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Talmeir: Spell Masters


The people of Northern Talmeir have practiced magic since the beginning of time. At first spells and magic were just used for practical and harmless tasks. It didn't take long for that to change, magic quickly became a form of competition and everyone wanted to be spell masters and desired more powers and spells. There became a point where spell casters and the spells they used were too powerful to be wasted on competition and trivial tasks. People are no longer contempt after becoming a spell master, people wanted more power, more spells, more glory, more blood.

A group of spell masters formed a group called Northern Anti-terrorism Special Forces  (NASF) was formed and given the task of protecting the people of Northern Talmeir from power hungry spell casters. All the magic schools in the North give a list of all spell casters to the General of NASF, who will then select the 10 best every year. This system was supposed to ensure that NASF remained in control of the other militaries and succeeded up until now.

A group of spell masters who go by the name “Magic Council” used their vast amount of power and knowledge to take control of many villages and blood lines. The Magic Council believes that magic has become too advanced to be trusted with just anyone, which most people agreed. The part that not everyone agreed with is what the magic council does..

The magic council demands money and loyalty from all, even those who have no money. It was an easy system, pay and bow or die. NASF of course steps in as the Magic Council went too far with this system. Unfortunately the Magic council consists of high spell masters who outpower even those in NASF. Fifty years later NASF has not yet put an end to these terrorist Magic Council members, and every year it gets worse.