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Notes: School of War
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Writer Polydragons
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Notes: School of War
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Magic: Spells
Dec 1, 2015
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!GJ4lQqrDlmxGRzlcSmoBposted on PENANA

Spells are something, from a writer's standpoint, I'm having the most difficulty with. The biggest question is how powerful to make them. The world that I'm creating has a major limitation in communication and transportation over long distances. Most high-magic worlds would make such problems trivial. So overall I'm thinking mid-level to low magical power. Items in italics are still being decided on and are the most likely to change.49Please respect copyright.PENANAiJPvZd2nQU
copyright protection45PENANAhggKcjxWTD

Here are the basics that I have figured out:copyright protection45PENANAXzn2VetnRO

Magical energy can only be created organically, and can only be controlled by a creature of a dogs intelligence or greater. The greater the intelligence the greater the spells they can create.copyright protection45PENANAJovBYRNRdc

Spells must be concentrated on to maintain itself. Break concentration spells simply diffuse in the form of a different form of energy. (Except Glyphs, see notes)49Please respect copyright.PENANAZx2LQK6Uhj
copyright protection45PENANAsvtJfF2NCV

Conservation of Mass and Energy cannot be altered through magic. Mass can be made into energy however, and energy can be made into mass. In the case of the former this is very energy intensive on the part of the mage, and the energy created cannot be magic energy (aka you can't turn a rock into magical power to recharge yourself). Magic energy can be converted to a solid object, but when the spell is broken the object will return to energy. Again this will not be magical energy. Most likely it'll be heat and light.49Please respect copyright.PENANAGNSlTPvTqv
copyright protection45PENANArAvOCr26OU

Transmutation of solids is possible as well, but also will revert to it's original molecular makeup when the spell ends. These spells take significantly less energy, but a far greater amount of concentration. 49Please respect copyright.PENANA9JeYfechB3
copyright protection45PENANAUxjq9hhX8v

Transmutation of energy is possible as well, but normally its more efficient to simply convert the casters own energy than to use their energy to convert another energy source into a third energy source. 49Please respect copyright.PENANAcABflrZsmg
copyright protection45PENANA9A0Dkgim3V

Non-physical magics are the least energy consumptive. This would include telepathy, precognition, illusions. The further distant (Physically as well as temporally) the greater the cost at an exponential rate.49Please respect copyright.PENANAL24EnYuTRU
copyright protection45PENANAivvOj8fle3

Magics that never leave the body are the second least consumptive of magic, such as self-healing, and physical boosts to strength and stamina.copyright protection45PENANAf9BzzLQRIY

People have aptitudes towards certain schools of magic. While not completely understood how, there is a psychological component on which spells a person is most suited for. A very compassionate person, for example, may have a greater aptitude towards healing magic. A sadist may also have this aptitude however.copyright protection45PENANAmSznvTEOgH

Permanent changes that do not require magic to maintain will stay after a spell is over. A good example would be making a sculpture, though in this case the original mass used could not have originated from energy. Physical alterations are possible, like a nose job, however unless the genes themselves are altered (Which is possible, but extremely difficult) most changes will revert over time naturally. (Those with the aptitude and power, or the money to higher one, are usually very beautiful). Just as it is with chimera physical alterations (and healing) is normally extremely painful and best done while unconscious.49Please respect copyright.PENANAo1ED0URccs
copyright protection45PENANAKzcfnwnDSC

Permanent or long lasting spells, like curses or wards are not possible without a continuous form of power.49Please respect copyright.PENANAfo3RDpiDRE
copyright protection45PENANAH8LiHl3xcM

Magical energy is grounded out if it hits metal (Notably iron) that is properly grounded to the earth. Magical attacks that become something non-magical by the time it hits the metal are not groundable (example: Fireballs). Psionic attacks are groundable. Any form of remote viewing is possible. A location spell would be grounded out, but only if the majority of the body is encased in metal. 49Please respect copyright.PENANAUDHYh5XLYP
copyright protection45PENANAwzE5WaZBZg

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