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I'll Find You


This took me and my friend a while and we really hope you like it.

Our team has put a lot of effort onto this novel. We made it as interactive as we could and well made. We are 2 people writing a novel as this. Without the support we both gave each other the novel never would have been the way it is now. This story has been edited, Skimmed and re-read a dozen of times so you can have the best experience possible. Our mission is to show the world that even us can make stories such as this. We also have another mission. A mission to show the world to never give up and no matter what happens, they'll do whatever their heart desires. Our team hopes that this can come true and you can have an idea. We really hope this story.

As we are writing this, the global pandemic is going on. Everyone is going through hard times and we can't do anything to it.

  • Summary: 
  • A girl named Lea found her mom 'dead'. She strives to find out who did it along with her friends by her side with ups and down. These 4 friend are unstoppable. Join their journey to solving mysteries...