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Writer Capt. leon
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Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!AqSLVKod5oQxgvJxc4oYposted on PENANA

ROSES OF INCESTcopyright protection3PENANA3RhcOn791t

Chapter 15: Desirecopyright protection3PENANAsBUknP5L3a

D and Seras went through the immense underground labyrinth, in each of the mouldy chambers you could see the crazy work of the necromancer, even Seras had to return the contents of her stomach, or at least it was the automatic act she was asked to do after seeing so much horror unfolded before her eyes.copyright protection3PENANAaUIrprYBwm

The dhampir, on the other hand, was already used to seeing such Dantesque signs in front of him, so he was not affected.copyright protection3PENANAAzeSL2fTbg

“Are you sure you're okay, Seras?”copyright protection3PENANAnESiZf851b

“Yes, don't worry. Let's move on.”copyright protection3PENANAgc5ZDurC6X

Horror after horror, the two continued their journey until they saw a coffin in the middle of a large vaulted enclosure. Both of them looked out cautiously and opened the lid, inside was the arch-necromancer in a placid dream. D stabbed the man in the heart, but the dagger seemed to sink into a jelly mass as the head opened its eyes and screamed sharply.copyright protection3PENANAZHxdzjgOdr

“Master, master! Intruders!” shouted the head to "the top of his lungs" as he jumped out of the coffin and ran frantically with the help of thick arachnid legs from the base of his skull.copyright protection3PENANA5A6YT6d1bf

Hidden doors were opened in the enclosure and through them an entire army of zombies entered along with enormous and mutated creatures, fruit of the bizarre experiments of the dark sorcerer.copyright protection3PENANAcrrir5NSHT

Despite the numbers in their favor, the horde not only could not defeat the two intruders, but even gave way to the onslaught of both. Seras was at first frightened by the grotesque aberrations that the necromancer had put together in a whole exaggeration of aberrant and twisted display, however, as D told her before, she gave herself up to the frenzy and thus could be at the level of the dhampir, who was very good at this kind of infernal confrontations.copyright protection3PENANAPGAnTaGaYT

“That's enough!” shouted a voice with an icy timbre. It was Ghost Face, who walked into the high-dome room.copyright protection3PENANAB4uI2nOgo0

“Seras, we must attack him at the same time.... Wait!”copyright protection3PENANAwBsXTT2GLK

The young vampire, caught up in the frenzy, could not listen to her lover's recommendations and went straight to her goal. D was quick to follow her but knew beforehand that it would be too late.copyright protection3PENANAABrbYllFvk

The necromancer sent a bolt of lightning to the vampire, was about to strike her but was saved at the last second by D, thanks to the use of his left hand, who swallowed the death ray.copyright protection3PENANAy7o3PqrEHP

“A distraction," said Ghost Face, and then uttered a cry that was nothing to envy the banshes.copyright protection3PENANAEdq6bkZe1L

Thus, both Seras and D, fell defeated before their enemy, who uttered a laugh that could not come from a human being, but from a demon from hell itself.copyright protection3PENANAYBmpMlK80f

.copyright protection3PENANAszmQCch3QZ

.copyright protection3PENANATuckBoEACG

Seras regained consciousness intermittently, felt her naked body dive into a cylindrical glass tank. Green liquid surrounded her and she felt very weak and tired, she would close her eyelids again but before that she looked at one of the tanks of the enclosure, it was connected to different machinery and inside it she could observe for a second the head of Integra Windgates.copyright protection3PENANAlAhI043Lc4

She would have wanted to scream, she would have wanted to get into a frenzy and get her mistress's head back, but it was too late, her will was diminished and she fell into a dream of which she could remember nothing at all.copyright protection3PENANA1FDowgAOkr

D also regained consciousness but did so because he received a strong electric shock, so strong that he would have fried a human being or vampire from the inside, however, he was D, he could not die so easily.copyright protection3PENANANdW0yxoc70

“Did you know that electric shocks are used in human circuses to train wild beasts? There is nothing better than strong electric shocks to remove any will to fight, annoying dhampir.”copyright protection3PENANAStBacCfgns

“How did you come to this age?” asked D, who could not move because each of his limbs was subject to a sinister-looking machine.copyright protection3PENANAkp7YNDenrz

“An unforeseen event due to our last meeting. Unlike you, I was sent much further back in time, I waited to regain my strength and power, and I got it from the stupid humans, they are very prone to exterminate each other through war. That time my beloved creatures could not be born, but look, watch closely D.”copyright protection3PENANAPfMLgkiExq

Several lights lit up, illuminating the whole place. There were hundreds, no, hundreds of thousands of cylindrical containers, and inside they were small humanoids, actually children, except that they were not human.copyright protection3PENANAFqUhB6TQmh

“In every capital city of the world my loyal subordinates watch over the same number of receptacles. In every metropolis on the surface the same chaos that rages in London is repeated at this very moment, my hordes of zombies will bring chaos and destruction to the world.”copyright protection3PENANAiHGpFt3URv

“Are you planning to conquer the world?”copyright protection3PENANAuGLhr1CKG9

“Conquer the world? Rule it? Please D, give me more credit, do not confuse me, I am not Nagash, I am not looking for personal glory, but the glory of my cause.”copyright protection3PENANAalA4Dcbx2x

A fanatical gaze was drawn in those malevolent eyes, it could be seen as a feverish purpose was flowing through his mind, impossible to contain or even stop him.copyright protection3PENANAOlfvLVZOQR

“I will create the perfect world, I know it will sound like a cliché, but from the ashes of this world, a new and better world will emerge.”copyright protection3PENANAkky5B07dKN

“You cannot create a new world by shedding blood.”copyright protection3PENANAnV8Y0Mabjd

Women create new life and there is always bloodshed and pain, a lot of pain. You will tell me that my analogy is incorrect as they do not give birth at the cost of sacrificing someone, but at this point when I am about to achieve my desire, I prefer to gloat over self-indulgence.copyright protection3PENANAJ8yYEjUD8K

"The necromancers, the children of the great Nagash, we cannot create life, we can only manipulate it, we can only reforge it over and over again, but now, I, I will succeed where all others failed. I will create life, I will be part of all things.”copyright protection3PENANAvt53yH4FUP

The necromancer's long arms went up to heaven as if he wanted to touch something, in his mind, he was under a shower of angelic feathers.copyright protection3PENANAtiKCgKoqWH

Again his eyes focused on the ceiling and his face turned to D, this time his gaze was hard and cold like the cruelest of winters.copyright protection3PENANAEFPcEuwz7E

“Now D, get ready. This is gonna hurt really, really bad.”copyright protection3PENANAkD8pHH6Ln1

D frowned, did not know what luck Ghost Face had in store for him, but somehow he had to save Seras. He prepared his mind for whatever came next, hardening it as he listened to the arch-necromancer's footsteps grow closer and closer.copyright protection3PENANAAQjlsz6Q02

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANAyEIoRnSnWZ

Thanks for Reading dear friends, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty please. copyright protection3PENANA2gDaFkRM6e

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