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Writer Alef Magnus
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XIX. Everybody Dog Food
Alef Magnus
Comments ( 17 )

oneminusheart - I wasn't lying when I said this is one of the few things that bring me back here. It's a cliffhanger which has been killing me. I'll still wait xD Hope you're doing okay :)
1 year agoreply

Alef Magnus - You know what I think I'll dedicate one day to rereading everything and revisiting my notes to get back into the groove of writing this. Set me a day and remind me. Actually, I'll just pick a day right now. Oct. 16. So it doesn't go against my current work. Yes I'll set it on my calendar now.

Thank you so much for waiting... 2 years? That is wild. I really do apologize. I've been in my longest slump and I can't write anything at all. If you've noticed, I've just been putting up concepts but no follow through. Same goes with my worklife with my supposed screenplay.

Anyway, real thanks for the support.
1 year agoreply

oneminusheart - 10 months and counting. It's the one of the few things bringing me back to Penana :D Still waiting :D
2 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - Wow. This just notified me haha. I'm really sorry for not working back on this. I've had a few attempts but I became busy doing stuff for film and basically finding work to survive. A few days ago, I reread the whole thing to get myself back into the groove of the story. It will come soon. Really sorry to keep you waiting. :)
2 years agoreply

oneminusheart - @Alef Magnus,not a problem. :) Quoting mysef again, "I'll wait forever if i have to." It is one of the few stories that really gripped me. and on a side note, Happy New Year :D
2 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - @oneminusheart, Happy New Year, hope I do get back to it, the draft has been sitting here untouched for months. I still plan on rewriting it before it comes out. You might be surprised it'll just suddenly be updated here. Thanks so much for your continuous support!
2 years agoreply

oneminusheart - @Alef Magnus,not an issue :) I can hardly wait :D the support is natural if the story is so gripping :) I'll keep my eye on it :D

2 years agoreply

oneminusheart - I'll wait forever if I have to. But I'll wait :)
3 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - Oh noooo I'm so sorry, I've been so busy with lots of things. I might be able to put it out on the 16th when I'm free. But thank you so much for waiting. :)
3 years agoreply

oneminusheart - @Alef Magnus, i don't really mind waiting :) even if you like update once a year xD I understand that you're busy. I just wanted to nudge in and say that you've got a big fan here :D
2 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - @oneminusheart, Thank you so much, comments like this helps me get back into the groove of writing this story. Kind of lost heart when I already know what's going to happen. Expect big things coming when it gets back though. Thanks again, really! :)
2 years agoreply

oneminusheart - @Alef Magnus, not a problem :)
meanwhile I wait patiently :) 
2 years agoreply

Nicole Armas - This story just keeps getting better and better! Great work man!
3 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - And thank you for constantly reading! :) It has been a blast.
3 years agoreply

oneminusheart - every time I read, i want more.

and i just realized that you're a guy, and you're writing from a girl's perspective. and it's amazing how you do this. really.
3 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - Thank you so much for being one consistent reader of this story. With your help, I was able to keep the inspiration for writing the story alive.

It's a great compliment to receive. I've met several interesting women in my life but as Joss Whedon once said, it all comes back with having a great mother.
3 years agoreply

oneminusheart - @Alef Magnus, in all honesty, I'll die if I don't know how this story ends.

and you're welcome though THANK YOU for writing this :D

And I don't know your mother, but i am grateful to her :D
3 years agoreply