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Writer Alef Magnus
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IX. Just Like A Pill
Alef Magnus
Comments ( 12 )
Kathy - I've got the jitters. Brrr!!!!
4 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - Glad it had that effect! ;) Thanks for reading! Hope you continue to read. What hooked you the most with this story?
4 years agoreply

Kathy - @Alef Magnus, well,the feels, I should say. A good story always makes me feel with the character. Damn good job!
4 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - @Kathy, thank you so much! Hope you can wait a little while longer for the remaining chapters of the story! It's been in the shelves for so long.
4 years agoreply

Frances - Wow! Things got super thrilling really fast! Pedro the hot dog man was a total surprise. What a great character!
4 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - This chapter was a great breather from all the weird and dark stuff happening but eases the reader back into that mode again. There will be more of Pedro but it's going to be a long while from this chapter. :(
4 years agoreply

RachaelMole - It just keeps getting better!
4 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - This was one of my favorite chapters to write. You can see how I had fun with it by adding comedic bits while also adding some serious matter. I'm still surprised at how people can read this in one sitting! You guys are amazing.
4 years agoreply

RachaelMole - @Alef Magnus, You write so well, at the end of every chapter I had to keep going to see what was going to happen next.
4 years agoreply

oneminusheart - i love this story!!!

(sorry for the spam)

4 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - It's all good. I think you just sent my story back to Trending. Thank you so much. Gotta keep this momentum. haha
4 years agoreply

oneminusheart - @Alef Magnus,did i now? xD Sorry for the spam but I'm so glad it's trending. everyone must read it!
4 years agoreply