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    Ravya Eyler
    Ravya Eyler
    People call me absent-minded but they don't know I am just figuring out stories in my mind.

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The Hybrid Cultivator
G Completed

Xiao Xingchen is a nobleman who bears the responsibility of training disciples. He is bereft of spiritual power thus making him physically weak than everybody else in the clan.

 Xue Yang is the son of Clan Leader of Maple Clan. He is Rebellious, hot-tempered, proud, and arrogant. He is forced by his father to be guided by Xiao Xingchen to learn.

Xue Yang decides to give Xiao Xingchen a profound lesson. Instead, he loses control of the situation and Xue Yang soon starts developing feelings for Xiao Xingchen.

"Ni Min Ju" is the leader of the Birch Clan. He has a kind of crazy craving for men and to feed his hunger he tortures them physically. Ni Min Ju wants to be at the top of the world for which he is finding the person who carries blood which will help him gain immense power.

It is soon revealed that Xiao Xingchen's blood has that power. The only way to avoid any destruction or misuse of his blood is to poison his blood.

How will Xue Yang save Xiao Xingchen?  What will happen if Xiao Xingchen is captured by Ni Min Ju?

~~~~ Note for Readers ~~~~~
- Pavilion in this story means "A School"
- Clan means "A Country"
- The Picture's credit goes to its owner.
- This story is my own work so If you want to translate it into your own language then please let me know.

Last but not the least, Vote's and comment's are highly appreciated

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