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Writer Alef Magnus
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III. Bad Media Karma
Alef Magnus
Comments ( 10 )
E.E.Depeel - Lucian creeps me out. At first I thought he was the pornstar, but obviously not. He just has a dominating personality. Is he borderline abusive? He seems that way to me. 
4 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - Hmmm I've been getting a lot of comments about people not being aware of Lucian's role in the story but yeah he is the "manager" of Glory's career. As shown in the Prologue, it's also Lucian who "discovered" her and signed her contract with his label. I think it was mentioned really briefly on Chapter I that he is indeed her manager. Anyway, might have to make that clearer in the edits. Thank you!

And at this point in the story, it is only being unraveled how Lucian really treats Glory. So far he's just dominant with his actions. Maybe you'll find out the extent in the next chapters. But if you have issues with abuse, say it now. So I can spoil it a bit so you can gauge if you can still read this story.
4 years agoreply

E.E.Depeel - I do find that he is abusive, but mostly emotionally. I don't know if you intended for it to be that way or not; just thought I would let you know. I would ease up a bit on how he treats her a bit. I read up to the end and its still not clear (at least to me) what role he plays in all of this. I guess just reading this and seeing how he acts is a bit of a trigger for me. 
4 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - @E.E.Depeel, Alright, but to be clear, you mean you read up to the end of this chapter? Or up to like Chapter 20? If at this point, this is already triggering for you, I would suggest you stop reading now.

If you are aware of the conspiracy theories surrounding celebrities and the media, this story is all about that. So if you have read about those things you would know that most theories point to what "handlers" do to their stars which includes subjecting them to different forms of abuse.

I apologize if reading this has caused some harm to you. But I would really suggest you stop reading. Most of the depictions were never graphic and I've only kept the writing at an atmospheric level.

Thank you for reading the story though. And I really appreciate the feedback. :)
4 years agoreply

E.E.Depeel - Oooh, okay now it clicks. Haha a bit slow. And yeah up until chapter 20. If you're writing more, I guess I won't read any further. Thanks for not thinking that I'm bashing you or anything. I appreciate that, as well as your willingness to listen to feedback. 

Your write magnificent stories. I will read some of your "lighter" stuff.  
4 years agoreply

Nicole Armas - Sheesh! Glory just can't get a break can she? Jagger is an interesting character. I thought their interaction in the previous chapter was nice and it'll be fun to see Jagger and Glory interact more in the story. 
4 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - Jagger/Glory scenes are always fun to write while Glory/Lucian ones take lots of time no matter how short they are. Both pairs have wildly different dynamics. I'm glad you found Jagger likable :)
4 years agoreply

Frances - Oh no! Poor thing! I didn't even think about the repercussions with the media in the last chapter. I can't get over what a great name Jagger is for a porn star haha
4 years agoreply

Alef Magnus - It is a good name haha there's gonna be more of him in the future that's for sure. Hope you stay around :)
4 years agoreply

Frances - @Alef Magnus, you betcha!
4 years agoreply