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    Hi my name is Bianca love to write and read. I like a little bit of everything. I've been writing half of my life, I been writing on Kindle Vella as it's my income the link is down below so feel free to check it out. I'll post my free stuff when I get a chance.

    These are the books in the blink down below

    Pack Rivers Book 1/werewolf
    The blood moon pack book 2/werewolf
    The hit list/thriller young adult
    Demon hunter/paranormal romance
    51/science fiction
    The Arrangement/ medieval romance

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Pack Rivers (Book 1) COMPLETE ✅
PG-13 Completed

Publish on the Kindle   Saturday February 6th, 2021

            Alpha Mason is a new Alpha, only a few years in him. He is a unmated alpha, he wants his Luna and he needs his mate. So does Pack Rivers, a pack is nothing without their Luna. The Alpha is strength, the Luna is the hope of the pack without hope all is lost. They don't know it yet, but they will need all the hope they can get. A werewolf is nothing without their mate; it's their other half. Keeps them secure and alive. Pack Rivers was made over a hundred years ago, after the most significant pack fell, and four packs were made, Pack Rivers, The Blood Moon Pack, Pack Highland, and The Crimson Pack. They were formed after Four Brother War, they were enemies and later became allies, but things are changing, maybe for the worst.

              Esme Hilltop is just a ordinary pack member, just unmated werewolf who wants her mate like her three friends Marisa and the twin sisters Chelsea and Cassandra. Her parents and friends knows there's something special about her, but they aren't sure what. Esme thinks she's just a wolf that loves her family, friends, and pack. Read to find out what happens to the four most significant packs and the unmated Alpha!

    The Werewolves vs Vampires Series

1- Pack River 

2- The Blood Moon Pack

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