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Notes: School of War
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Writer Polydragons
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Notes: School of War
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Magic: Glyphs
Dec 1, 2015
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!VdLFCvFAU3jrJcA8FfUbposted on PENANA

Magic energy is only created within a living being with a functioning nervous system, and it cannot leave that being without conscious control by that being. Once concentration is broken the magic will dissipate into other forms of energy, normally light and heat, though kinetic discharges (shockwaves) are known to happen when a spell ends disastrously. This seriously limits the usefulness of magic.54Please respect copyright.PENANAQLhXqtC5Gv
copyright protection50PENANAQAfy13rfXb

A breakthrough was made aprox. 50 years ago however that changed everything. Dubbed glyphs, a form of static spell was discovered. While limited to only doing what it was programmed to do when created, anyone could activate one simply by touching it. 54Please respect copyright.PENANAlPFxmQRR9Y
copyright protection50PENANAKSowy01dBV

On contact the glyph will automatically start pulling whatever amount of energy it needs to accomplish it's task without conscious thought. This contact is referred to as creating a circuit. A simple example is a sword could have a circuit on it that increased it's durability.copyright protection50PENANAhVn08Y9Nd3

Because of the involuntary nature of a circuit , some glyphs are made to have adverse effects. An example would be putting someone to sleep, or causing intense pain.54Please respect copyright.PENANABx4pyoRf0n
copyright protection50PENANAY4EdDFh4Ve

The full use of glyphs is still being investigated. The most complex glyph created is the school rings for Davis-Monthan Academy. It's functionality isn't what gives it that honor, it's its size. The more commands and information that goes into a glyph the more physical space it must occupy, yet a simple band handles multiple commands and contains the complete roster of the school's population and buildings.54Please respect copyright.PENANARQ89NyCqEi
copyright protection50PENANAfF7EbFFdSg

The amount of drain from circuits are only slightly higher than casting the spell naturally, and glyphs have all the same restrictions as spells except for the need for concentration.54Please respect copyright.PENANAVZ8AxuqpmA
copyright protection50PENANA99bwajvj7J

While not advisable, it is also possible to add a glyph directly to the flesh of a living creature, similar to a tattoo. Since this is permanent the drain will never end, even during sleep.54Please respect copyright.PENANAnX7snGReWR
copyright protection50PENANAn6O1jrHBwC

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