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Keiko and I: Prologue
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Writer seiko_usui
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Keiko and I: Prologue
Keiko and I: Prologue

This is a story about death and time. 

And before this story began to unfold, I was just as ordinary as you are. I had no prestige, no sense of pride, no sense of inspiration. I was dealing with my own death whilst I was struggling with my own life. 

And then she came along. I can still remember. It was the day time stood still. It was a summer night. The humid air between us as she smiled and the fireworks raced to the sky. Despite the noise, everything went still for me. I can’t recall if I smiled back. All I can remember is the glimmer in her eyes as she looked at me and looked at the brightly decorated night sky. She looked at me again. I saw her laugh at me. It was probably because of the awkward look I have in my face. I was experiencing multiple emotions all at once, I didn’t know how I should handle myself. I was embarrassed, I was nervous, I was surprised, I was falling. 

Time stood still for a while. That moment would have to be nothing more but a memory. It is no longer anything but a picture I take out in my mind every once in a while. Every time fireworks race to the sky, I remember her smile and the way time had stood still.

They say that everything ends with death. This is not entirely true. There is never really an end to anything if you look further. An end of a song marks the beginning of your emotions. The end of the rain is the beginning of life. The end of the night is the beginning of a new day. 

This is a story about death and time. Let me begin.

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