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Notes: School of War
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Writer Polydragons
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Notes: School of War
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Dec 3, 2015
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!hQhQnARhLPLz6RvJ1g88posted on PENANA

I will break this down to three sections: Melee, Ranged, and Heavy. This breakdown is how they are used in glyph era weapons. 68Please respect copyright.PENANA5NbuqM72lG
copyright protection64PENANADP9KBhKjEc

Melee:68Please respect copyright.PENANAv0FTCUVi9M
copyright protection64PENANAaW3sNr2FJO

Melee weapons are the common weapon in modern warfare. This is largely because they are not resource intensive, and give the most options for Glyphs. Common glyphs in the handle, which naturally are activated when the wielder holds it, include durability, sharpness, kinetic force (Hitting like a 50 pound rock when it weighs 1 pound).68Please respect copyright.PENANAN2YzO4dEMC
copyright protection64PENANAuuoAmTjnas

Glyphs on the other end can increase the pain from an impact, disorient, or cause them too loose consciousness. All of these will end when the contact with the weapon ends and it needs to have direct contact with the skin, so their usefulness is limited. Even a split second of distraction can make a huge difference in a fight however, and the cost in power is completely from the opponent.68Please respect copyright.PENANA9RqlmQ7uTt
copyright protection64PENANAvNhFySXjcC

There are also glyphs that start in the handle and end in the point of contact. These are rare, but dangerous for the opponent. The most common two will either allow the wielder to accurately assess his opponent's condition physically and psychologically, or to tell the wielder all of his opponent's planned moves at that point.copyright protection64PENANAvnyzPm0S1J

The last glyph is specific to weapons that have trigger grips, like some forms of rapiers. Placing the glyph on the trigger, when the wielder switches grip from a standard one to one that wraps around the trigger will activate the glyph. This is for an effect the wielder wants specific control on. The most common glyph will fire some form of projectile, usually a Levin bolt (which can be grounded out) or a fireball (which is more energy intensive). Some are more for theatrics and shock factor, like making the sword become engulfed in flames.68Please respect copyright.PENANAaotPi6JeoT
copyright protection64PENANAHwe56AYqX8

Ranged:copyright protection64PENANAStWa8v36Of

Ranged are the second most common weapon type. There are two types: Balistic and Arrows.copyright protection64PENANAIkDhTsDUlF

Like melee weapons glyphs are used to both augment the wielder and have negative affects whoever is shot.copyright protection64PENANAD2bS7is6Ip

On the weapon side glyphs include stabilizers for steadier aim, and reduced recoil. A particular favorite among archers is a glyph to improve their aim equal to a sniper scope. It depends on the size of the weapon on how many glyphs can be placed on them. Naturally the glyphs need to be placed where the user makes physical contact, also limiting their number.copyright protection64PENANAfBTbM2HP8v

Ballistic ammo is limited in its features. The size of the bullet allows only one minor glyph on a large caliber round, and are almost always damaged on impact making them non-functional. It is still common to place a glyph since it costs nothing. The most popular puts the target in a berserk state; attacking anyone near him until incapacitated or the bullet is removed.68Please respect copyright.PENANA0cVYLK3ZpQ
copyright protection64PENANA5QPI7JbLDw

While black powder is still used, magic is also used as the propellant to fire a round. Black powder can fire bullets off at a faster rate, but magic has more versatility in the types of rounds, and with no form of propellant needed the ammo is easier to make. A gun can only be designed to fire using one method or the other since on one the propellant is provided by the bullet and on the other the propellant is provided by the wielder. There are cases of duel barrel guns to fire off both depending on need. 68Please respect copyright.PENANABzH2U4S1yL
copyright protection64PENANAqhyB9GTBMC

Arrows are usually limited to two glyphs, and crossbow bolts to one. Because of their lower velocity they are more likely to remain intact on impact. Like the business end of melee weapons, the glyphs used here will usually lead to disorientation, sleep, and increased pain, along with the berserk state of the ballistic ammo. This makes bows and cross bows a favorite for mid-ranged fighters and mages.68Please respect copyright.PENANAvIaZys5iGt
copyright protection64PENANA11eVd0XUP6

The reason ranged weapons are not favored over melee is there are magics specifically designed to counter them. Arrows are favored over ballistic. Unlike ballistic rounds arrows move slow enough that a talented enough mage can track it and cast spells to counter the spells that would destroy them. In an ambush guns are very effective for the initial attack. 68Please respect copyright.PENANAbHF7FrRJqh
copyright protection64PENANAqVWgD4ZOPD

Heavy Weapons:68Please respect copyright.PENANAz2Qh4KlWMT
copyright protection64PENANAlgUUR3ALEn

By this I'm referring to vehicle sized weapons (tanks) or greater. These are the epitome of energy and resource intensive. Only a large city, with a large army, could think of using this level of weapon. 68Please respect copyright.PENANAIhCShalms2
copyright protection64PENANAoGpCBDCyys

With the cities being smaller, an "army" usually consists of about 50 soldiers. Lost Angels, the largest city on the western cost, boasts 200 active duty fighters, with reserves of another 100. They have two tanks.68Please respect copyright.PENANAQEJvMpXE8o
copyright protection64PENANAEYnBf1GfQv

If used they are nearly unstoppable, capable of taking out any city wall. Glyphs are a waste; like taping a bullet onto a nuke.68Please respect copyright.PENANAVIrMZwwksj
copyright protection64PENANAScLM6DQHpu

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