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Haunted By A Memory
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Writer Adara02やさしい心
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Haunted By A Memory
Haunted By A Memory

Katherine Carolina Is a seventeen year old Teenager at your average high school, and she loves music. Yup, she is your average teenager, well, that isn't completely true. Katherine is an outcast in her school, mostly among the boys. The reason? No one had ever bothered to ask her, but it is because she had lost the one she loved to a hit-and-run about a year and a half ago. Although the man who had hit him wasn't caught, he had died from it. And, since then, she has been avoiding boys, and the girls avoid her for her locked up personality. The boy she loved always complimented her singing skills and her ability to play an instrument, so she had told herself she would never touch a instrument or sing ever again.

But when a boy in her class becomes curious about her, he approaches her and trys to get to know her. He calls her kat, and this triggers something in her, because the lost love had called her kat as well. And when he catches her playing the piano and singing, she freaks out. Not only that, but he looks a little like the one she loves. Which makes her feel sad when he is near her.

Many more things are to come from this story, and can Katherine handle all this?

Total Reading Time: 1 hour 21 minutes

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TheLunaWoodElf - Awe! I loved this story! It's so cute and loved how he helped her to heal! A really good story!! Loved it! 
10 months agoreply