the furs.copyright protection4PENANABzQhQIHSh1

.copyright protection4PENANApCTQm8NL0A

.copyright protection4PENANAVjsOERFsPz

Seras was in the field with D for another vampire lesson. The wind that had blown strong at the beginning now stopped bothering them and its absence invited them to start the night shift.copyright protection4PENANAcr83JZLrR3

“What are we gonna do here, D?”copyright protection4PENANAshFl82uWNu

“I'll teach you to move through the shadows.”copyright protection4PENANAwJOYxsQcVG

“Hmm?”copyright protection4PENANAL77UbRUWiL

“Unlike what people think, we vampires don't fly, we can't even hover.”copyright protection4PENANA0K2F6bHA7v

“But...”copyright protection4PENANA4DeSBLlsYg

“Oh, police girl,” suddenly the face on D's left hand said. “Only birds and insects can fly, the only exception being mammals such as bats and flying squirrels. The first one does fly, the second one just hovers.”copyright protection4PENANA8KofEz6ywp

“I didn't know, sorry....”copyright protection4PENANAkwanbgyTRF

“I want you to look at me. I'll move towards the front tree," said D.copyright protection4PENANAoWiCOUoamm

“Really?”copyright protection4PENANAqv6OLLnSkT

“I'm not a thoroughbred vampire, but I can do this. Watch carefully.”copyright protection4PENANAhEpr2BIAuz

The dhampir stepped forward and stretched his body toward the sky, his black clothes seemed to merge with the night itself, he breathed in air forcibly and then held onto it immediately, a glance of concentration seemed to be directed toward his goal, as if focusing all his desire to reach the tree, and suddenly D disappeared from sight.copyright protection4PENANAgTvzvktTuQ

At first Seras believed that the man had vanished, but for a second she saw out of the corner of her eye like a shadow, distorted by his journey through the surrounding landscape, going towards the destined tree. She could not see this properly as the figure of D immediately looked at her from the front.copyright protection4PENANAgUlmI676Zs

“Did you get to see Seras?”copyright protection4PENANAZg6pH81qJv

“Whoa, yeah, I think so.”copyright protection4PENANAZZpuyVP2Oj

“Now try it.”copyright protection4PENANAT5efrWmz2l

“All right.”copyright protection4PENANA12B8sjhtJ0

Seras focused and fixed hers eyes on D, however, nothing happened at all.copyright protection4PENANAZJ0odyj2B8

“Concentrate," asked D.copyright protection4PENANAmudAJFx5fA

Seras redoubled her efforts and when she thought she would accomplish nothing, she felt something strange, it was as if a spiral darkness was rising from the depths of her stomach, she was doing it, but suddenly she felt her knees bumping against the ground.copyright protection4PENANAqhC2p5lHy5

“What happened?”copyright protection4PENANAHyOIW2hg5S

“You hesitated in the end.”copyright protection4PENANAprmC26izcx

“I just felt something weird.”copyright protection4PENANA9CPMFeS1Vq

“You don't have to be afraid, I know you felt something you didn't experience before, but just like with blood, you shouldn't ration it or question it, just accept it.”copyright protection4PENANA7DZVmWYDc3

“I don't know if I can.”copyright protection4PENANAvBvSeyYw7b

D did the previous operation again and materialized right behind Seras, surprising her.copyright protection4PENANA4hOT4t8Wu4

If that wasn't enough, now the handsome man and reserved man were holding her hips with both hands covered by the gloves.copyright protection4PENANAnBImx4ivHv

“Hey D....”copyright protection4PENANAzd745lD4SK

“Don't worry, this time I'll help you.”copyright protection4PENANAfX24R7xZ42

The young woman felt two parallel currents of electricity running down the sides of her body to the back of her neck, which reacted when her hair stood on it. Seras was biting her lip at the sensual touch of the dhampir and without being able to avoid it she put her hands on top of his.copyright protection4PENANA4rEMObR7Hy

“Hey, don't touch the goods police girl," said D's left hand, making Seras come to her senses.copyright protection4PENANACgMKlS5YXY

“Sorry, I didn't mean to!”copyright protection4PENANAJdVMhMTOMX

“Of course, to another hand with that story.... Don't clench your fist so hard dhampir, auch!”copyright protection4PENANAQQpvDdGulo

“If you think you can concentrate with your hands, do it," said D.copyright protection4PENANA3YEPI0HNZE

“Emm, yeah... it's just what I wanted to do, I was just trying to concentrate, I swear... your hands.”copyright protection4PENANAMIRIu9voXh

Seras again put her hands on D's, she could feel with her touch, the manly hand of the man who also had long and aesthetic fingers, she not only put them on them, but she also rubbed a little on the back side of the man's palms, enjoying every second of the seemingly harmless contact.copyright protection4PENANAlO8KjLY0fj

Unwittingly, something hit Seras like a club. She had no problem stroking D's right hand, in fact she even enjoyed it too much for her own good, yet she got a strange feeling between pleasure and disgust when doing the same with the back of his left hand.copyright protection4PENANAoih37Z3PN2

Seras's face acquired a very amusing expression that could not be seen by anyone but recovered when D leaned over to her and placed his face very close to her cheek.copyright protection4PENANAuzLmigvNEt

“Are you ready? Let's do it.”copyright protection4PENANA5ZhdKBYIBe

“What?! No, no, wait!”copyright protection4PENANA1Zwi2Eh6t5

Again Seras felt that strange sensation that came from inside her, only this time it seemed to react to the darkness emanating from D. Both man and woman merged into one, a shadow that in less than a second traveled the distance that separated them from the tree.copyright protection4PENANA9YFUkXbPKP

At the same time as they materialized in front of the tree, the wind again began to blow, not as strong as before but enough to make the leaves fall, which were already precariously clinging to the branches. It was as if a gentle emerald rain received the figure of the two people who were held together as if they were two lovers.copyright protection4PENANAiPPA3zb1hN

Seras could not resist any longer and turned her torso a little to see D's face, seeing the tall man's face so close to her, she proceeded to steal a kiss.copyright protection4PENANAfiNMAQqSXU

D this time was the surprised one, so much so that his senses shot up and he could hear each of the leaves falling to the ground making a big thunderous noise, but not as much as his heartbeat.copyright protection4PENANAY6SD1cAc2l

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANA1lbQVep7gG

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please.copyright protection4PENANAVwYIjzzJsw

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