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Notes: School of War
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Writer Polydragons
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Notes: School of War
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Diamond Squad (Spoilers!)
Dec 2, 2015
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9J27PGr6XwrYcdTsfiHDposted on PENANA

Warning: SPOILERS!copyright protection44PENANArMX8KJCMLs

Diamond squad: Diamond squad is created annually by the headmistress. these five individuals are among the best students of the year. This year's squad was specifically created for a planned job, already paid for. She has used trickery to bring in three of the students, and allowed one student to join two years earlier than they normally look for.copyright protection44PENANAZVc221Ju8G

The headmistress has an information network among most of the major schools with a concentration on the western coast where the largest and most successful cities reside. From this she keeps tabs on teaching techniques, what information is being taught, and any inside secrets that might be of interest. Normally there is only one person at each school. Three years ago, when the need for this Diamond Squad was made, she had them look for students specific for her needs and found one. She was then gently directed towards DMA.copyright protection44PENANA0AFdNyF3Qn

Another student was found the next year, and she made sure she failed her entrance, twice, so she would in this year's class. Through her she found the third, who she had invited, indirectly, to DMA two years early.copyright protection44PENANAGhaEpUn2G9

The fourth, almost literally, fell into her lap mid-summer, clearing out a band of scientists and mages who were experimenting and creating chimera in the nearby mountains. One of the few surviving chimera had escaped, but they got enough information to find him and convince him to join the school. That one had nearly been found too late.copyright protection44PENANAvG4HI7JrBR

Four fighters total, one more specifically an assassin, one perfect for fighting magical attacks, one a prodigy in Glyphs, and the last an expert with mechanics. Three were female, the fifth completely asexual. They were supposed to be all female but she thought the client would forgive the fifth given his lack of sexuality.copyright protection44PENANA8CrNQfmwic

The fifth member was the client, though she didn't know that. More specifically she was the daughter of the client. They were going to be her hand picked bodyguards.copyright protection44PENANAUZu4DTZ1WG

Most are completely unaware of the hows and whys of this squads formation except for a few select teachers.copyright protection44PENANAbsmg95nTxZ

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