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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Writer Mathew Babaoye
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Nightglory (3rd Edition)
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Mathew Babaoye
Mar 27, 2016
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!1lNYScEhjqmddencqYtOposted on PENANA

Plunk, hisss!copyright protection127PENANAbSyQecmOEu

Amidst the heat-shimmering, faintly crystalline dark interior of Caer Nocht's castle smithy, Goldenslaughter waited with one of her pale arms sunk deep within a water barrel, while copious steam rose up around it. Wearing black goggles, a black smith's apron and nothing else but her own pale, beautiful skin, she waited patiently...copyright protection127PENANAXFPLEIYiZh

The steam finally faded away.copyright protection127PENANAIlvVAS80RC

Mmm, still no interest from it. Perhaps once the Lamp is fully assembled? Goldenslaughter removed her pale arm from the water, revealing her pale, dripping hand, holding dripping metal tongs gripping a dripping metal grate. Reaching her other hand into an apron pocket, she removed a grubby little towel, wiped the grate dry with it and then pocketed the towel again before setting the grate back down upon the main worktable. Her eyes flicked, then she immediately stalked over to the looming Forge furnace and swung down the lever on the side, closing the firegrate...copyright protection127PENANAP3uoTJAfye

Bright flames dimmed, along with the smithy.copyright protection127PENANAJwUzhyhgQh

Goldenslaughter drifted back between the worktables, while the Smithy's shimmering-hot air constantly swirled upwards towards a profusion of dark ceiling pipes, and out through their open vents...copyright protection127PENANAxzD3vdVEeN

All slowly cooling.copyright protection127PENANAg3QLsJv2Y3

Removing her goggles, the merely beautiful Queen then wiped the back of her pale hand across her pale forehead, which pushed aside sweat-plastered strands of dark hair that had escaped from her blue-black ponytail. All that effort. So what do I have to show for it? She halted by the main worktable again, then tiredly stared beyond, upon the glowing silver cage still waiting silently upon a solitary stool in the shadowed rear of the smithy (with racks of other forged items behind it). "Impressed NOW?"copyright protection127PENANAhIzbhRJz7A

A feeling of curiosity, but nothing more.copyright protection127PENANAREauHGIDkW

Unbelievable. Goldenslaughter muttered invective at its tepid response (that only came after hours of hard work producing a number of Powerful items in smooth succession which had drained her immense Power more than halfway, along with the constant oppositional erosion caused by the potent Forge's Element of fire). Who said it would be easy to please a mythic creature, though? And I am not quite done yet. Doggedly turning back to the worktable, she attached the grate and strode into the shadowed rear of the smithy to place the now finished Midnight Lamp upon one of the racks. "Grrr." She turned quickly, then went pacing away alongside of the racks... before suddenly pacing quickly back to turn sharply before the cage, and draw near it. "Does my hobby bore you so?"copyright protection127PENANAqB0gns0SvZ

No answer.copyright protection127PENANAVMHuYZlIzt

"Hsst!" The black-aproned immortal one stalked away from the cage again to stand in a dark corner, frustrated. Her eyes closed, and her hands clenched...copyright protection127PENANAiq7tUP9Dtu

Stopped.copyright protection127PENANAzU6zat2blx

Focus.copyright protection127PENANAahkRMiR80q

Breathing out deeply, then in deeply, Goldenslaughter finally sighed, unclenched her hands, opened her eyes and walked over to a set of metal industrial cabinets standing against the next wall. She rifled through them... found it! Removing an old lockbox, she breathed a quiet word into the keyhole, the lid popped open in response, then she withdrew from it a gleaming rock. "What can I do with you?" While holding the rock up before her pale, sweat-glistening face, she sauntered slowly back through the dim, cooling smithy...copyright protection127PENANABjQJMLzWo2

No answer.copyright protection127PENANAqYWxy70Aim

With a red-lipped smile upon her merely pale face, the Queen of Night finally slowed before the grated furnace, pocketed the rock and then cranked a small side lever.copyright protection127PENANA8tEtkqLbzM

... thrumming within, building up towards a roar...copyright protection127PENANACa6sTTesPD

She stepped aside now, reaching her pale hand back, along with the barest brush of her monolithic Will imbuing a minimal amount of her halved immense Power into ensorcelled shadow recharging while uncurling outwards along the ground in that direction, reaching far... before it slithered up the hot, looming machinery to swing the lever up and open the firegrate, flames belching out from it (higher and hotter than ever) to light the dim smithy brighter once more. Tch. It is only the barest discomfort. Her pale brow was beading with sweat, but she removed the gleaming rock from her black smith apron's pocket and held it up high before the flames. "You shall be..."copyright protection127PENANAvgCsNazOLS

A brief pause.copyright protection127PENANAbUlPnGg9SP

"A ring."copyright protection127PENANAWu02XTWcmM

A feeling...copyright protection127PENANAPR2rkQCTFo

Oh? That was a strong prickle of attention. Smiling slightly now, Goldenslaughter reached her pale hand aside to send her shadow rippling outwards along the ground, darkening, and slithering up among the tool rack... before it found the long-handed pan and swiftly retracted again to bring it back across the room into her waiting hand. Suitably prepared now, she placed the gleaming rock in the bowl, the bowl upon the pan, then used the long handle of the pan to push it all into the flames...copyright protection127PENANAMRi8GFOXPG

... blistering heat...copyright protection127PENANANLaNO8GKk3

The black-aproned immortal one quickly stepped away from the open firegrate and pulled down the lever by hand to close it.copyright protection127PENANAw9VzBfqe96

... the smithy interior dimmed again...copyright protection127PENANACVXU4EASBp

Now to impress the Onta again with the fact that I am a magical Triumvirate of my own. Goldenslaughter cleared her throat, and began to hum, the sound building in magical effect opposite to the shimmering heat as hot air continued swirling upwards towards the ceiling, and out through the twisted vents...copyright protection127PENANAzobKcZSTKc

... all slowly cooling...copyright protection127PENANAWhmSQX7hch

Goldenslaughter progressed into a climbing scale, and rising murmur while opening the firegrate: flames to belch out high and hot again. Removing the tongs from her apron pocket, she sang unknown words when tugging out the pan's handle, then just used her pale hand to pull the pan out entirely and carry it, with flames licking the bowl sitting upon it, back towards the smithy's main worktable. Simultaneously: she bid shadows behind her to begin darkening and slithering up the side of the looming furnace, where they pulled the lever to close the firegrate a final time...copyright protection127PENANAnOdlJhZk9B

... bright flames dimmed, along with the smithy...copyright protection127PENANAJI0VscUl5F

Time to prepare a true effort. Goldenslaughter reached the main worktable and gently tilted the pan to shift the bowl gently off of it and onto the tabletop before pushing the long handle of the pan HARD to slide it past the bowl away, until it slowed to a stop again towards the other side of the worktable.copyright protection127PENANAx2WTUNR253

... all slowly cooling ...copyright protection127PENANAjsSwOCNNWX

Goldenslaughter sent her heat-draining ensorcelled shadows slithering off to the racks, after which they quickly returned her a ring mold. This could a most potent Tool if Forged right. Placing the mold flat upon the tabletop, she tipped the bowl and poured the mysterious gleaming substance into the mold...copyright protection127PENANAoGGoB9BwuG

... while the faintly glowing silver cage remained waiting upon the solitary stool in the shadowed rear of the smithy. A feeling of fresh curiosity.copyright protection127PENANAb1I8VDWNF1

Yes! My skills have won through its' defenses. A crowning effort will ensure full conversation. Her red lips curved up into a smile, then the black-aproned immortal one finally touched two pale fingers to her pale neck and began to Sing unknown words gently, in doubled voice.copyright protection127PENANARZuJwilk5i

Gentle echoes: reverberating...copyright protection127PENANAhuYYSz7u6B

She touched three pale fingers to her pale neck, producing a tripled voice before finally pulled the unnaturally cooling ring out of the mold (with the metal tongs) and then dunking it back into the water barrel like the Lamp grate, although this time her Forged item caused barely a hiss. Her now quartered immense Power was draining more rapidly Singing while Forging, and she lowered her Song again back down to descending murmurs, and a fading hum, then...copyright protection127PENANAahDTqzwmmc

Silence.copyright protection127PENANAndbRXH9j1f

The moment. Goldenslaughter slowly touched four pale fingers to her pale neck now, brought the dripping ring up from the water barrel and carried it back over to the main worktable. The Onta waited expectantly, all around her, as she picked up a hammer then *struck* the ring once with it, the blow ringing out loudly. Simultaneously: her first quadrupled notes Sang out, both sounds twining as she continued striking and Singing in a wyrd foursome choir. "Ring of urth, forged in fire, liquid hot from steaming pyre/ Take your form and set your Nature by the Night and my desire."copyright protection127PENANABjJzhC9p6f

This one would not be a simple Tool like the Midnight Lamp, but a complex creation of subtle, but great Power. Although like the Midnight Lamp, it was more than a Powerful item, and therefore would constantly draw from her live Essence to remain strong, from henceforth. But she had plenty to spare, and the thought had not crossed her mind to worry about such trivial things since decades before her Queenship. Yes. She was truly...copyright protection127PENANA1hwEaXdHjA

A feeling!copyright protection127PENANAUHN6yLOI4Q

More! To the crescendo, and the Sealing! More of her diminishing quartered immense Power was burned up from the effort of Singing while Forging and now harnessing her Power directly by ensorcelling the entire rooms shadow's, all of which now darkened while drawing inwards from every surrounding corner to begin curling up the legs of her worktable. "For all might to come from dark, day or light or Power, bought/ From any source it should reflect, invert, subvert, refine, protect..." The still darkening ensorcelled shadows reached up to the tabletop and began coiling across its flat surface like insubstantial tentacles now, eventually rising before her to begin condensing into her Essence's final, most Powerful form – corporeal living darkness – which drew into the gleaming ring while she kept continuously *striking* upon it with her hammer. "To change to blackest Essence, pure, the night made form/ For use by me, in service to, all Power I have borne!"copyright protection127PENANAXF9HfrjoQp

A brief pause.copyright protection127PENANADSGawR7Kzr

Goldenslaughter waited amidst brief Ontological tension and wyrd echoes reverberating, with her hammer held high...copyright protection127PENANAlt89zGUnpY

A feeling of burning curiosity!copyright protection127PENANAdnEn4TPniG

Focus. The Queen of Night now placed five fingers against her neck (while still holding the hammer), used her monolithic Will to clench her immense Power, took a deep breath and...copyright protection127PENANANVyu65mdQV

"TRUTH!"copyright protection127PENANAFboNkYufmT

A flash of dark! A clap of sound!copyright protection127PENANAdAgSXlMNI4

The ring burned dark...copyright protection127PENANAtw01066mkX

... and amidst the thunderous echoes following her Apex Binding's completion, she briefly placed four pale fingers to her pale neck again and began striking the ring again while resuming her slightly diminished Song in foursome choir. "Shadows bind, shadows craft, shadows find and shadows trap/ Enjoin this ring, imbue with Power, find the Source in every hour." Continuing the reverse palindrome Singing pattern, her monolithic Will now bid the funneling corporeal darkness to uncurl from the ring again, transitioning back into dark shadows which ebbed back across the tabletop, down the legs of the table to the ground and away on all sides while shading back to normal across the dim smithy. "Twist what force that comes to yours/ A sieve of night, make dark of light!"copyright protection127PENANAiZ8HMtFhI1

Forming.copyright protection127PENANAbWCrPzNBmv

Forming now. Goldenslaughter paused (with sweat streaming freely down her pale face), then placed three pale fingers to her pale neck and began to Sing gently in a tripled voice again while also caressing her fingers softly along the black ring, which caused hidden symbols to briefly glow across its surface. Yes! It is already potent. She paused again afterwards, then placed two fingers to her pale neck and brought the ring back up to her pale face while murmuring to it with words softer still...copyright protection127PENANAFQ2GR3MYq6

Fading.copyright protection127PENANAWI64pSy4ah

After pausing a last time, she placed one pale finger to her pale neck, set the ring upon the worktable before her, and now spoke to it a final, honest word...copyright protection127PENANA6ldIN2iAEF

"Beauty."copyright protection127PENANA6kv80nbMmB

... and soft echoes rang out afterwards, before they faded gently away across the distance, until...copyright protection127PENANATijZnJSVO2

Stillness.copyright protection127PENANAcUnqDbtWL7

Oh. Goldenslaughter waited a long moment more...copyright protection127PENANABRr70rvbeR

... then she finally let go the subtle internal mixing of her Will and diminished immense Power completely, suddenly exhaling while slumping slowly forward onto her crossed arms resting upon the tabletop (before the finished Ring). Breathing heavily, she was clearly exhausted from the night's efforts, which had strongly involved her three great magical talents...copyright protection127PENANAM7a67xPZtD

A worthy effort. How will you use it?copyright protection127PENANA1Fyp6cAz8m

It spoke again! Goldenslaughter smiled triumphantly down into her crossed arms, quite pleased to have finally re-captured its full attention. "It converts foreign Power," she mumbled.copyright protection127PENANAGKe8SeAnpO

Remarkable. To have three magical talents of such potency is miraculous. Almost strange, actually. And yet your great works have clearly cost you...copyright protection127PENANAfcWpi3X82q

She pushed down upon the tabletop with both of her trembling arms now and forced her head back up, glaring. "I am the Queen of Night, and my Power is of the Night. It will be restored before the sun's corrosion..."copyright protection127PENANAM46ktcw4MF

You claim a lofty title.copyright protection127PENANArspFBiTbFj

"None dare dispute it!"copyright protection127PENANA0VvWkOZiX2

Silence...copyright protection127PENANAIJ6O4A0BFM

And no answer, still.copyright protection127PENANAg6fGLRYF3E

The black-aproned immortal one paused, and then finally let her head come back down upon her crossed arms resting upon the tabletop. "You have been ignoring me for days," she muttered sullenly. "What must I do to hold your attention?"copyright protection127PENANAY3At0Ui0df

A feeling of amusementGlory is earned.131Please respect copyright.PENANAxUwNAhFzXI
copyright protection127PENANA2VY9J2KKDp

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