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Notes: School of War
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Writer Polydragons
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Notes: School of War
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Dec 3, 2015
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!3TyGODoeN68ck3Yok4Wfposted on PENANA

Religion is a tricky thing. I am NOT trying to express my opinions of any religion or advocate or reject any belief system in our reality. I probably will inadvertently, but that's the nature of the beast. That being said, religions, in a broad brushstroke:79Please respect copyright.PENANAXNIX8sm9qv
copyright protection75PENANAXkT0aBgbfh

Religion was on its way out before the cataclysm happened. No miracles were found, science abound with new discoveries happening daily. Some religions held on. Some were willfully ignorant, claiming science was a sham, another belief system no more valid than their own beliefs. These voices were few. Others believed that science itself was created by their chosen god, a tool for their creation (us) to use, just as valid as a hammer. This was the majority.copyright protection75PENANAvia3ZZHodu

(Side note: I am purposely staying vague on when the cataclysm happened. The closest you'll get is "In modern times")copyright protection75PENANAumHPpGeKKa

Then the Cataclysm happened. Miracles became possible, and the cataclysm itself could be viewed as the end of days prophesized in many religions.copyright protection75PENANAZIvSIFuYRK

The introduction of magic validated many views and made religions nearly extinct become common again. Converts were an hourly occurance, especially as society started to break down and people became desperate for anything that might save them.copyright protection75PENANAgn3qr2q8qD

Not only did the major religions see a sudden major growth, but many of the pagan religions suddenly seemed valid again, though their belief systems for how magic was supposed to work were quickly proven false. The fluid nature of their belief systems allowed for adaptation and acceptance.copyright protection75PENANADVZlKp1Y9M

Magic was not seen as the beneficial hand of god by everyone. Some saw it as the corrupting hand of Satan. These religious followers started witch-hunts. This was a more valid action during the early days after the apocalypse when magic users were few. As understanding of how magic worked the number of mages increased, then general magic use. It became harder and harder, then impossible, to stop the spread of magic.copyright protection75PENANA98uE1dkwcc

At the time of 'School of War' religions are still common place. Some religions still shun magic as evil, but no longer actively try stopping outsiders from using it (mostly). Most religions consider magic gods work and accept and work with it as part of his divine power. About forty percent of the population are atheists. About ten percent are spiritualists (Equivalent of agnostics in our world with a mystical twist). thirty-five percent are made up of a mix of modern major religions. The remaining fifteen percent are either minor pagan religions of our era or new religions unique to this world.79Please respect copyright.PENANAVzEqeGEzcR
copyright protection75PENANAgszjT0mj9N

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