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Writer Capt. leon
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No names
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!nrLJmKzGCcFHKFDZHFaNposted on PENANA

ROSES OF INCESTcopyright protection4PENANAQlfszy6S8q

Chapter 7: No namescopyright protection4PENANAavRWeeGOUi

At the Hellsing Organization's bioengineering facility, Integra Wingates watched the xenobiology team dissect the strange monster that attacked Seras Victoria the day she met D. behind a window.copyright protection4PENANA0z0KeDKWjU

“All this is very strange, Sir Integra," said the doctor in charge of the place.copyright protection4PENANAKafZCPyIIG

“Your report gives more questions than answers Dr. Jameson,” Integra said, as she turned over the pages given to her by the skinny individual. “You tell me that this giant millipede creature was not begotten, but "made", how is that possible?”copyright protection4PENANA8Sb0Opevd8

“Please Sir Integra, observe the xenobiology team. Show her, boys," the doctor ordered as he made a sign with his arm.copyright protection4PENANAOeIOZWsJTL

A couple of doctors removed part of the creature's exoskeleton, carried this type of shell made up of moving plates and showed Integra the inner wall of the shell, which was in contact with the creature's soft skin.copyright protection4PENANADDVTCxIafq

“What the hell!” exclaimed the woman and no one could blame her. Engraved on the inner wall of the shell piece were inscribed what appeared to be Egyptian hieroglyphics and Nordic runes.copyright protection4PENANARoj2o8sCDG

The strange inscriptions that you Sir Integra sees correspond to part of a pattern that is repeated all over the inner side of the exoskeleton of the specimen obtained in Scotland.copyright protection4PENANALrVtfUpHEi

“Have you had it traduced yet?”copyright protection4PENANAsiWobyWUJb

“Yes, the signs reveal the following legend: "Your flesh and blood can be molded, you will be a servant who will bring to the world the authentic peace that lies with the undead”.”copyright protection4PENANAkAAEDYM5Ap

Integra frowned, something inside her told her that this was just the beginning. An ugly premonition ran down her back, similar to the one she had before the attack by the Valentine brothers, the vampires of the Millennium Organization.copyright protection4PENANAMmQHP6CeNh

.copyright protection4PENANAxgztFL2BGL

.copyright protection4PENANAN1mnFZlr4W

Unaware of the concerns of Hellsing's leader, Seras Victoria and D, they were in one of the training camps, more specifically, in the basement of Hellsing's soldiers' barracks.copyright protection4PENANAQQiHy7NamA

As a vampire the girl was no longer sweating, however, she was not willing to give up the human habit of taking a shower every morning.copyright protection4PENANArUR1nwMq7s

"D is not a thoroughbred vampire, his mother was human.... I wonder if he needs to shower like everyone else," thought Seras as she imagined the naked man soapy all over his body.copyright protection4PENANAbVtxi8xEAB

Seras couldn't help but bite her lip, but she remembered in time that he couldn't be distracted at the time as she had to stick to a schedule.copyright protection4PENANAAqsT701Ubo

After she got out of the shower and changed, she went to the refrigerator and took out her blood bag. She put the blood on a flat plate and sighed before taking the liquid with a spoon.copyright protection4PENANAvCinEGTq61

"D is right, everyone is right. I have to take this thing.... I just hope D isn't disappointed when I change the color of my eyes."copyright protection4PENANATiWnQfwnT6

Once the vampire breakfast was over, Seras went to the bathroom again to see her reflection in the mirror.copyright protection4PENANAYuxrnEspzD

The eyes actually changed to a deep crimson color.copyright protection4PENANAN4g5rUMllS

“Heavens... no way. Well, it's still early. Maybe D's still sleeping.”copyright protection4PENANAneakC0z9ns

Seras' face suddenly lit up, a catlike smile was drawn on her face as a curious idea was formed. She would walk into D's "room", maybe even wake him up and see his naked torso.copyright protection4PENANAfmWMOkrgK0

"Will he sleep in his pajamas? Will he be upset if I wake him up with a kiss?", so thought the young woman as she fantasized about these and other absurdities, as she walked to her door and opened it.copyright protection4PENANATx5aDx4pTp

To her surprise, the dhampir was at her side and in front of her door, he was sitting, it was not possible to tell whether he was sleeping or not as the man was covered by his dark suits that covered his entire body, along with the huge black hat with the wide brim.copyright protection4PENANAihEtBhtaqR

“D? Hello... good morning, I mean, good evening.”copyright protection4PENANADFeAs2VUiF

“Seras, the sun has just set," said D and then led the march to the training camp.copyright protection4PENANAVcc1mQzrgs

"Mooo, I wish he'd say more, but that quiet, reserved attitude is part of his charm."copyright protection4PENANARyJw1lNvvd

Seras saw the training camp, which emulated the labyrinthine corridors of an urban center, when D came up with something she didn't expect.copyright protection4PENANAm9TAJmDEgV

“Your eyes don't look so bad, Seras.”copyright protection4PENANAjc8wdunMWD

“Really?!”copyright protection4PENANAfNcYjdj7JP

“You must concentrate, if you do, you can make them blue again, so that they will only become red when you get into a frenzy.”copyright protection4PENANAk6YeGIAjmR

“When I get into a blood frenzy?”copyright protection4PENANAfG3ndgSA2P

“You can stop the blood frenzy if you concentrate, you will only use the frenzy in combat and still not need to drink blood from those you face.”copyright protection4PENANAdiCqgWEA3n

“I see.”copyright protection4PENANAqotpCa7duu

“It's not that hard, I don't understand why Alucard, my father, didn't teach you that.”copyright protection4PENANA4Jb77oo0Yr

“I guess the master has his own concerns.... Hey D, have you talked to Alucard yet? Why can't we call him Dracula, if that's his real name?”copyright protection4PENANAPcJsC0ogBs

“We cannot call it by its authentic name because of the seal it has on it, to do so would weaken the seal.”copyright protection4PENANAE1R7rthyHL

“I don't think the master will decide to betray Lady Integra if the seal is broken.”copyright protection4PENANA3LveTCChDB

“Perhaps, but Sir Integra prefers it this way.”copyright protection4PENANAIsOrUrrjI2

“What about your father D, have you talked to him yet?”copyright protection4PENANALm4Dtv7L4O

D didn't answer, he just watched as the last of the mercenaries left the place to give them a free pass.copyright protection4PENANAx8z2msFZJi

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be impertinent.”copyright protection4PENANAAsLpTFQlYy

“Don't worry, as you said, he has his own worries.”copyright protection4PENANAoKUtooZv94

Another silence came, but unlike the previous one, this one did not seem uncomfortable but calm and personal, as if they were sharing something intimate.copyright protection4PENANAjGcSIyloy5

“You will show me your weapons," said D at the end, cutting off the moment of silence.copyright protection4PENANAH9xsyr7oN6

Seras took D to a section of the camp, where she taught him the Harkonnen I and II.copyright protection4PENANAXbRRFffEKp

“Lady Integra entrusted me with these weapons because no human can carry so much weight," said Seras between proud and ashamed of having to show D, that pair of monstrosities.copyright protection4PENANAI35UWOtid1

“This is not right, a vampire's power does not come from his brute strength, but from his agility and most importantly: intelligence.”copyright protection4PENANAnUaVmJmu89

“JA, it seems girl that they are using you as a mobile cannon," said the dhampir's left hand in a sardonic tone.copyright protection4PENANAB5lsX0IcFs

“Oh, I've already forgotten about you, this....”copyright protection4PENANACnwHitwMLJ

“Please, child, don't call me "lefdin".”copyright protection4PENANAO9EZ40IrvQ

“I'm not a child, and besides, it's very difficult to refer to you if you don't have a name.”copyright protection4PENANAB6VXzSXh5D

“I don't need a  name, draculina.”copyright protection4PENANAKH1gpkKW6v

“Hey! If you call me that, I'll call you lefdin!”copyright protection4PENANAGUFkTKlCbQ

“Then we agree, no lefdin, no draculina.”copyright protection4PENANAsNXoKwhINn

Seras made a pouty face, the only gesture that showed emotion in the place because D, kept that hieratic face to all test and the face in the left hand of the man, was covered by the black gauntlet.copyright protection4PENANAlx5mOvHyrN

“I will see from the observation tower your performance," said D, causing the girl to leave that strange look on her face.copyright protection4PENANA47IJsCtNeF

"Well, D, now you'll see what I'm capable of."copyright protection4PENANAEHsB6c7nVV

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection4PENANALgsQDhlkPM

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please.copyright protection4PENANA8TUQDmt7aH

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