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Notes: School of War
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Writer Polydragons
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Notes: School of War
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Davis-Monthan Academy
Dec 2, 2015
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!kRgM5AZ1eU1y6jRJ0LUlposted on PENANA

Davis-Monthan Academy (DMA), was founded a hundred years ago, near the end of the Second Dark Age. It is well respected and reported to be the best military academy on the continent.146Please respect copyright.PENANA5wDc9Fh7gx
copyright protection142PENANAuRiKOGhpFj

It is located where Davis-Nothan Air Force Base is located in the modern world, just south of the Craycroft gate entrance. Most of the buildings are named after the streets in modern day Tucson. It's population is aprox. 550, and is among the few academies autonomous from all other cities. As such it has its own economy. In the center of the city is a trade district where students can shop for most of their needs and get part time work to afford what they are buying. This area also houses one theater for entertainment and several clubs, though all are non-alcoholic.146Please respect copyright.PENANA2ueH6aIPfj
copyright protection142PENANAJZbZMgALiP

To maintain it's autonomous status a great deal of politics is played, but the basic idea is there are three other cities in the area: New Tucson in the Catalina Mountains (Aprox where Summer Haven currently resides), Sierra Vista (where the current city of the same name resides), and the Tohono O'odhamIndian Nation to the South West, placing DMA approximately in the center. 146Please respect copyright.PENANA96PCG42uRj
copyright protection142PENANAGjnMDevEZp

Each sends students to DMA regularly. The Headmistress insures that each squad is a mix of all three cities to encourage friendship between all three cities. This gives a greater sense of peace in the area than most other regions enjoy. 146Please respect copyright.PENANAdWPQ8Zvq6L
copyright protection142PENANAZughe5YwuE

It also means that if one city decides to attempt taking over the school the other two cities would come to assist DMA. Not that this would be likely. Both New Tucson and Sierra Vista are "in the area," but not close to make a raid worthwhile. The Tohono O'odham Indian nation, for the most part, has walled themselves off from the outside world. With rare exceptions only the students who attend the school leave the area, and trusted traders are allowed in. They are also the most stable of the economies in the south west.146Please respect copyright.PENANAX8gcQnmzdC
copyright protection142PENANAPeE1eqiOcA

Housing for non-students is located on the east side of the school. Transportation is restricted on campus to foot or bicycles. 146Please respect copyright.PENANATnII0pN2UE
copyright protection142PENANADSU1Eyf9cf

There is no visible exterior defenses such as walls or check points. There is a two mile are cleared, amd sentries, though the latter is hidden. copyright protection142PENANAzbKPtYVsuq

There are only two paved roads to DMA. To the north is the Catalina highway, heading to New Tucson, and the Arizona highway to the south heading to Sierra Vista. copyright protection142PENANA6kEKmSaEHm

There is no form of jail. If caught committing a crime it is to the headmistress to determine your sentence. Most often this is in the form of fines (payable to the wronged party), but can include expulsion and  banishment from the campus. There are no known times when a crime has resulted in capital punishment. copyright protection142PENANAekf8mTGC3T

What constitutes being a crime is determined by the headmistress. If a student or citizen feels they are the victim of a crime they must bring it to the headmistress for determination. This shouldn't be done frivolously. Waisting her time can be considered a crime. copyright protection142PENANARC4BsyAn05

The headmistress's power is nearly absolute. If the majority (51%) of professors deem it necessary she can be deposed, and a vote amongst them to determine the new headmistress/master is placed. When she retires she will chose her own successor among the teachers or student council. copyright protection142PENANAN7qrSMk2q1

Teachers are referred to as either professors, Masters, or Generals. Professor is a general term for both of the second two. Masters are teachers that specifically teach magic, and Generals are those who teach combat.copyright protection142PENANApFmFNIyukB

The student council is an important part of school life. They determine most student specific living conditions, from basic rules, to RA's. While squad commanders determine who bunks with who in their squad, it is the student council who determines where. copyright protection142PENANAncdsOG1p32

If a student believes they are a victim of a crime it is traditional to go to them before the headmistress. Often the matter ends with them and they are authorized to arbitrate and dispense punishment. This is appealable to the headmistress. copyright protection142PENANAvR9Vj1ID49

All members must be at least a master sergeant, with the President being a second lieutenant or better. They are voted in on the second week of first semester. No campaigning is (officially) allowed beyond announcing the wish to be in office. Those ranked higher than second-lieutenant rarely wish to be in the student government as their extra duties makes their free time short.copyright protection142PENANAEuO09CJH64

The student president works directly under the headmistress. As with most things the headmistress has the ability to remove any student from office. All members of the student government are required to dress professionally at all times.copyright protection142PENANAjugxX5dZuh

There are three official learning tracks in the school: Soldier, Mage, Rogue. There are sub-tracks that fall under each. This includes under soldier: Scouts, and under Rogue: Assassins and Spies. Each Track has a track master who assigns classes for each student based on assessments testing and a discussion with the student. This discussion is only used as a guide, the final decision is strictly determined by the Track Master. Students may accept their decisions or leave.copyright protection142PENANA1Z8aVrcD4h

Normally the youngest a student joins is seventeen, making them graduated at age twenty-three. By age nineteen you are usually considered too old. In both exceptions can be made. There is no prejudice against chimera. So long as you have the skill you are accepted.copyright protection142PENANANJLBKVdtDk

Students are ranked by year: first year= private, second year= corporal, third year=sergeant, forth year= master sergeant, and fifth year= second lieutenant. After fifth year most students graduate. Demotions are possible punishment, but if so they are mostly symbolic and always temporary. A demoted student's current insignia is displayed in green, and these students are often, unofficially and derisively, referred to as greenies.copyright protection142PENANAxWPOuNTHMo

A select few will be given the opportunity to go into the officer program at the beginning of their fifth year. Those who are accepted receive the rank of first lieutenant and are given a 5 man squad to command. They also receive a private dorm room located in a building only for officers.copyright protection142PENANAZNo7YjzaXD

These students remain at the school an additional 3 years and have progressing ranks. Sixth year= Captain, Seventh Year= Major, Eighth Year= Coronal. Upon graduation they will normally be given a high ranking command position. copyright protection142PENANAsKndl79zAM

Students pay no tuition, and food and uniforms are provided. In exchange when they graduate they will contract themselves for four years to a post at a city of the school's choosing. These cities pay DMA in exchange. The average student's pay during these four years is negotiated by DMA but normally equal to what locally trained soldiers get. After those 4 years their pay is normally equal to low rank officers. copyright protection142PENANAU8JJXdxQVj

Those graduating from the officer program are normally made high ranking officers at their first post and receive equal pay. copyright protection142PENANAfU6D14XAfU

Though rare, some graduating officers will be given the option to stay at DMA to become professors. This happens when a current professor is ready to retire. The recommendation comes from the professor and approved by the headmistress. copyright protection142PENANAeHFBV1J4Bk

Teacher's pay comes from the money earned from selling a student's contract. Their pay increases each year to a maximum amount after five years. After five years a retirement plan is started, paying them the starting pay of their first year, and increasing every five years at the same annual rate of their first five years of academics. Likewise after twenty five years the teacher's retirement pay is locked. It isn't unusual for teachers to continue working after these thirty years. Aside from the pay most simply enjoy to teach. The retirement pay is void if the teacher moves out of DMA as getting the pay to them is difficult, and getting it to them in the local denomination is nearly impossible.copyright protection142PENANARvsAfpNMgI

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