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Writer Capt. leon
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The shade and the magnificent eyes
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
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ROSES OF INCESTcopyright protection5PENANAxCwSg9KSAS

Capítulo 2: The shade and the magnificent eyescopyright protection5PENANA1VPDdNwh6q

Several Hellsing helicopters were flying over Scottish soil, their mission: to try to find out the origin of a rare electromagnetic anomaly that occurred at the site, this abnormality lasted for brief moments, but it was so powerful that several international flights had to be suspended from the north of Great Britain.copyright protection5PENANAzPFuzSICnE

Seras Victoria was in one of the helicopters, the other men in the flying machine looked at her sideways, not daring to look at her from the front because they knew the vampire nature that the girl had.copyright protection5PENANANUhkNxuyq4

"I wonder when I'll meet the master," thought Seras, since "Sir" Integra Hellsing had already told her that Alucard had already left for Scotland, given the abnormality.copyright protection5PENANAqr0f5e3Cva

The young woman asked herself many questions about her master, some of which she was sure would never receive an answer, but one thing was clear: Alucard had come out of his self-absorption and was finally showing interest in the world of the living, although this case might well relate to the world of the undead.copyright protection5PENANA24ZHzzzicX

Seras's thoughts were interrupted because the helicopter was already landing, not on a military base to the north, but in the open field, near where the strange eventuality was supposed to have occurred.copyright protection5PENANAW0SekFLOdb

Several soldiers, or rather mercenaries, as the Hellsing organization was still not fully recovered from the last battle in London, were checking their weapons. Some looked like children comparing toys or perhaps it was the classic male behavior in which one assumed the size of the weapons as an equivalent of their phalluses.copyright protection5PENANATEDUUI8YkE

All of them were silent when they saw how the vampire's weapon came out of the helicopter, a huge cannon, the Harkonnen, which could not even be carried by two men, in short, Seras Victoria, had the largest phallus of all present.copyright protection5PENANA8nJ84iIEAU

Seras had been bothered by this too much, Walter Dornez, the "butler" of the Hellsing family, had given her a gun that both he and Alucar had told her matched her.copyright protection5PENANACxVuLfax4n

“Master? Are you in there?” asked the girl about the intercom but apparently Alucard didn't want to answer.copyright protection5PENANAIY2mSW41Vp

Frustrated and upset as she hadn't been in a long time, Seras left her gun on the ground and one of the officers in charge asked her if it was wise to do so.copyright protection5PENANAF3MobRHUwi

As the only answer, the man watched Seras take off her camouflaged military poncho and leave her disturbing vampire "arm" exposed, a shadow that appeared to have a red Malian aura and could apparently move at will.copyright protection5PENANAP8PKDB0N84

.copyright protection5PENANAbR3edVaiX5

.copyright protection5PENANAID9u2lmJfS

The day's lights were dimming and a metallic blue color seemed to dye the sky more and more. Seras stood on the rocky shore and heard a rumor that had nothing to do with the waves breaking against the stone wall.copyright protection5PENANA141ROFtOsC

“What the hell is that?!” Seras shouted as she saw how, along with the breaking of the waves, a kind of sea serpent also emerged, yet it had more of an insect characteristic than anything else.copyright protection5PENANATEtWSHS30P

The giant monster lunged at the girl in the blue suit in a clear attempt to devour her.copyright protection5PENANA9ItidvDAeT

Good thing Seras had superhuman reflexes and abilities or else her fate would have been different. The vampire took an impossible leap backwards and at an unheard of speed, such a feat that she surprised herself, but now there was no time to be dazzled as the strange creature could resume its attack and that was just what it was doing.copyright protection5PENANAsgXu8M9BAC

A new attack that broke the natural rock wall was avoided by Seras a second time, as well as a third time.copyright protection5PENANAeugHq9pjcp

"I must counteract," thought the girl and focused on her lost "arm." The living shadow at the end was shaken as if eager to fight the battle, its dark form took on a serrated form ready for the cast.copyright protection5PENANA8l8BEm7hWl

A powerful leap took the ex-cop up and right over the back of the nightmare in the shape of giant millipede. A mighty bow drew her arm-shadow, but such an attack was utterly futile.copyright protection5PENANAapC8ULU3nv

"No, his back is too hard."copyright protection5PENANAGBZXjq6IJi

The beast's exoskeleton seemed indestructible and again launched another attack on its target.copyright protection5PENANA8SDhthDAzz

Seras' legs were very strong, but they were also strong only to the extent that they were the same as the land in which she stood. The ground fragmented underneath her and she could only fall a score of metres.copyright protection5PENANAWKZzSTkMXH

The fall that would have killed an ordinary human, only deconcentrated the girl, enough that she could not react to the next attack of the monster, in whose horrifying face lay open jaws, ready to gobble her up, to tear her apart.copyright protection5PENANAhDihACHGkq

From the shadows, an even deeper darkness rose, its form was that of supreme elegance and efficiency, and its attack shone in the last light of day. D's long sword had cut through the shell of the spawn like a hot knife to butter.copyright protection5PENANAZsiCKMUnnu

The righteous darkness that defeated the monster was revealed as the figure of a man in extreme grace by the goddesses of beauty, possessed of a manly manhood to all test. Seras could not do anything else but open her mouth and be the slave of her eyes that insisted, no, they demanded to cover the whole body of the man covered by dark clothes until she stopped in a face that could have made her blush if it had not been for her current nature of nosferatu.copyright protection5PENANAXjeWT7PdUN

D looked at the young woman in front of him, she had a very developed body for someone so young or perhaps it was that the female possessed a face that was childish for her age, a complexion that marked unequivocally someone very innocent, an aspect that was marked by a pair of blue eyes.copyright protection5PENANAVcqet1QaHa

“Police girl," said Alucard's voice suddenly, coming from an undetermined place, "I see that you have not been drinking your blood, your eyes have abandoned that magnificent crimson colour.”copyright protection5PENANAAGDSjnFeL2

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection5PENANAJImYFf5vt0

Thanks for Reading, don’t forget to vote and comment pretty pleasecopyright protection5PENANAiocICFKtQr

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